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Jetpack Backup

Never lose a word, image, page, or time worrying about your site. Use Jetpack Backup to automatically create backups, and easily restore or migrate your site.

Jetpack Backup allows you to easily restore or download a backup of your site from a specific moment in time. It’s like having a powerful undo button for your WordPress. 

How do I get Jetpack Backup?

Jetpack Backup is available to users who have purchased the standalone Jetpack Backup solution, as well as Jetpack Security and Jetpack Complete.

If you want to use Jetpack Backup and have an existing Jetpack plan that uses VaultPress for backups, we can manually convert your site from VaultPress to Jetpack Backup. Contact us directly and we’ll make that happen!

Note: Once the site is connected to Jetpack Backup, your site will remain on the Jetpack Backup solution if you change your Jetpack plan type to any other plan that includes backups, or if you move your site to a new host.

How do I use Jetpack Backup?

Jetpack Backup can be used via our two plugins that include backup functionality, Jetpack, and Jetpack Backup. You can learn more about how to use Jetpack Backup via the different plugins from the articles below.

How long do you keep my backups?

Our different backup plans have different retention timeframes:

  • Jetpack Personal and Jetpack Premium: 30 days
  • Jetpack Professional: Unlimited
  • Jetpack Backup Daily and Jetpack Security Daily: 30 days
  • Jetpack Backup Realtime, Jetpack Security Realtime, and Jetpack Complete: 1 year
  • Jetpack Backup 10 GB: 30 days, however, if your site’s storage limit is reached, you will need to upgrade to the 1 TB plan.

What will happen if I do not upgrade my backup storage limit?

For now, we are not enforcing storage limits. We plan to do so in the future, and here is how it will work:

If your site’s backup storage limit is reached, your older backups will be deleted. Depending on the size of your site and your site’s backup storage limit, your site’s backup retention period may be reduced down to 7 days of your most recent backups. You will still be able to restore existing backups, but new site updates will not be backed up until you free up storage or upgrade your storage limit.

We will contact you before making any changes to our enforcement of storage limits.

What can I do to reduce my storage size?

There are a few things that you can do to reduce your storage size:

  • Delete Old Images: If you have old, unused images in your media library, deleting these will help reduce storage size.
  • Optimize Image Size: There are tools online that you can use to optimize your images that will reduce image size, as well as plugins that do this as you upload them to your media library.
  • Optimize Video Size: We recommend uploading videos meeting these specifications.
  • Delete Old Drafts: If you have old draft posts and pages that you don’t see being published, move them to trash, and then delete them permanently from trash.
  • Plugins: Reduce the number of plugins you’re using. Check out the full list of features for the Jetpack plugin. You may be using plugins that do something that Jetpack has already built-in.
  • Themes: Reduce the number of themes you have installed on your site. We recommend that you keep your site’s currently used theme plus at least one WordPress default theme, such as Twenty Twenty for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Exclude Large Files: You can exclude large files by putting them in a directory called donotbackup or by adding a file called .donotbackup to an entire directory that you would like Jetpack Backup to skip.

Backups via the Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack Backup can be used via the Jetpack plugin that you already know and love. These support articles go over how to get the most out of your backups via the Jetpack plugin:

Backups via the Jetpack Backup Plugin

If you’re looking for a plugin that just does backups, the Jetpack Backup plugin is for you! These support articles go over how to use the Jetpack Backup plugin:

These support articles go over topics that are helpful when using Jetpack Backup:

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