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Repeat Visitor Block

The Repeat Visitor block enables the author to control the visibility of its nested block(s) depending on how many times a visitor has previously visited the page.

Add a Repeat Visitor block by selecting it from the inserter icon.


The Repeat Visitor block is available on all Jetpack connected sites.

Adding the Repeat Visitor block

You can add the Repeat Visitor block by searching and/or selecting it from the Jetpack section of the block selector:

See Jetpack Blocks for detailed instructions on adding blocks.

After adding the block, you can configure the Visit Count Threshold and Visibility settings, to specify the criteria for displaying the block’s contents.

For example, if you set the Visit Count Threshold to 5, and Visibility to Show after threshold, then the block contents will only be displayed to people who have visited the page more than 5 times. On the first 5 visits the content will not be displayed.

If you set the Visit Count Threshold to 3, and Visibility to Show before threshold, then the contents will only be displayed to people who have visited the page at most 3 times. From the 4th visit onward, the content will not be displayed.

The text in the blue block below the settings gives a handy description of the settings you’ve chosen. This text is for the author only, and won’t be seen by your visitors.

Once you’ve configured the display criteria, you can add the content that will be displayed when those criteria are met. This is done by adding any number of blocks within the Repeat Visitor block.

Block Settings

Every block has specific options in the editor sidebar in addition to the options found in the block toolbar. If you do not see the sidebar, click the ‘cog’ icon next to the Publish button.


The advanced tab lets you add a CSS class to your block, allowing you to write custom CSS and style the block as you see fit.


The visit count doesn’t seem to be accurate when adding more than one block.

Note that visits are counted per page/post, not per block. This can cause confusion when adding multiple Repeat Visitor blocks on the same page.

For example:

  • You add a Repeat Visitor block to a post, set to display after 5 visits.
  • Visitor A visits the post, and their visit count is set to 1.
  • You then add another Repeat Visitor block to the same post, set to display on the first visit only.
  • Visitor A visits the post again, and their visit count is now set to 2, so they don’t see the new block.

The block is not working at all

The Repeat Visitor block relies on cookies. If a visitor has cookies disabled in their browser then the block will not function correctly for them.

If you’re having any trouble with the Repeat Visitor block, please contact support for help.

Privacy Information

This feature is activated by default.

Data Used
Site Owners / Users


Site Visitors

The Repeat Visitor block records page views by setting a cookie named jp-visit-counter in the visitor’s browser, which is incremented on each visit. This cookie is stored only in the browser and not recorded in our databases.

Activity Tracked
Site Owners / Users


Site Visitors


Data Synced (Read More)
Site Owners / Users


Site Visitors


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