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Our developers use Jetpack Backup all the time. It’s a one-click way to return to where we were before things got wonky. It gives us a little emergency parachute so if we’re working on a customization that breaks everything, we lose minutes, not hours.”

Ben Giordano, Founder

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How to create a WordPress backup for your site

If you don’t have Backups as part of your Jetpack plan, go to your WordPress admin dashboard and then go to Jetpack > Dashboard > Plans. Depending on your plan, you can get daily or real-time WordPress backups. Daily backups are archived for 30 days, and real-time backups have unlimited storage.

As soon as you purchase Jetpack Backup, it will be activated, and the first backup will be completed. There are barely any settings to configure, and you don’t need coding experience.

Daily backups will take place approximately 24 hours from the previous backup. They occur automatically – you don’t need to create a specific time for backups to run.

You’ll know your WordPress backup has been created if you see a Backup complete event in the activity log.

An image showing a recent Jetpack backup in a WordPress activity log

By clicking the three-dot ellipsis to the right of the description, you can see the download and restore options.

Don’t see your WordPress backup in the activity log?

If you notice that backups are not being saved yet, update your site credentials. Go to Manage > Settings > Jetpack. You should see a form that allows you to add your site credentials.

Add credentials form

If Jetpack cannot make contact with your site and it’s not able to create backups, you’ll receive an email after two failed attempts.

How to restore a WordPress backup

To restore your website from a WordPress backup, do the following:

  • Visit
  • Click My Sites in the top left corner
  • Choose the site you need to restore
  • Select Activity in the left-hand menu
  • Look for or filter the activity to find the point that you want to restore your site to
  • Click the three-dot ellipsis to the right of the event description
  • Click Restore to this Point or download the backup
  • Click Confirm Restore

Your site will start the restore process, and you can keep track of it in the activity log. When the restore process is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation message.

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