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The Like button is a way for people to show their appreciation for your posts. 

A button with a blue star and the word "Like" followed by small pictures of people. Text underneath says 13 bloggers like this.

You can activate the Likes button by following these steps:

  1. Go to Jetpack → Settings in your Dashboard, then click to the “Sharing” tab.
  2. Scroll to the Like buttons section near the bottom of the page.
  3. Click the button next to “Allow readers to show their appreciation of your posts by adding a like button to your content” to toggle it on. The button will turn blue.

Box with Like buttons at the top. The bottom has a toggle button that is on the right side and the rest is blue. To the right of the button is the text Allow readers to show their appreciation of your posts by adding a like button to your content.

Since Likes is a feature is unique to, your readers will need to be logged in to their account to be able to Like one of your posts.


Disabling Likes for Specific Posts

If you’d rather, you can turn off the Like button for specific posts. When editing a post, find the Likes and Shares section near the bottom (you might have to scroll down to find it).

A Likes and Shares box with the options to Show likes and Show sharing buttons.

You can then uncheck the box to disable the “Show likes.” option for that post only. When you’ve set it, either publish or update your post to save the change.

Email Notifications

When you turn on the Likes module, Jetpack will automatically send you an email whenever someone likes an item on your site. To turn off these emails, go to Settings -> Discussion in your Dashboard menu (not to the Settings -> Discussion in your Jetpack menu) and uncheck this box:

Likes notifications box with the option to Email me whenever and then an active checkbox to the left of Someone likes one of my posts.

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