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SEO Tools

Optimize your site for search engines by taking advantage of our SEO tools. This feature is available in the Jetpack Professional Plan.

Custom Title Formats

To help improve your search page ranking, you can customize how your content titles appear for your site. You can reorder items such as ‘Site Name’ and ‘Tagline’, and also add custom separators between the items.


Front Page Meta Description

Meta descriptions are a general overview of the contents of your site. Search engines sometimes use this information to determine the site’s relevance for specific searches. This meta description setting applies to your site’s front page only.


They have limited space on search result pages — about 160 characters. You can use this tool from Portent to calculate and preview your description.


Custom Post Meta Description

Typically, search engines will pick up on the post content and use that as the description that is displayed in the search results. With SEO Tools you can customize the meta description to be something different to both catch the eye of the reader and potentially increase the search page ranking of the post.


To customize the description, expand the ‘SEO Description’ drop down at the side of the editor and then enter the custom description you would like to use. Upon saving the post you should see the description update on most search engines within a few hours.

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