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    Jetpack’s world-class security features are now easier to manage for anyone with multiple WordPress websites.

  • Optimized for agencies

    Any organization with at least five websites can join our licensing platform.

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    You can now manage plans and billing for all your sites in one place.

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Keep your clients in business

Protect your cash flow by restoring their sites immediately.

Understand every site change

Eliminate the blame game and monitor exactly which action (or person) made a change with the activity log.

Jetpack is the most proven WordPress backup plugin with 269 million site backups over the last ten years

Save hours of time fixing problems with your site by restoring to any point. Just one change will pay for itself while delivering the peace of mind you deserve.

Have access to your site anywhere right from your mobile app

Our easy-to-read interface means that you don’t need to be a security expert. We’ll guide you through any issues quickly and clearly, and help you resolve many threats with one click.

Protect your visitors

Keep your client’s visitors safe by keeping their content free of unwanted ads and spam. Malicious code can infect content and visitors.

Jetpack monitors millions of websites for vulnerabilities

We learn about the newest security threats first and use that information to better protect your site.

Our developers use Jetpack Backup all the time. It’s a one-click way to return to where we were before things got wonky. It gives us a little emergency parachute so if we’re working on a customization that breaks everything, we lose minutes, not hours.

Ben Giordano Founder,

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