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Create, grow, and monetize your audience

Jetpack Creator helps you craft stunning content, boost your subscriber base, and monetize your online presence.

Creating beautiful content has never been easier

Create content that stands out

Whether it’s starting a Newsletter or creating an e-book or course, Jetpack Creator will have you producing compelling content for your website in no time.

Elevate your content

Jetpack provides over 40 different blocks tailored to enhance your content and captivate your audience.

Create faster with AI


Harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence to take your content creation to the next level.

Create your Newsletter

Segment your content with categories and send captivating emails that bring visitors back time and time again.

Grow your subscribers through our creator network and tools

Blaze your content across our network

Find new fans by promoting your posts and pages across millions of sites in the and Tumblr ad network.

Join our vast creator network

Being part of our creator network amplifies your content, reaching a broader audience through a vast network of sites.

Grow your subscriber count

Easily integrate subscribe forms, modals, and a paywall divider block to keep your audience engaged and growing.

Author recommendations

With the Blogroll block, you can display sites your readers would enjoy and have other sites recommend your content to their audience.

Unlock the full power of Jetpack Creator.

Reach more people, earn from your visitors through display ads, and pay less in fees.

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Monetize your online presence and earn from your website

Create premium content

Create exclusive content, such as e-books or courses, that your audience can access only after making a payment.

Generate paid subscribers

Transform your regular content into a source of income. With paid newsletters, your subscribers pay a fee to read premium content.

Increase earnings with WordAds

Display ads on your content and earn from people visiting your website and viewing your ads.


  • Jetpack has powered WP Tavern’s newsletter for years with flawless deliverability for thousands of subscribers.

    Sarah Gooding Writer - WP Tavern
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Transaction fees
Jetpack Creator2%
Jetpack Free / Substack / Gumroad10%
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    Create, grow and monetize your content with powerful tools from Jetpack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the creator network?

The creator network is the network of websites either hosted with or self-hosted and connected with Jetpack. Sites that are part of the creator network can gain exposure to new readers. Sites on the Creator plan have enhanced distribution to more areas of the Reader.

What ways can I get paid?

Paid content and paid subscribers are provided through Stripe and you’ll be prompted to connect your Stripe account via You can also accept payments using Pay with Paypal (also known as simple payments) if on the Creator plan.

What are Jetpack Blocks?

Jetpack has over 40 Gutenberg blocks to help you with your content creation, such as displaying your podcasts, showing different content to repeat visitors, creating contact forms and many more.

What are transaction fees?

Fees are only collected when you accept payments. Fees are based on the Jetpack plan you have and are calculated as a percentage of your revenue from 10% on the Free plan to 2% on the Creator plan (plus Stripe fees). You can read more about fees by plan here.