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The Finest Video Hosting for WordPress

Stunning-quality video with none of the hassle. Drag and drop videos through the WordPress editor and keep the focus on your content, not the ads.

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"Red Line" shortfilm by Chester Films

Built for WordPress

Save time by managing your videos in the same interface as your website. Take advantage of full integration with the best video hosting plugin created specifically for WordPress.

  • Drag and drop videos directly into WordPress
  • Unlimited logins for team members
  • Manage videos in the WordPress media library
  • Unlock VideoPress and Story blocks

Stay in control of your audience

Tired of video companies sending your customers to their app to view videos? Or worse, showing inappropriate ads to your site visitors? Our customizable video player for WordPress keeps people on your site so the spotlight is all yours.

  • No ads
  • Customizable colors to fit your brand and site

High-quality, lightning-fast video hosting

Take the complexity out of self-hosting videos. VideoPress offers fully-hosted videos and a CDN to ensure instant video speed for your audience around the globe.

  • Fast-motion video with 60 FPS and Full 4K resolution
  • Global CDN
  • Full-width video background
  • Powerful and reliable hosting infrastructure

Powerful and flexible video player

VideoPress offers a fully-featured video player designed to transform your visitors’ web video experience. With a range of powerful features packed into one seamless solution, VideoPress puts you in control.

  • Supports subtitles, captions, and chapters
  • Customize your poster images
  • Set videos as private

Manage all your videos from one place

The VideoPress Dashboard is a centralized space to upload and manage your video library. Filter your library by rating or privacy setting, view your library in multiple ways, and upload local videos to your Jetpack cloud library.

  • Search and filter through your entire video library
  • Easily eddit the title and description
  • Choose whether to display embed links
  • Set the rating, G, PG-13, R

Your best WordPress player choice

Customize in editor
Direct upload from your site
Drag and drop
Only embed
Only embed
Access to video library
No ads
Unbranded player
Customizable player
Extra seats
Unlimited with Brand Account
$144 per additional seat


  • Customize in editor
  • Direct upload
  • Access to video library
  • No ads
  • Unbranded player
  • Customizable player
  • Extra unlimited seats


  • No customize in editor
  • Only embed
  • No access to video library
  • Ads
  • Branded player
  • No customizable player
  • Extra unlimited seats with Brand account


  • No customize in editor
  • Only embed
  • No access to video library
  • No ads
  • Unbranded player
  • Customizable player
  • $144 per additional seat
  • VideoPress

    50% off *
    $4.95 instead of $9.95 per month for the first year, billed yearly
    Get VideoPress

    High-quality, ad-free video built specifically for WordPress.

    • 1TB of storage
    • Built into WordPress editor
    • Ad-free and customizable player
    • Unlimited users
  • * Discount is for the first year only, all renewals are at full price.

Try before you buy

Take VideoPress for a spin and see how great it looks on your site. Simply upload a video to WordPress and unlock all the powerful features. Free video hosting for WordPress is limited to one video and one GB of storage.

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VideoPress video shown on multiple devices with different screen sizes. VideoPress video shown on multiple devices with different screen sizes.

Additional features

  • Optimized for mobile
  • Adaptive bitrates
  • Multiple playback speeds
  • Picture-in-picture
  • Integrates with Jetpack Stats
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jetpack VideoPress free?

Jetpack VideoPress is free to try. You get free video hosting for WordPress for one video with a file size of up to 1 GB.

To get unlimited videos with a total storage of up to 1 TB, upgrade to the paid plan.

Is Jetpack VideoPress included in any other Jetpack plan?

Jetpack’s video player for WordPress is included in the Jetpack Complete plan. It is not currently included in any other plan.

How do I enable Jetpack VideoPress?

If you purchased Jetpack VideoPress, the WordPress video player plugin will be enabled automatically.

If you’d like to try it for free, first download the Jetpack plugin. After the plugin is activated go to the Jetpack Dashboard, scroll down to the Performance section and enable VideoPress.

Can WordPress host videos?

WordPress has fantastic support for videos. On self hosted WordPress sites, videos will generally be stored on your host’s servers, or embedded from third party video hosting platforms.

Jetpack’s video hosting feature allows you to upload videos from your computer to be hosted on, allowing fast loading, HD, ad-free video hosting.

How do I upload a video to a WordPress site?

After enabling Jetpack VideoPress, simply add a video to a post or page through the editor, or upload video to the WordPress media library.

That’s all! It’s why we think it’s the best video player on WordPress.

Is there a storage limit?

The free plan has a limit of 1 video and 1 GB.

The paid plan has a storage limit of 1 TB.

Is there a bandwith limit?

There is no bandwidth limit.

Is there a file size limit?

The file size limit is 5 GB. However, on slower networks, there is a chance the network will time out before being able to upload larger videos to a WordPress site.

Upgrade your site with stunning-quality video, as easy as drag and drop.

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