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The Types of Malware Jetpack Scan Catches

No one wants malware on their site. It leads to lost traffic, sales, and visitor trust. If your website is your business, it could have huge financial implications.

Websites are hacked more often than you think — 30,000 times per day or more — and sites of all sizes are targets. The bots that carry out hacks aren’t looking for specific websites or people, just vulnerabilities they can exploit. 

Almost 39% of all websites use WordPress, which means hackers often target WordPress sites first, for the biggest impact possible. But thanks to its huge popularity and community of contributors, vulnerabilities are usually found early and fixed fast. 

Jetpack Scan monitors your website and alerts you if it finds something wrong. Let’s take a look at how hackers can access your site, the types of threats they cause, and why Jetpack Scan is the best method of protection.

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Meet Eric Binnion, Straight-shooting Lead Developer for Jetpack

It’s probably fair to say that if you have a tattoo that says “CODE IS POETRY” on one arm and a Wapuu on the other, you’re probably pretty passionate about WordPress. 

This ink belongs to Eric Binnion, Lead Developer for Jetpack; this phrase is at the bottom of every page; and Wapuu is the cuddly Japanese manga-style mascot for WordPress.

We sat down with Binnion, who joined Automattic as a Code Wrangler in 2014, to talk code, Jetpack, partnerships, and more. 

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Jetpack 9.0: Continue sharing Facebook and Instagram posts on your site

In this month’s release, we’re offering new ways to transform your content and extend your reach. Now it’s easier than ever to move content from your site to social media and vice versa. 

Even better, all updates included in Jetpack 9.0 are available for free.

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Six Website Problems that Can Ruin Your Reputation

A great website can catapult your business to success — and one plagued with problems can hurt your reputation and impede growth.

Your website is the face of your business. It’s typically the first thing potential customers and clients see when they want to find out more about you and what you’re selling. You can’t afford to compromise a visitor’s first impression with a bad experience.

Jetpack protects your brand’s online reputation by eradicating some of the most common issues that turn good websites bad. Let’s take a look at a few of the problems it solves.

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Jetpack Blocks: Tools for Creating Engaging Content

According to Hosting Tribunal, 70 million new posts are published on WordPress blogs alone every month. And though the average post is 1,150 words long, the average time visitors spend on a page is only 16 seconds.

To beat the average, it’s more important than ever to create quality posts that hook website visitors. Engaging, top-notch content requires more than just a text editor — you need tools that allow you to build visual, interactive, multimedia experiences.

The WordPress block editor (and additional Jetpack blocks) give you the power to deliver that without needing to hire a developer or learn a single line of code.

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The Fastest Way to Sell Digital Products with WordPress

If you’re a blogger or social media influencer, then you love creating high-quality content that you’re passionate about. How do you make money doing what you love? Affiliate marketing, advertising, and physical products are all great options, but there’s also a fourth that may feel more natural to your loyal followers: digital products.

Digital products include everything from videos and podcasts to live online events, online courses, books, and downloads. When you transform the content, you’re creating products you can sell and opening up a whole new world of possibilities for your website.

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Introducing Creative Mail for Jetpack

Relying solely on new traffic to your site isn’t enough. To sustain and grow your business, especially in the current, rapidly evolving eCommerce environment, you need to collect visitors’ information and connect with them regularly via email.

Creative Mail, a WordPress email marketing plugin built by Constant Contact, is designed to integrate closely with your site and WordPress Dashboard. Growing your email list and sending beautiful campaigns is faster and easier than ever. 

Jesse Friedman, Director of Innovation for Jetpack, says, “The team at Constant Contact has built Creative Mail from the ground up to be a WordPress-first email marketing service. Creative Mail directly integrates with Jetpack and WooCommerce to provide you a seamless marketing experience.” 

Now you can add a newsletter signup and opt-in functionality anywhere on your site with the Form Block.

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Jetpack 8.9: New ways to grow subscribers and collect donations

This month, start engaging your site visitors with two exciting new tools! The Newsletter Sign-up form and Donations Block will help you grow your subscriber and supporter base.

Jetpack 8.9 is also proud to support v2.0 of the official AMP plugin for WordPress.

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How Jetpack Works from Home

COVID-19 is simultaneously keeping us apart while fusing many of us together in new, shared experiences — drastic lifestyle changes, an expanded vocabulary (“social distancing,” “flattening the curve”), and the world of working from home. 

Without warning or time to prep, huge chunks of the world were thrust into what our parent company’s CEO Matt Mullenweg called, “the remote work experiment no one asked for.” 

Remote work isn’t our new normal, it’s what we were doing even before Automattic officially ditched its San Francisco office (15,000 barely-used square feet) in 2016. Automattic employees (or as we call ourselves, Automatticians), work remotely from all over the world — 76 countries to be exact. We have data analysts and graphic designers, developers, marketing professionals and Happiness Engineers (our support team). 

Helping the world embrace the idea of a distributed workforce is a mission of Matt’s — it’s why he created the Distributed Blog and Podcast — but it’s also a passion for our entire team. Those of us at Jetpack want to share what we’ve learned (and are still learning) about working from home. We put out a company-wide call for people to share their best tips, most effective practices, and favorite advice. 

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How Jetpack Search Helps an Interior Design Consultant Connect with Customers

Google “best white paint colors” and you’ll get millions of results. The top-ranked websites are the usual leviathans of interior design: Elle Decor, Real Simple, Apartment Therapy, Architectural Digest, and Better Homes and Gardens. 

But then! A link appears to a small interior design business run out of a suburban home in the small city of Nanaimo (pop: 90,000) in western Canada: Kylie M. Interiors, a digital David among the Goliaths. 

Kylie Mawdsley is a mother of two who worked at Home Depot in the blinds and drapes department, and she’s a testament to how a talented person with top-notch content can make it to the big leagues. 

She runs an interior design shop that does the vast majority of its business online. Clients send in photos of their homes, and Kylie provides custom advice on everything from paint color (her specialty) to updating kitchen cabinets. To bring in new clients, she also publishes lots of free advice, articles, and offers courses through her website.

But Kylie’s fans often struggled to find exactly what they were looking for after they got to her website. 

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