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Jetpack comes packed with lots of extras. Extra Sidebar Widgets gives you additional widgets, like RSS Links, Twitter Timelines, and Facebook Like Boxes. Toolbar notifications let you view and moderate comments right from the toolbar, anywhere on your site, or across shortlinks shorten your links so they don’t take up so much space.

Don’t need every feature? You can activate and deactivate Jetpack modules at any time.

  • Control Jetpack’s Modules on One Page - You can control all of Jetpack's modules from one simple page.
  • Search (Beta) - Jetpack Search is a powerful replacement for WordPress’ built-in search. It provides higher quality results and better scalability; runs in the cloud; and is a hosted Elasticsearch service with a public query API. It’s suitable for content-rich sites, or sites where relevant, fast results are important to your users. There is no configuration necessary […]
  • Simple Payment Button - Add one or more payment buttons to any post or page, and immediately start taking PayPal payments for physical products, digital goods, or donations.
  • Toolbar - The Toolbar module replaces the default admin bar and offers quick links to the Reader, all your sites, your profile, and notifications.
  • Upcoming Events Widget - Upcoming Events is a widget and a shortcode. It allows you to use an iCalendar link to display a list of events on your site. This feature can be used for any kind of event list, but it was created especially with musicians in mind so they can rock the web with a list of […]
  • Google Analytics - Track your WordPress site statistics thanks to Google Analytics.
  • Ads - Earn income by displaying high quality ads on your site.
  • Milestone Widget - The Milestone Widget provides you with a simple way to create a countdown to a given date.
  • Blog Stats Widget - The Blog Stats Widget displays the total number of views to your blog (not including your own views).
  • Authors Widget - The Authors Widget lets you showcase your blog’s writers in your sidebar.
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