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Search (Beta)

Jetpack Search is a powerful replacement for WordPress’ built-in search. It provides higher quality results and better scalability; runs in the cloud; and is a hosted Elasticsearch service with a public query API.

It’s suitable for content-rich sites, or sites where relevant, fast results are important to your users.

There is no configuration necessary – just enable the module and start enjoying better search results.

Jetpack Search is available to all Jetpack Professional subscribers.


  • Run millions of searches – when your site has a burst of traffic is exactly the wrong time to get cut off by an arbitrary limit. Our systems are proven to scale for millions of posts and millions of searches per day.
  • Rock solid reliability from the system that has powered Jetpack Related Posts and VIP Search since 2013.
  • Real-time indexing – your search index updates within minutes of changes to your site.
  • Faceted search and filtering by tags, categories, custom taxonomies, authors, dates, and post types.
  • Multilingual – supports all languages and does additional language analysis for 29 languages.
  • Developer friendly – the power of an Elasticsearch API at your fingertips
  • Fast and relevant results no matter how much content your site contains – no more timeouts due to slow MySQL queries.
  • No configuration necessary, works with WordPress’ built-in search widget, Jetpack’s search widget, or your theme’s own search widget

Technical Details:

  • Transparently intercepts searches via WP_Query, for “search” style queries that are also the “main” query.
  • Configuring faceted search currently requires some code.
  • Post meta and custom taxonomies are not available for querying/filtering. (Some custom taxonomies may work, but the API will likely change.)

Once you’ve connected your site, head to and log in with your account.

Browse to your site settings, and you will find the Search setting in the Traffic tab.

I did that and I still can’t see the setting!

To use Jetpack Search, you must be a Jetpack Professional subscriber.

How fast does Jetpack Search index my content?

New and updated content is usually indexed within seconds. When you first install Jetpack, it may take a few minutes or hours before your content is fully indexed, but after that the index is always up-to-date. If you are an existing user, your content will be searchable as soon as you enable the module.

Does Jetpack Search have content limits or tiers?

No limits, no tiers, no hidden costs. All your content in real time.

How do I enable this in my theme?

Jetpack Search works with WordPress’ own search widget, and most other search widgets. No changes to your theme are necessary.

Can I use this for custom Elasticsearch queries?

Yes! You can send any valid Elasticsearch query (ES 2.4+) to Jetpack_Search::instance()->search( $query ). Security restrictions apply. More details and developer docs coming soon.

Where can I learn more about the API?

During the Beta period we are working on updating the documentation for Jetpack Search. The following are documents were prepared for VIP, which uses Jetpack Search extensively.

If you have questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you! Please send us a support request and mention that you’re interested in Jetpack Search.


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