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Jetpack VaultPress Backup

Never lose a word, image, page, or time worrying about your site. Use Jetpack VaultPress Backup to automatically create backups, and easily restore or migrate your site.

Jetpack VaultPress Backup allows you to easily restore or download a backup of your site from a specific moment in time. It’s like having a powerful undo button for your WordPress. 

How do I get Jetpack VaultPress Backup?

To get Jetpack VaultPress Backup for your WordPress site:

  1. Install either of the following plugins:
  1. Choose a Jetpack product that includes VaultPress Backup:

What data is included in backups from Jetpack VaultPress Backup?

The backup data includes all the unique and irreplaceable data you have stored in WordPress, and everything properly integrated into the WordPress installation. Jetpack VaultPress Backup backs up the following data:

  • Your WordPress database. This includes any tables that begin with your WordPress database’s table prefix and also have a unique key or primary key. 
  • All files in the pluginsmu-pluginsthemes, and uploads directories.
  • Everything in your WordPress root directory that isn’t part of another WordPress installation.
  • Certain other files inside the wp-content directory.

What data is not included in backups from Jetpack VaultPress Backup?

We do not back up:

  • The core files of WordPress. These can be downloaded from at any time.
  • Files outside the directories listed above.
  • Database tables that don’t look like they belong to WordPress.
  • Database tables whose rows have no unique identifier.
  • Cache and backup directories.
  • Additional WordPress installs, such as ones that are included inside a subdirectory.

Does the Jetpack VaultPress Backup plugin support websites built on multisite?

The Jetpack VaultPress Backup plugin doesn’t currently support websites built on WordPress multisite.

Where are backups stored?

The Jetpack VaultPress Backup plugin stores your backups on servers in our secure data centers around the world.

While it isn’t possible to restrict data storage to a particular geographic location, what we can provide is the Standard Contractual Clauses, which we include in our Data Processing Agreement (DPA). DPAs are contractual tools for websites and companies to make commitments to their customers, vendors, and partners that their data handling complies with the law, including transferring data out of the EU.

If you are interested in having a DPA with us, you can request one from the Privacy Settings page in your dashboard at

When do daily backups occur?

Daily backups occur automatically about 24 hours after the last backup. It is not possible to set a specific time for daily backups to occur, nor is it possible to run backups manually.

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