Earn income by displaying high-quality ads on your site.

Jetpack Ads is a one-click feature designed to help you generate income from your WordPress site. Jetpack Ads is powered by WordAds — the unique ad program from We provide more than just high-quality ads: we’ve also determined the best placements to guarantee the highest revenue and most reliable compatibility across most WordPress themes. Our experience is based on working with tens of thousands of users over the years.

Jetpack Ads is available to anyone who has purchased the Jetpack Premium plan — no approval process required. Once you’ve purchased the plan, activate the feature under Jetpack > Dashboard > Traffic tab. You’ll start seeing ads on your site right away, and can tweak ad placement settings and view your earnings on

By default, ads are shown at the end of every page, post, or the first article on your front page. You can also add them to the top of your site and to any widget area to increase your earnings.

You can manage your earnings on at

Jetpack Ads Earnings


Ads are enabled. Why don’t they show up?

If you have any plugins for minifying javascript, try deactivating those and see if it helps.

Ads are shown on my site. Why don’t I see any earnings?

Earnings are calculated monthly, so if you just recently activated ads, it may take up to a month before you start to see earnings in your account. Payments are sent on or about the last day of the following month. If you earned less than $100 in a given month, your earnings will carry over to the next month instead.

Why do I only see ads?

It’s normal to see only ads for the first 24 hours or so after activation. After a day or two, you should start to see ads from other advertisers.

Why do I see Google ads?

We work with a wide variety of advertising partners, so it’s likely that you will see ads from various other networks.

Where can I place ads?

If ads are enabled, they will be shown at the end of every page and post, and at the end of the first article on your front page.

You can also add them to the top of your site by enabling that option in Jetpack > Settings > Traffic > Ads.

Finally, you can place ads in any widget area using the Jetpack Ads Widget.

Can I customize my ad placement?

You can add custom filters to your functions.php file to disable ads in certain locations.

You can then combine those with conditional tags to remove ads on specific pages.

You can add the code snippets above to your theme’s functions.php file or to a functionality plugin.

What format are the ads?

  • Ads in posts/pages are Medium Rectangle size (300×250)
  • The ad at the top of your site is Leaderboard size (728×90)
  • The ad widget lets you select either Medium Rectangle (300×250) or Wide Skyscraper (160×600)

If you have more questions about how ads work, you can read this document.

Note: by activating ads, you agree to the Automattic Ads Terms of Service.

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