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Known issues

Some plugins, themes, and hosting features are known to conflict with some of Jetpack’s functionality. Until these conflicts are resolved, you can check this list to find out what to do.

The best way to determine if this is a case is to test for a plugin conflict or a theme conflict. If you find a plugin or theme conflict, please reach out to their development team to see if they can fix the issue.


Plugins that Disable Access to XML-RPC

Jetpack depends on the XML-RPC connection in WordPress. Plugins that restrict access to xmlrpc.php will cause issues with Jetpack. You will either need to configure these plugins to allow access to xmlrpc.php or add Jetpack’s IPs to the plugin’s allowlist. Learn more about Jetpack’s usage of XML-RPC.

Plugins that Minify and Combine JavaScript

We have seen issues with plugins that minify and/or combine JavaScript files. If you are having an unexpected issue with Jetpack, it is recommended that you disable this functionality and test the feature. If it works, you will know that the issue is with the modification. 

Plugins that Add “Coming Soon” or “Maintenance Mode” Functionality

Some plugins that add a “coming soon” or “maintenance mode” message to WordPress may prevent Jetpack from communicating with your site. If you are having trouble with a broken Jetpack connection, please disable plugins of this type and try again. Depending on the plugin, it may also be possible to configure them in a way that doesn’t block the Jetpack connection. You will need to consult the plugin’s documentation and/or developers for assistance.

Plugins that Add Anti-Spam Functionality and Jetpack Comments

Jetpack Comments replaces the default WordPress comment form and as a result, anti-spam plugins built to work with standard WordPress comments will not be able to filter comments made via Jetpack Comments.

Ads.txt Manager

Updated August 24, 2023 / Tested: All Versions

This plugin is not compatible with WordAds. If you are using WordAds on your site, please disable or remove Ads.txt Manager from your site.

Auto Prune Posts

Updated August 25, 2022 / Tested: v1.7.0

This plugin may cause errors in and prevent certain Jetpack settings from being enabled/disabled.

Complianz – GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent 

Updated August 31, 2022 / Tested: v6.3.1

This plugin can affect Jetpack’s Stats feature. To fix it, the Jetpack integration must be disabled. To disable Complianz’ integration with Jetpack, navigate to “Complianz > Integrations > Plugins” and disable the slider next to Jetpack. 

LiteSpeed Cache

Updated June 29, 2023 / Tested: v5.5

This plugin can affect Jetpack’s Stats feature. To fix it, the Localize Resources feature must be disabled. To disable Localize Resources in LiteSpeed Cache, navigate to “LiteSpeed Cache > Page Optimization > Localization” and disable the Localize Resources feature.

WP-EMail Plugin

Updated August 25, 2022 / Tested: v2.69.0

If this plugin is active, visitors will be unable to sign-up for Jetpack Subscriptions on the “E-mail to a Friend” pages generated by the plugin.


Bluehost WordPress plugin

Bluehost WordPress plugin auto-enables Jetpack’s SSO and Image CDN (Photon) modules. To disable these modules while using the Bluehost WordPress plugin, a custom code snippet must be used as described here .

Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader

Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader is currently not compatible with Jetpack Likes, Site Stats, some shortcodes, and other Jetpack features using JavaScript. You’ll consequently need to disable this feature in your Cloudflare settings.

Custom CSS and WP Engine

Custom CSS will not be applied to visits by search engine bots on WP Engine sites due to a rule on their server to prevent bots from loading dynamic content. This can impact users, for example, whose Custom CSS modifies the layout to meet Google’s mobile-friendly designation. To work around this issue, contact WP Engine support and ask to remove the “Redirect Bots” option or add the Custom CSS directly to your theme’s style.css.


Added June 29, 2023

Some sites hosted by GoDaddy can display a “Hi Jetpack! All Systems go.” message on the site’s landing page when Jetpack’s Downtime Monitor is enabled. If you see this message on your site, change your site’s Sucuri Caching settings to “Site Headers” instead of the recommended setting. Sucuri have instructions for changing this setting here.

Staging Sites on SiteGround

Due to the way that SiteGround handles URLs on their staging sites, connecting Jetpack on a SiteGround staging site is impossible.

Vodafone Blocking Jetpack Image CDN

There are known issues with Vodafone UK blocking some Jetpack image URLs (e.g., those beginning with https://i0.wp.com, or, which prevents images from displaying on Jetpack sites. If you use a Vodafone broadband network and find some missing images, we suggest first connecting to a different network to see if the images are displayed. If you are affected by this issue, please contact Vodafone directly for assistance.

Windows Cache Extension for PHP

We have some reports that this extension for Windows IIS servers can prevent Jetpack from connecting correctly to If your site is on an IIS server, please try to disable this extension if you are having difficulty connecting Jetpack to

Apple Mail App Blocking Images for the Site on Bluehost Server

We have received reports indicating that the Apple Mail app is currently blocking images sent to site subscribers through the Jetpack Subscriptions feature. We found the issue is presently for websites hosted on Bluehost server. If you encounter a similar issue, we kindly advise contacting the Bluehost support team for further assistance.


Contact Info Widget Adds Invalid Structured Data to Address

Jetpack’s deprecated Contact Info Widget can add invalid Structured Data to addresses, which causes the address to fail validation. To resolve this issue, we recommend using a free plugin such as Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP to add all required fields correctly.

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