Video Hosting for WordPress Sites

Host video effortlessly and deliver it at high speeds to your viewers.

Looking for a better way to share video content?

Video is one of the most engaging forms of content that you can include on your website. In fact, Jetpack has been supporting seamlessly embedding video content from top services for a long time.

That said, hosting your videos on YouTube, DailyMotion, or directly on your own server has some shortcomings:

  • If you host it yourself, you may need to pay more for a better hosting plan and bandwidth.
  • Hosting on a third-party service like YouTube means that your viewers need to contend with third-party adverts (that you get no revenue from). Viewers can easily get distracted on YouTube and navigate away from your content.
  • Alternatively, hosting on an ad-free platform inevitably means that you need to pay more for the service.

Jetpack video player

Jetpack’s unlimited video hosting is served through our high-speed content delivery network and includes an ad-free and unbranded video player that fits seamlessly into your website. With our video player, videos are also automatically optimized mobile devices.

Our video player was recently given a visual refresh. Hover over the video to see the controls

Quickly add video with our video block

Jetpack offers fast integration with the new WordPress block editor, as well as the classic editor. Load videos from your media library or drop videos directly into the block editor directly from your device. Customize your video playback settings and allow viewers to share videos directly from your site.

Video stats

With Jetpack video hosting, you’ll get video stats in your Jetpack dashboard so you can see which videos are getting the most plays on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Included features

Unlimited video storage
Fully optimized for WordPress and mobile devices
Integrates directly with your post editor and media library, including the new WordPress block editor
High-speed, high-quality, ad-free, and unbranded video player
Rich stats for individual and overall video plays right inside the Jetpack dashboard

Ready for lightning-fast video hosting?

Unlimited Jetpack video hosting is included in our suite of daily or real-time security plans and Jetpack Complete. Find a plan that’s right for you and start displaying high-quality ad-free video on your site, today.

Frequently Answered Questions

Answers to common questions we get asked. For advanced settings and trouble-shooting read our detailed support document.

How do I purchase video hosting?

Unlimited video hosting is included in Jetpack Security and Jetpack Complete plans. We’re building the ability to purchase video hosting by itself, so check back soon for that.

Is there a storage limit?

Jetpack includes unlimited video hosting. Please note that there is a 2TB soft-limit on storage to ensure legitimate use. If this limit is reached, please reach out to Jetpack support and we can increase it for you.

Is there a file size limit?

Video hosting works well for files that are 1GB and lower. It may work for files between 1GB and 2GB, but the larger the file, the greater chance for the process to fail. Most networks will time out before you’re able to upload a file that’s larger than 1.4 GB. We cannot support any files that are larger than 2 GB. Videos uploaded that are over three hours will be converted to standard resolution but won’t be available in any higher resolution formats.

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