How the Jetpack Activity Log Helps You Manage a WordPress Site

A successful website requires consistent management and upkeep, especially if you have multiple users and contributors. But if you’re as busy as most entrepreneurs, you may not have the time to keep track of every action on your site.

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Six Common Ways WordPress Users Break Their Websites

WordPress may seem simple on the outside, but on the inside, it’s a complex system that simultaneously serves your content, handles customer transactions, and manages huge amounts of data. And while WordPress is an incredibly stable platform, it’s not unbreakable.

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Jetpack 8.0: introducing Pinterest and Star Rating Blocks

In this month’s release, we focussed on bringing you some new tools to add and embed content in your posts and pages.

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Jetpack 7.9.1: Maintenance and Security Release

Jetpack 7.9.1 contains a critical security update. You should update all sites that you administer as soon as possible.

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Jetpack 7.9: Better blocks and a peek at the future of Jetpack Search

This month’s release is packed with improvements to the features you love. We’ve also ensured that your favorite plugin will work seamlessly with the newest version of WordPress, scheduled for release in just a few weeks.

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Jetpack 7.8: Making Jetpack a Stronger Team

Jetpack 7.8 ships several under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes that make Jetpack’s features work even better for you and your website. Jetpack is more than the sum of its code, though — it is the collective work of an amazing group of designers, product experts, Happiness Engineers, and code wranglers at Automattic.

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Jetpack 7.7: A Better Experience From the Start

In this month’s release, we’ve improved the user experience around connecting your site to It’s now faster and more reliable, helping you to diagnose and fix issues as quickly as possible.

Additionally, some new tools will now allow you to transfer a connection to a different administrator on your site.

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Jetpack 7.6: working even better with the AMP plugin

Jetpack 7.6 is now available for download. This release expands Jetpack’s integration with the AMP plugin and improves security for Simple Payments.

Here’s more on what’s new this month:

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Every Bit(nami) Counts — Get Your Official WordPress Bundle for the Cloud with Bitnami and AWS

Are you a developer? Do you use Bitnami to install open source web applications? Automattic (the folks behind Jetpack,, WooCommerce, and more) has partnered with Bitnami to make it easier for you to install official WordPress bundles that will help you meet your scaling needs. Bitnami is one of the easier ways to deploy production-ready WordPress sites in the AWS cloud: it provides production-ready solutions for AWS servers, so you can start using your new application for mission-critical work immediately, saving you precious development time. Starting today, Bitnami-created and Automattic-endorsed Production-Ready WordPress bundles are available in the AWS Marketplace — and they come with Jetpack built right in.

A WordPress Installation for Every Need

Bitnami provides a library of installers, or software packages, for web applications and development stacks. Production – Ready WordPress are pre-configured bundles designed for production environments. We’ve made the following Bitnami WordPress bundles official with more to come:

Bitnami: Under the Hood

Wonder how it works? Bitnami WordPress Production-Ready spans two availability zones in the AWS region, and the auto-scaling group is configured in each node to ensure high-availability and horizontal scaling. This specific solution maximizes performance through a replication model for distributing workloads across multiple WordPress instances. WordPress Production-Ready also uses Elastic Load Balancing to distribute requests across the nodes, and EFS for persisting files and ElastiCache cluster with Memcached for caching database queries to Amazon Aurora. 

Jetpack and Bitnami 

The free version of Jetpack is included with these bundles and is ready to help you grow, build, and secure your cloud-hosted site. While Bitnami helps you to quickly set up a production- ready WordPress bundle, Jetpack helps to secure and speed up your site.

Learn more

Join us for a live webinar with the Bitnami and AWS teams on August 14th, 2019 at 10am PDT. Click here to register

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • When it makes sense to host your own WordPress server in the cloud
  • How to use the official WordPress image from the AWS Marketplace to get started
  • The benefits of using the WordPress Production-Ready image
  • How AWS provides a great experience for cloud users

And if you’re not an AWS user? Jetpack is working closely with Bitnami to bring you official WordPress cloud bundles across other platforms. We’ll announce them here as they become available!

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Jetpack 7.5

Jetpack 7.5 is now available for download, and it makes every step of using Jetpack smoother. “Magic Links” simplify logging in to mobile, UI improvements make using Jetpack a whole lot more intuitive, and bug fixes and compatibility improvements keep things working as expected with a range or other hosts and plugins.

Here’s more on what’s new this month:

Magic Links

Now you can log in to the WordPress mobile app in one click — no passwords, no password manager, no repeated incorrect logins from typing on a tiny phone keyboard.

Just visit the main Jetpack dashboard in your site’s admin area, and email yourself a magic link by clicking “Log in to the WordPress mobile app” shown here:

Check your email on your mobile device and click the link, and voilà! You’re logged in.

Sanding Down the Edges

Every little bit of the Jetpack UI — every icon, button, or phrase — contributes to a great Jetpack experience. For this release, we’re focusing on the words: going through every title, call to action, or short tip to make sure they give you clear descriptions with sufficient detail and use consistent language. With 7.5, we’ve cleaned up our microcopy so you’re able to move around Jetpack secure in your ability to navigate it and use everything it offers.

While we were in there, we also removed an extra step in the setup process and we’ve added clearer descriptions of Jetpack plans, taking some of the friction out of configuring things.

And more

We’ve been busy squashing bugs and improving Jetpack’s compatibility with hosting environments and other plugins. You can check the full changelog for more details. To use the latest version of Jetpack on your site, update your existing installation or install Jetpack.

Please note that this release requires that you run a recent version of WordPress (5.2 or newer), as well as a version of PHP higher than PHP 5.6. If you use an outdated version of WordPress or PHP, we recommend that you update your site to the latest version as soon as possible.

Update July 2nd: we released a new Jetpack version 7.5.1 with no functionality changes, but fixes a bug when attempting to delete the Jetpack plugin. It also addresses the new PHP minimum requirement in Jetpack 7.5.

Update July 4th: we released a new version of Jetpack, 7.5.2, to address issues happening when a site’s connection to is set to “Safe Mode”.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this release:

Artur Piszek, Ben Dwyer, Bernie Reiter, Chris Runnells, Daniel Walmsley, Dave Martin, Derek Smart, Derek Springer, Don Park, Elio Rivero, Enej Bajgoric, Eric Binnion, Glen Davies, Igor Zinovyev, Jeremy Herve, Jon Surrell, Julian Vidal, Kerry Liu, Marin Atanasov, Michael Arestad, Michael D Adams, Michael Turk, Miguel Lezama, Mikael Korpela, Mike Jolley, Mukesh Panchal, Osk, robertf4, Rocco Tripaldi, Scott Evans, silkypress, thingalon, torres126, Yaroslav Kukharuk, Yvonne Doll, and Greg Fox.

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