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Ad Block

The Ad block allows you to insert an Ad unit anywhere within the content of any post, page, or widget area.

To use the Ad block, your site needs to have an active Jetpack Security or Complete plan, and Ads must be enabled in Jetpack → Settings → Traffic.

Adding the Ad block

You can add the Ad block by searching and/or selecting it from the Jetpack section of the block selector:

See Jetpack Blocks for detailed instructions on adding blocks.

After adding the block, you’ll see a grey placeholder box, which demonstrates the size and shape of your ad. Also, we offer the option to hide ads on mobile devices. You can do that by clicking the gear icon on your top right corner, selecting Block, and clicking Visibility.

Block Toolbar

Click on the block to display the block toolbar. The Ad block offers the following options in its toolbar:

Change alignment

Pick an ad format

Block Settings

The Ad block has no additional settings in the editor sidebar.

Still need help?

Please contact support directly. We’re happy to advise.

Privacy Information

The Ad Block is deactivated by default. It can be activated at any time by toggling the Ads setting at Jetpack → Settings → Traffic in your dashboard. You will need a Jetpack plan that includes ads to use this block.

Data Used
Site Owners / Users

In order to process payments via PayPal, the following site owner-related information is utilized: site owner’s email address, physical address, site URL, and site ID.

For compliance with US tax regulations, we also collect whether the site owner is a US Resident (or based in the US), and if so, we collect tax reporting information including Social Security Number or US Tax ID, Full Name or Business Name, and physical address.

Site Visitors

We collect and send the following information (made available from the visitor’s browser) to our Demand Partners: IP address, geographical data (derived from the IP address), user agent, operating system, device type, unique user ID (randomly generated identifier), current URL, and IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) interest category.

Data Retention: Log data (IP address, geographical data, user agent, operating system, device type) is stored for 30 days. The unique user ID is stored in cookies and is retained for 1 year.

Activity Tracked
Site Owners / Users

We track when, and by which user, the feature is activated and deactivated.

We also track updates to the user’s Paypal email address (so that we can continue to successfully process any payments).

Site Visitors

We track ad impressions, video-related events (i.e. pause, mute, 100% plays, etc.) or errors, and ad click events.

Various cookies are used for the following purposes: delivering targeted advertisements to specific visitors, storing user identifiers, and collecting anonymous ad platform stats.

Data Synced (Read More)
Site Owners / Users

We sync options that identify whether or not the feature is activated, as well as the site’s current approval status (i.e. is this site approved to participate in the WordAds program?).

Site Visitors


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