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Jetpack Earn Transaction Fees

Jetpack Earn is a set of features and blocks that allows Jetpack users to monetize their sites.

This support article highlights the related fees associated with using these features on your site.

Earn Features

So far, the blocks include:

See the linked support guides for more information about how to set them up on your site.

All Earn features are available on all Jetpack-connected sites.

Transaction fees for all Earn features are based on the Jetpack plan you have and are calculated as a percentage of your revenue as follows:

Jetpack PlanRelated Fees
Jetpack Complete2%
Jetpack Security4%
Jetpack Free10%

For our legacy bundles: fees are 8% for Jetpack Personal, 4% for Jetpack Premium, and 2% for Jetpack Professional.

In addition to the fees you pay us, Stripe collects 2.9% + US$0.30 for each payment made to your Stripe account. If you are outside the USA, check Stripeʼs fees in your currency.

This system allows you to offer Paid Content, Paid Newsletters and accept Payments and Donations with a minimal upfront investment. As your subscriber base grows, you may find it beneficial to upgrade to a higher plan to retain more revenue.

Note that if your Jetpack plan expires, the fee associated with your plan will increase to 10%. The Stripe fee will remain unaffected.

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