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Extension: Social Previews

This extension of the Block Editor allows you to preview what your post / page will look like on search engines and social media.

Social Previews modal

Social Previews modal


Using Social Previews extension

Before you publish your new post or page, you can use the Social Previews extension to preview what it will look like on search engines and social media. To do so, click the Jetpack icon in the top right corner of the editor (it looks like a lightning bolt) and look for the Social Previews section. Click the Preview button to open the Social Previews modal.


Social Previews in the Jetpack sidebar


The preview doesn’t exactly match what was shown on social media

As Google, Facebook, and Twitter keep updating the layout of their previews, our Social Previews will always only approximate the real content.

If you’re having any trouble with the Social Preview feature, please visit our contact support page for information on how to get support.

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