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Troubleshooting Jetpack Comments

If Jetpack Comments are turned on, but are not working, there may be an issue with your theme or one of your plugins.

I activated the feature, but I still see my theme’s comment form

For Jetpack Comments to work, your theme needs to be using the comment_form() function to display the comment form.

To check whether the theme is the culprit, try switching to one of the default themes, like Twenty Seventeen, and see whether Jetpack comments work with it (make sure that Jetpack comments are still turned on when you do this). If Jetpack comments work when using a default theme, then the issue stems from your theme.

Jetpack Comments on the Twenty Twelve theme

You check whether your theme uses the comment_form() function by looking at your comments.php file. You’ll find this file in your theme folder. Open it in any text editor and search for “comment_form()” (without the quotes). If that text is not found, then your theme is using the old way (before WordPress version 3.0) of displaying comments.

If your theme uses the old way of displaying comments, we recommend that you contact your theme’s author about updating the theme to use the newest comment function. You can point them to the comment_form function reference.

My readers receive an error when trying to leave a comment

A few other Comment plugins are known to interfere with Jetpack Comments. If you use any of the following plugins, could you try to deactivate them?

  • Antispam Bee
  • Spam Free WordPress
  • Bad Behavior
  • CommentLuv

I don’t see the Jetpack Comments feature in my Jetpack Settings page

Users have reported that when using the Subscribe2 plugin, Jetpack Comments can disappear from the Settings page.  To fix this issue, you need to go to your Subscribe2 > Settings page, click on the “Registered Users” tab at the top, and scroll down to the bottom where you will see “Display checkbox to allow subscriptions from the comment form:” – make sure to set that option to “No” and your Jetpack Comments feature will come back.  Example:
subscribe2 settings

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