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Fixing Jetpack Connection Issues

Having trouble connecting Jetpack to If so, here are some steps that might help you solve the problem. Before following these steps, first check that your site is live, as Jetpack will not be able to connect otherwise.

Run the Jetpack Debug Tool

The Jetpack debugging tool will identify any issues with the connection.

The most common errors, as well as what they mean, are listed on our Error Messages page.

Check Site Health

Check your site’s health status under Tools > Site Health. This page will run a number of different checks and provide both critical information about your WordPress configuration as well as items that require your attention.

Check for the PHP XML extension

PHP needs the XML extension in order to parse XML. Check with your host to make sure the PHP XML extension is installed and active on your server.

Check xmlrpc.php

Jetpack needs this file to connect to You have to perform two checks here, and both of them should work.

Check page should return the following message:

XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.

The message should look exactly the same, without any spaces or line breaks. Please feel free to compare yours to this example.

Note that, as in our example, your xmlrpc.php file must be in the root of your WordPress install.

If you passed that test, enter your site’s URL at the WordPress XML-RPC Validation Service. Leave all of the defaults as-is, and don’t provide any usernames or passwords if prompted. If you see “Congratulation! Your site passed the first check,” you’re done and have passed our second test.

If something is off with your xmlrpc.php file in either of the two tests, please contact your hosting provider’s support for assistance.

Reinstall and Reconnect Jetpack

Sometimes turning things off and on again actually helps! Follow these instructions for reinstalling and reconnecting Jetpack.

If the connection still doesn’t work after that, try the other options on this page.

Look for Plugin Conflicts

Sometimes other plugins create a conflict with Jetpack that blocks it from connecting to

To rule out a plugin conflict, disable all other plugins and keep Jetpack active, then try connecting. If Jetpack connects, you can turn your plugins back on. Note that a conflict may cause other issues in addition to not letting Jetpack connect, so monitor things for anything else not working. 

Check for Theme Issues

If you’re using a theme that’s not well-coded or kept up to date with changes in WordPress development, then the theme could be creating issues with Jetpack’s connection.

Switch to one of the default WordPress themes (like Twenty Nineteen) and see if the connection issues are resolved. If not, try other options on this page.

Test Your Site Speed

Your site must load within the first 5-10 seconds for the Jetpack connection to work correctly.

You can check your site’s speed and overall performance with a variety of tools like those from GTmetrix or Pingdom.

Check Your SSL Certificate

If you’re using an SSL Certificate for your site, you should check its grade at SSL Labs.

It typically should be A or A+, and you shouldn’t see any errors. The most common error here is that the certificate is self-signed or that the certificate chain is incomplete.

If you’re seeing any errors in the SSL test, you should report this directly to your host as they’re the only ones who can fix these issues.

Another thing to check is that both SITE_URL and HOME_URL under Dashboard > Settings > General are using HTTPS

Finally, check that all non-HTTP traffic routes to HTTPS. Example: should redirect to automatically. 

Other WordPress Issues

If you delete Jetpack from your site and you still continue to see errors or problems on your site, then those errors are most likely related to your site’s WordPress installation or other plugins that you may have installed.

In this case (when you’re sure that the issue is not related to Jetpack), you should reach out to your hosting provider or the support forums.

If you continue to have connection issues or if you have any other questions related to Jetpack, please feel free to contact support for help.

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