Six Website Problems that Can Ruin Your Reputation

A great website can catapult your business to success — and one plagued with problems can hurt your reputation and impede growth.

Your website is the face of your business. It’s typically the first thing potential customers and clients see when they want to find out more about you and what you’re selling. You can’t afford to compromise a visitor’s first impression with a bad experience.

Jetpack protects your brand’s online reputation by eradicating some of the most common issues that turn good websites bad. Let’s take a look at a few of the problems Jetpack solves.


Hackers use website malware (short for malicious software) to sneak into your site undetected, steal private customer data, alter its appearance, and plant harmful code in hard-to-find places. 

A malware attack can cause your website to get suspended, blacklisted, or even taken down completely. 

How do I keep malware off my site? 

Jetpack Scan keeps your site one step ahead of malware threats with daily scans to ID suspicious code and activity. If it detects anything, it instantly sends you an email with detailed information on which files are affected.

Slow load time

Nothing causes potential customers to leave your page faster than a slow website. Every second matters: research consistently shows that if your site doesn’t load within three seconds, you’re losing customers. And Google factors site speed into its search results, so a slow site hurts your rankings. 

But websites like Amazon have conducted studies showing that slower load time leads to significant drops in revenue, while faster pages result in increased conversion rates and a boost in sales.

How can you improve your website’s load time?

Jetpack’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) is free! Enable it in your dashboard and Jetpack will automatically employ its fast, effective servers for all your pictures, CSS, and static JavaScript files, reducing the strain on your website and servers. The tool even resizes images to increase load times for mobile devices.

You can speed things up even more by enabling lazy loading images, which loads photos as a viewer scrolls rather than all at once.

Comment spam

Spam comments are unsolicited, irrelevant, annoying, and can include inappropriate or offensive content — not great for your reputation. Worse, spam can include links that divert website traffic from your site to the spammer’s site. 

Spam doesn’t directly hurt your website’s security, but it does make you look unprofessional to visitors and search engines.

How can you get rid of spam? 

Jetpack Anti-spam automatically clears known spam out of comments and supported form submissions. It frees you from spending time manually reviewing fake comments and ensures your website visitors won’t be distracted, duped, or frustrated by phony links.

Missing information

Accidents happen when you’re editing a website. You might delete a page, form, widget, or plugin that provides valuable information for site visitors. If a potential customer can’t find a way to get in touch, learn about your services, or purchase a product, they’ll go elsewhere.

This is why regular backups are critical. If anything is deleted, you can restore your site without redoing the work.

How can you make sure you never lose anything important? 

Jetpack Backup automatically saves your entire website, so you never have to worry about missing information. 

Jetpack Activity Log showing a restored backup

Website downtime

It’s a terrible feeling when a customer calls to tell you they can’t access your site. Wouldn’t it be better to catch it and fix the problem before they notice? 

Most business owners don’t have the time to constantly monitor their website to make sure it’s running properly. By the time they realize their website crashed, the damage is done. You can’t fix something if you don’t know it’s broken! 

How can you monitor your website 24/7? 

Jetpack’s free downtime monitoring feature keeps tabs on your site and notifies you the moment it stops working. Pair this with Jetpack Backup to get real-time backups and one-click restores, so you can get back up and running again, fast.

Hard-to-find content

Have you ever gotten frustrated trying to find a specific article on your favorite blog? High-quality search functionality helps readers find things faster, keeps them on your site longer, and leads to more conversions. Learn more about the importance of site search.

How can you enhance website search functionality? 

Incredibly powerful and customizable, Jetpack Search uses an advanced algorithm and powerful filtering mechanisms so visitors spend less time digging and more time reading and buying. 

Jetpack Search demo

With contextual learning, it deciphers a searcher’s intent: if someone searches “cat” it might display results about “kittens,” but not “categories.” 

Read the story of Kylie M Interiors’ recent switch to Jetpack Search and how it instantly improved their business. 

Choose between daily backups (which save your site once a day) and real-time backups (which save your site every time an action occurs). If you ever need to restore your website, get up and running in a few minutes — no code or complicated processes required!

See how Jetpack Backup saved the day for a community bookshop in the UK.

Protect your reputation

There’s a lot to keep track of to protect your website’s reputation, and using a different plugin to cover each area becomes overwhelming fast. Plus, each plugin you add to your site increases the risk of slower load times and code conflicts.

Jetpack’s all-in-one solution gives you more time to focus on running your business while keeping your reputation in good standing.

Get started with Jetpack.

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