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Jetpack Monitor will keep tabs on your site, and alert you the moment that downtime is detected.

Once activated, one of our servers will start checking your site every five minutes.  If it looks like something’s gone awry, we’ll fire off an email notification to the account that Jetpack is connected under.

If you’d like to add something to your email filters to make sure these notification emails never get sent to spam, they’ll all be coming from, and have one of the following subject lines:

[Jetpack Monitor] is not loading!
[Jetpack Monitor] is still offline.
[Jetpack Monitor] is back up!

The first message will be sent when we first detect your site being down. The second will arrive if it’s still down after about an hour, and the final message will come when it looks like your site is back up again!

Is your site up and running properly, but you’re receiving ‘site down’ notifications?

Make sure your hosting service isn’t blocking our monitoring agent! The user agent that we’re sending along with the HEAD requests should be jetmon/1.0 (Jetpack Site Uptime Monitor by! If it’s still not going through properly, please contact support.

I have everything set up properly! Why am I still getting ‘site down’ notifications?

Your site might be loading slowly on page load. This may trigger that your site is inaccessible after ten (10) seconds when Jetpack Monitor checks your site. This may happen if you’re on shared hosting, where your bandwidth is shared with many other websites, or if you have a lot of resources loading on page load which may also slow down your site load times.

How does Jetpack Monitor work behind the scenes?

When Jetpack Monitor checks your site, we ping your site’s homepage (via a HTTP HEAD request) every five minutes.

We tentatively mark your site as down if the HTTP response code is 400 or greater, which indicates either a permissions error or a fatal code error is prohibiting your site from appearing to visitors, or we see more than three 300-series redirects, suggesting a redirect loop, or if your site fails to respond within 20 seconds.

Once it is tentatively marked down, we then spin up three separate servers in geographically different locations from a third-party vendor to ensure the problem is not isolated to our network or the location of our primary datacenter.

If all three checks fail, we mark the site as down and notify you.

Note: Jetpack uses the timezone set in your WordPress settings (Settings > General)

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