Jetpack Newsletter

Write once, reach all

Transform your blog posts into newsletters to easily reach your subscribers.

Grow your subscriber list and deliver your content directly to their email inbox.

Attract and grow your subscriber list

Grow your subscriber list with our easy‑to‑use signup form and the power of the Reader.

  • Add the Newsletter signup form anywhere on your site.
  • Your content is shown to millions of people with the Reader.
  • Keep track of subscriber growth with the stats dashboard.

Publish your content and automatically send your Newsletter

Fully integrated into the post‑publish process, simply publish and your fans will receive your content.

  • Instant blog-to-newsletter delivery.
  • Effortlessly reach your subscribers with fresh content.
  • Choose who receives the Newsletter email.

Let your subscribers choose when to receive emails

Empower subscribers with customizable email delivery options for a personalized reading experience.

  • Choose between instant, daily, or weekly digest.
  • Control what day and time you receive daily or weekly digests.
  • Subscribers can pause content or fully unsubscribe.

Create exclusive content for paid subscribers

Reward your most loyal followers with premium content and foster a community of enthusiastic fans.

  • Set up paid subscriptions for exclusive content.
  • Show appreciation to loyal followers with premium content.
  • Earn money through your Newsletter.
  • Unlimited everything

    Write and publish without constraints with unlimited sends and subscribers.

  • Easy subscriber import

    Migrate your existing subscribers to your blog and run it all from WordPress.

  • Find new Subscribers

    Newsletters can be shared on the Reader and attract new subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jetpack Newsletter Free?

Jetpack Newsletter is free to use and is automatically included with every Jetpack install via the Subscriptions module.

What are the fees for Paid Newsletter?

Fees are only collected when you accept payments. Fees are based on the Jetpack plan you have and are calculated as a percentage of your revenue from 10% on the Free plan to 2% on the Complete plan (plus Stripe fees). You can read more about fees by plan here.

Can I earn money with my Newsletter?

Yes, you can create content for paying subscribers. That means you can choose whether each post goes out to everyone or just your paid subscribers. Payments are processed through Stripe and are limited to the countries where Stripe is currently supported.

My email list is elsewhere, can I import it?

Yes. You can import your existing email subscribers into Jetpack Newsletter. You can either import via CSV or manually enter emails one by one.

What is the Reader?

The Reader brings together all sites and those connected through Jetpack — in one central location. Published content can be displayed on the Reader allowing you to gain exposure from millions of people.

Is there a limit to how many emails I can send?

As an introductory offer, we do not limit you or charge you based on your email list size. This may change in the future. Fair usage policy applies.