How to use Email Subscriptions in Jetpack 1.2

The major new feature in Jetpack 1.2 is email subscriptions. Since we want you to get the most out of Jetpack, we’re taking a few minutes to explain what it does and how it works.

How does it work?

Many visitors to blogs never return. But if you can get them to subscribe, Jetpack will let them know when there’s a new post, so they can return and give you more traffic. This is similar to what Feedburner and others services do.

The reason why we can offer this in the Jetpack plugin is because of The servers handle the messy work of sending and managing all the emails for you. Your blog is still yours, but subscriptions are handled, by us, for free, on your behalf.

How to turn Subscriptions on

All features in Jetpack 1.2 are on by default. Subscriptions, like all other features in Jetpack, requires no special magic to activate.

Visitors can choose to subscribe to new posts, or to subscribe to new comments on a post they have already commented on, so they can stay involved in the conversation.

Where will subscriptions appears on your blog?

The UI for Subscriptions can appear in two places. One is on by default, the other you have to active manually.

By default, you will see two new checkboxes on every blog post, at the bottom of the comments form. It will look something like this, depending on the theme you are using.

You can also add subscriptions to your sidebar, which we strongly recommend.

To add the Subscriptions Widget to your sidebar, go to your Dashboard. Then click on Widgets. You will see a widget called ‘Blog Subscriptions (Jetpack)’. Click on it, and drag it to the sidebar on the right.

What will your blog readers see?

When visitors choose to subscribe, and type in their email address,  in a few minutes they’ll get a confirmation email that looks like something like this:

If they click Confirm, they’ll receive a notification of every future post by email (each containing a link to Manage Subscriptions, so they can unsubscribe at any time). If they ignore the confirmation email, nothing will happen.

 How to turn Subscriptions off

If you don’t want to use Subscriptions, you can turn it off in two steps.

Go to your Dashboard, then Jetpack. Then click on the Learn More button for Subscriptions. You’ll see a Deactivate button. Click it to turn Subscriptions off.

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  1. Matt Freer says:

    I’d like to offer folk the ability to get comments by email but not posts by email (I already have a mailing list for teh site in question). Is that going to be possible?

  2. petercliff1 says:

    This is a great feature and I am grateful that you have implemented as I have always had trouble with Feedburner which seems very fickle and objected to some code on my site that I could never find.

    However, the email is only sent, as far as I can see, when “posts” are updated. I run a rolling news service on several “pages” which are updated almost daily – but as yet I have not received an email!

    Can the feature therefore be extended to updated “pages” too, say changes of more than 200 words?

    Let me know. Many thanks, PC.

  3. Is there a way to define that subscribers can receive the excerpt rather than the full text?

    • alexjeff says:

      Same here, dont like that it sends the full text, why would subscriber go on my website if the full post is already in mailbox…

      • Chris Battle says:

        Same here. I’d like subscribers to receive only a notification that a new post is up or just the excerpt/summary. Have you guys received any response on how to do this?

      • Tim Moore says:

        This isn’t currently possible, though we are planning on releasing some updates to the Subscriptions module in a future Jetpack release. Keep an eye on our News section!

      • Mike Turco says:

        The more tag works for this.

      • Denise R says:

        I also want to send just a link to the new post instead of the entire thing. When is jetpack going to offer that? I need that feature to happen ASAP, does anyone else know of a different plug-in that will do that

      • Tim Moore says:

        We are working on some updates to the Subscription module that will support sending excerpts instead of the full content. No ETA on when this will launch. Keep an eye on our News section!

  4. geneghis says:

    It’s the plugin that I waited for. Thanks…
    But just an advice, don’t put directely folders .pdf or other directely on the bogpost. The email don’t be sended. Sorry for my english.
    I hope you understand :-/
    Great and Thanks

  5. Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the post and information. I agree that Feedburner gives me too many error messages so I would like to try this service.
    Is there a way to set the time to send out the post? For example, I like to post twice in a day (sometimes) and if I do it early in the AM, my Feedburner feed sends out the e-mail between 11am and 1pm so my subscribers are only receiving 1 e-mail from me and not 2. This is an option in Feedburner, you can pick the time frame to send out your posts.

  6. Matt Derrick says:

    This is great, but it would be really awesome to have a little more control over the widget. For example, all the text in the widget is left justified, and I think it would be much better centered (like the other widgets on the same page) but unfortunately there’s no way to do this, so I haven’t been using the widget.

  7. I was not able to see the widget for Blog Subscription in my dashboard? Do I need to do an update?
    Please help.

  8. Josh says:

    Neat. I’d love to be able to insert a form using a shortcode and/or a template tag, too – could this feature be considered?

  9. Thanks for the information…easy to implement

  10. I’m so glad this feature came over via JetPack! I enjoyed it on my other site and found it clunky to do it through A-Weber. Anyhow…I notice that on my website the words are there for signing up “notify me…”, but not the check-boxes to actually do it! Any suggestions?

    • mdawaffe says:

      Thanks for letting us know about this issue. It looks like your theme is at fault here; it’s restyling the checkboxes to be invisible.

      We’ll work around your theme’s issue for the next version of Jetpack.

  11. lazaaclazaac says:

    nice feature… thanks!

  12. Can we have both Feedburner and this one? I want to use Feedburner on the sidebar and this one after each comment…

  13. danstramer says:

    Great add on, what about localization? does this plug in have a .po file which I can translate into hebrew?


  14. What are the differences between Jetpack subscriptions and Feedburner?

  15. Can the excerpt be defined in the email as the text rather than the post text?

  16. Where can we manage our users? I am currently using MailChimp to send out daily post emails via RSS, but I would love to import my users over to the Jetpack 1.2 subscriptions manager. I just don’t see much of a way to do this. Otherwise, it’ll have to wait, unfortunately, as I won’t be splitting my readers up between providers.

    • mezzamorph says:

      I’m wondering the same thing. I’d like to know who my subscribers are, but I can’t see where they are stored.

      • L says:

        Am I missing where it can be configured? How do you manage your subscribers? How do you import your current subscribers so they’re all notified by the same plugin? How do we export our email list that we’ve built? It’s not very useful if you can’t get a list of your subscribers and their email addresses. I like the idea and it’s very easy to use but I can’t recommend using this unless it gives more control & ownership over “subscribers.”

      • Tim Moore says:

        You can view your subscribers through the Site Stats panel in Jetpack. From your WordPress Dashboard, go to your Jetpack menu and click on Site Stats. You should see a Subscriptions panel at the bottom of the page.

        The system is currently set up so that users must opt-in to subscribing to your site. Importing users to your site isn’t possible under this method.

    • hankbaxter88 says:

      I use MailChimp. too, and am trying to build a list. If I can’t send e-mails with offers and ads to my list, it’s not as valuable. I feel that I might be competing with WordPress for list subscribers!

  17. baby says:

    Great update. I love subscriptions. One question, though. Is there a way to localize (manually if need be) the “notify me” checkboxes text for posts?

    I rewrote the text in the widget, but it’d be nice if I could do the same to the text below each post (my blog is in Spanish).

  18. pamelakaye says:

    This is really great!

    However, I have the opposite problem to Emilah. I have the checkboxes but no text indicating what they mean.

    Perhaps it is my theme also.

    Thanks for the new toy anyway!

  19. Carrie Lewis says:

    I personally love the subscription service feedburner was just too messy to use.

  20. Sylwia says:

    I’d also like to be able to use Jetpack for subscriptions to comments only. I already use MailChimp for posts and the’ry fine.

    I like your mail styling a lot, however, it works only for posts. Information about new comments still looks ugly. Would it be possible to apply the same styling there?

  21. Danielaniel says:

    I would like to use the from in a page and not in the sidebar, because I want to explain some words how it works. Well done!

  22. rmclasswebsites says:

    Is there any way to transfer old subscribers from Subscribe2 to the Jetpack subscription? We have 17 wordpress blogs that our school uses as classroom websites with about 20-30 parents already subscribed to each site. We’d love to use this since the email alerts look so much nicer and easily allows the subscribers to subscribe and unsubscribe from the emails as needed. It’d be nice to transfer all the subscribers over without having them need to reconfirm their email addresses.

    It’s also helpful for us to know how many parents are subscribed to the emails, which was a nice thing to see in the Subscribe2 widget. Will this part of Jetpack get upgraded to include this eventually?

  23. How to see my subscribers list?

    Thank you

  24. How to change the email notification language? (to Spanish for example)

  25. albish says:

    I also use Mailchimp for a weekly newsletter that pulls titles of the posts from the prior week. If the WP side had the same type of functionality (and lets me edit what gets sent through a template) then moving the stuff to WP would make sense. Alternately, could the subscribe functionality allow tie-ins to third party providers like MailChimp?

  26. All was activated and widget could be activated also… but when email is writen and subcribe is clicked… an erroro apperas “There was an error when subscribing, please try again.”. Other JetPack apps been working well, like “Site Stat”. Hope to hear soon.

  27. Snat says:

    Would it be possible in future versions of Email Subscriptions to be able to set it so certain categories can be ignored ?

    I often do test posts which I place in a category that is not view able by the public but Jetpack still emails these out.

  28. Milen Radev says:

    Hi there! Thanks for this attractive feature!
    One question though: is there a way for me as an admin to see or edit the addresses of the subscribers?

    Thanks in advance!

  29. Naresh Bharat says:

    Even though I turned off subscription my previous subscribers are continuing to receive email updates. How to control it?

  30. Klaus says:

    Guys those couple of strings
    “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.
    Notify me of new posts via email.”
    Still are not available in spanish. When can we expect those translations?

  31. asudhakar says:

    Jetpack works perfectly for subscriptions. But more settings would be entertained.

    Send only title and more link is good rather posting the hole subject. Hope only few visitors will comeback to site to see more updates.

  32. rickwaggoner says:

    How can we manage subscribers in jetpack? Also, is there a way to adjust the settings of what is included in the emails? I noticed that if I insert photos into my blog post they are emailed to all subscribers. That is a big security hole in my mind, as I would rather not have the entire world owning photos of my toddler. At the same time, I want to be able to put photos in.

  33. togtobias says:

    Love JetPak but would sure love to see who my subscribers are. Am I missing something? I don’t see it anywhere.

  34. Jim says:

    When sending the emails it sends the whole post. Is there a way to just have it send the Title of the post as a link to the site.
    I want people to link to my site to read the post not read them in their emails. The purpose is to drive traffic to my website.

  35. yazmin says:

    Thanks for this very cool feature! Is it possible to have access to a list of the emails that are following my blog?

    Thanks again.

    • Scott Berkun says:

      You can see the list of email subscribers by going to your Dashboard. Click Site Stats. Then scroll down to the bottom. On the bottom left you’ll see an area labeled subscriptions. Clicking on blog followers will show the list of email subscribers.

  36. Raven says:

    Great feature in itself but the implementation is too early. I think it’s a bad idea to send the whole post (and in a style different from the blog’s) to all subscribers. I want to attract people to my site, not send content away. I am switching it off.

  37. Anutr says:

    How do you UNSUBSCRIBE people from the following your blog (‘subscriptions’) via Jetpack? I have started using a new subscription plugin but I am still using Jetpack for other things. The problem is now my users are getting 2 emails every time I make a new post.

    (I have deactivated ‘subscriptions’ in Jetpack settings – it still sends email to users but with blank posts)

  38. Marieke says:

    Hi, great feature! Would also appreciate more settings though. Especially one which doesn’t show my post’s image in e-mails. I’ve got a webcomic and I don’t want people to read it until they go to my site. Could you please consider creating such a setting?

  39. vdusm27 says:

    I’ve been trying to find the answer for this question for days, I’m trying to edit/change the content in the Email Notification for a New post, my client’s blog is in Spanish and all the content, but the blog it self, in the email sent by[email redacted] is in English, I want to change it to Spanish and add some extra information to it, is this possible?

    Also this blog is hosted in my server, and some of the link in this email (read more, the author name, the categories, and the tags ) link to my server domain instead of blog’s domain.

    Please help!

  40. I agree with Anutr. The owner should have power to unsubscribe people they do not wish to be subscribing onto their site!

  41. Nico says:

    How can i translate the text sent by mail to a new subscriber ? I would like to put it in french.

  42. Pingback: ericzwart

  43. sakuragakuen says:

    Me too! during development I activated and used the SUBSCRIBE widget. A few people found out and subscribed. I don’t want them getting emails every 10 minutes with each update I make to the site as I’m developing it. I’ve DEACTIVATED it in JetPack and removed the widget but people are still getting emails. HELP???

  44. Roger C says:

    Several people have asked if excerpts can be sent to subscribers rather than the full post. I have the same question. Does no answer mean “no”?

    • Scott Berkun says:

      Currently the answer is no, but we’ll consider changing this in the future.

      • Petra Fisher says:

        I do hope the answer soon changes to YES like most people I would like people to come to my site to read the blog. If they only read it in the email, they are not going to look through other parts of my site or click on the social media share buttons.

  45. Molly says:

    Thanks for this setting. I am thankful to leave Subscribe2.

    I do agree that it would be great to just email an excerpt or a notification of a new post vs. the entire post itself. I would like people to read it on my sit vs. via the email.

    Do people who read the email count as page views?

    Also, if I update an old post, will it resent an email notification for it? I hope not…


  46. Juanima says:

    Hello – Great plugin! Thanks!

    One question – I can’t seem to figure out how to change the content of the email they receive. No offense, but for my blog, “Howdy” as the intro just doesn’t fit, lol. Can you tell me how I can edit the outgoing email? Thanks so much!

    • Doug Lerner says:

      I would also like (1) to get rid of “howdy” and have some control of the messages which go out and (2) be able to control my subscribers list. Having a confirmation go to people to prevent spamming is fine. But I’d like to be able to add and delete subscribers. Many of my blog’s members are in their 80s and 90s and I frequently get asked to “please do it for them.”



  47. Ryan Wagner says:

    I love this feature, but is there a way to only send the subscribers an excerpt of the post to their email instead of the entire post? That way it would drive traffic to my site so they could read the entire post.


  48. Adam says:

    Is there a shortcode to use the subscription form, or just the overall widget, on a Page in WordPress? While the sidebar widget is good and all, we’d also like to have a page at the top that the visitor could specifically go to subscribe in case they missed the widget on the page.

    Also, I see others have already recommended some things, but here are other features I was immediately looking for after trying this:
    1) A shortcode to use on a page (as I inquire of above)
    2) An admin option on whether to email the post excerpt or content
    3) An admin option to add UTM variables to the post links in the email

    (You say “You can also add subscriptions to your sidebar, which we strongly recommend,” but I don’t see another method to add it anywhere other than one of the widget areas, thus my confusion of it there is a shortcode or not.)

  49. Laura says:

    Hi! This is so awesome! Is there anyway to strip shortcode from the emails updates that users see?

  50. Geir E. says:

    I am looking to track how many people subscribe to my blog via Google Analytics. I can do that with URL.

    With the jetpack widget will the URL for successful signup always be: ?

  51. Bihili says:

    Great feature. Is there any way to edit the e-mail message that is sent to a subscriber? I’d like to make it a bit more personal.

  52. Dan says:

    Can I have all new subscribers dump into my CRM like Aweber or Infusionsoft

  53. Loren says:

    I’m loving the plugin and it is working nicely for me. But I was hoping to be able to style the email a little myself, so the style matched my website. Is there a way to do this?

    • Scott Berkun says:

      Currently there is only our default style. Sorry. We’ll consider more customizations in the future.

  54. Very cool. I’d love to limit the “categories” that are pushed to subscribers. Could then have a category called “subscription”. Anywho

  55. Venetia Ansell says:

    This is a great feature but I have one issue – I would like to change the welcome message that people receive when they sign up. Is there any way of doing this? I can’t find anything on the dashboard. Thanks

  56. ryan says:

    Does anyone know how to just include and excerpt in the email that is sent to the subscriber? I see that the question has been asked a couple of times in this post but no answer. I agree that you need to send them and excerpt of the post so they will want to click and read the rest of the post.

    Your help is much appreciated

    • Scott Berkun says:

      There is currently no way to just send an excerpt. As mentioned previously, the current version of this feature works exactly the same as it does on, with the same limitations. We’ll consider adding more options in future versions.

      • Ryan Wagner says:

        Do you know what file that wordpress uses th send the email I could probably code it myself to work like that, or do you think it is not possible?

      • mystereddy says:

        What part of the code can be tweaked to change the way subscriptions work ? I’d like to send excerpts instead of full post.
        Thanks 🙂

  57. varma says:

    Great addon for a wordpress site.
    If it can provide customization like editing the email layout, then definitely going to be great.

  58. Vektorigo says:

    I posted a post accidentally, so I want to send an e-mail to all my followers to apologize as I removed the post.
    Can I send e-mail to them?
    I don’t want to copy the email address to into one e-mail…
    SO I would need some notification service inbult… thanks

    • Scott Berkun says:

      You can simply make another post to apologize. There is currently no way to just send an email to subscribers.

    • Snat says:

      One thing I would like to see adding onto this is to default sending out emails per blog post. Sometimes like Windows Live Writer needs to make a temp post and with the plugin so far, it emails out each time it happens.

      Would be nice to see a feature to have a tick box to click “Send to followers” when making a post.

  59. zeeshannaqi says:

    Can i change the look of the Subscription email sent to subscribers .. i dont want it to show wordpess logo and give a little touch of my website theme

    Thank you

  60. Geoffrey says:

    Great system. I love it. Just one issue. Some emails address it just will not subscribe to. Is it possible the person blocked this email address from future subscriptions.

  61. Just began using (and loving) Jetpack, but have a question I don’t think has been answered yet. Is it possible to get an actual URL to the email subscription box? I’d love to be able to write in my post “click here to subscribe via email” rather than always directing people to look at my sidebar and fill out the form. Could you let me know if this is possible? Thanks!

  62. Jauhari says:

    How To Added this awesome featured using PHP code, that I mean I want inject it directly on my theme.

  63. zeeshannaqi says:

    How to control the content which has been sent through emails ?

    i dont want my whole post be sent through email then there will be no need left to visit my site …

    Please advice

    • Mr Eddy says:

      There is an easy solution, I send it here and it’s… “awaiting moderation”
      Send me an email if you don’t want to wait 🙂

  64. Please consider adding category specific email subscriptions. I’d love to use this feature, but I don’t want people to have to get an email with posts from every category.


  65. grbliss says:

    It worked fine originally… until a “new user” created their own WP site (subdomain/folder). Both the user sign-up and the site creation were AFTER the install and implementation of this widget on my main site. Now… all emails are sent for the USERS site (subscription email confirmation says that you’ve subscribed to the sub-site, not the main one.)

    I see no controls to change it back. For that matter, why would it switch to a user’s site (one with no admin. rights) in the first place?

    I’m fairly new to WP as it is. I love this little widget otherwise. Pleas help!

    Thank you

    • grbliss says:

      “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” is all I get after a week? Does anyone know how/where I can get a response? This is a bit of a disappointment (considering this is one of the ways they ask you to check first before contacting them directly). ANY help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  66. pererara says:

    I saw several posts here with the question “how can I customize the content of the confirmation email”? Currently it says Howdy…..and Howdy doesn’t fit my blog. Any thoughts in changing the content would be helpful.


  67. Ken says:

    Is there a way to see who (and how many) people have subscribed via email to your blog?


    p.s. add me to the LONG list of people who feel you need excerpts as an email option. I also think some styling is a requirement in the JetPack audience (much more so than the audience).

    • Mr Eddy says:

      You can check who is subscribed in “SIte Stats” of Jetpack. It’s hidden at the end of the page 😉

  68. mayahealth says:

    Can anyone advise me as to how to strip short code from my updates?

  69. Miraz Jordan says:

    I love this subscription option for my readers but would like to stop it sending emails again if I simply update the post. Sometimes I notice typos, or perhaps have an extra sentence to add after publication. At the moment that sends the whole email again which just seems spammy.

    To get around that I have to go directly to the database and update there. That’s annoying.

    Is there some way to restrict it to sending only when a post is first published?

  70. mystereddy says:

    Something strange. Anotther website which use Jetpack sends only their excerpt with Jetpack. And the webmaster told me he’s is it out of the box.
    Could some other plugin change Jetpack’s behavior by “mistake” ?

  71. ade says:

    at what point does jetpack listen to users re excerpts ?

    we’re removing jetpack until such time that it becomes an option

  72. mystereddy says:

    Anyone ?
    This website : ishootshows DOT com sends excerpt via Jetpack, but its webmaster didn’t tweak anything.
    So what’s the solution ?

    Until I find it, I’ll have to stick to Subscribe 2 + Subscribe to comments :/

  73. Mr Eddy says:

    Yes ! Finally it works 🙂

    For those who were wondering, THERE IS a way to send ONLY EXCERPT using Jetpack Subscriptions.
    All you need is to use the “more” tag inside your article.

    In HTML view, place the tag after your first lines which will be used as the excerpt.
    You may even want to place an image in this first part of your post, so your subscribers will see it with the text in their mail.

    I hope this feature will still be working this way in future Jetpack’s updates (unless they’ll just make it an option we can set up from the admin panel), ’cause it was a real pain to find out this solution !

    If you’re having problems making it work, feel free to mail me. I’ll try to help if I can.

  74. Mr Eddy says:

    Yes ! Finally it works 🙂

    For those who were wondering, THERE IS a way to send ONLY EXCERPT using Jetpack Subscriptions.
    All you need is to use the “more” tag inside your article.

    In HTML view, place the tag after your first lines which will be used as the excerpt.
    You may even want to place an image in this first part of your post, so your subscribers will see it with the text in their mail.

    I hope this feature will still be working this way in future Jetpack’s updates (unless they’ll just make it an option we can set up from the admin panel), ’cause it was a real pain to find out this solution !

    If you’re having problems making it work, feel free to mail me. I’ll try to help if I can.

    • Corky Swanson says:

      Hey thanks, Mr Eddy. That’s a good idea.

    • tuesdaynight says:

      Hey Mr Eddy,

      This worked fairly well, except the read more link in the email “jumps” to the spot where the read more tag is placed. I’d really prefer the link to take the reader to the top of the page. I’ve tried editing the functions.php as has been recommended as a work around for “removing ‘read more’ jumps”, however it does not seem to work for jetpack subscription emails.

      Has anyone gotten it to work so that the jump takes the reader to the top?

      I really wish Jetpack properly supported a way to prevent sending the entire post to subscribers.

    • Eddy – Does this change the way my posts are viewed in RSS or on my blog’s homepage? I would like my email subscribers to receive an excerpt but I want my RSS subscribers to be able to see the whole thing.

  75. applot says:

    how can i remove ” notify me of new posts via email” as shown below. i want to remove as i already have sidebar widgets of the same to “subscribe me”. can you help me which php file to edit this text. Also my font styles are different then the follow me widget style,can anyone have idea how to change that?

  76. applot says:

    why my jetpack follow plugin doesn’t show anything at “show total number of subscribers”

  77. applot says:

    why my jetpack follow me plugin doesn’t show statistics even though i have clicked yes for the “show total number of subscribers” in widget settings? anyone can help me.

  78. ChocoParis says:

    How can one set the “sent from” email address used for email subscriptions, i.e. which address will subscribers see the posts coming from?

    • Tim Moore says:

      Currently, the from email address is set by the servers at when the email subscriptions are sent from our servers. This can’t be changed at present.

  79. ChocoParis says:

    So it grabs my admin email from the general settings in my account? Or does it appear “from” a address ?

  80. astrogremlin says:

    I have 176 registered “users” and about 25 comment and blog followers. What are the 176 users receiving? Where and how are they registering? Are they mostly spam? How can I communicate with them? I am tempted to delete all of them. Is there any reason not to?

    • Tim Moore says:

      Registered users are part of core WordPress. These are users who have registered locally at your site to comment on posts, for example. These users are not part of Jetpack subscriptions and only receive notices from Jetpack if they have also signed up to receive email subscriptions.

      • astrogremlin says:

        Thanks for the reply, Tim. It seems that people are subscribing to WordPress/Jetpack, not to my MailChimp e-mail list. I want to be able to send them messages, including offers and ads.

  81. mswd2007 says:

    Is there anyway to spruce up the email it sends? I would just like for the avitar to be my profile photo. Seems like a simple request, but I can’t find a way.

    • Tim Moore says:

      Currently, the emails Jetpack subscriptions sends are not customizable. We’re always listening to feedback, though, and may look at this again in a future update.

  82. work2ride says:

    Found the answer to my last posted question here –

    Just deactivate / re activate the connection to within the JetPack menu in the upper top right link.

    • Corky Swanson says:

      Yes, for now I have disabled. JetPack users should know Subscription defaults to ON.

  83. My users getting entire articles as post, how can I prevent it?

  84. Evan says:

    Hi, is it possible to decide which category posts they receive by email?

  85. riskex says:

    Great tool BUT need an option to just sent an excerpt, why visit the site if you canb read teh whole post in an email. My subscribers are complaining about the length of some of their emails as a result. Is there another plugin that will do this? And, if I install that will I lose all my Jetpack subscribers?

    • Tim Moore says:

      We’re working on some updates to the Subscription module that will allow you to send just excerpts by emails, if you choose. We’ll post here on when we release the update. No ETA currently.

  86. riskex says:

    Also, is there a way to import pre existing subscribers or registered users? or manually enter new ones?

    • Tim Moore says:

      No, there is not a way for you, as a site owner, to subscribe users to your site. A user has to opt-in to subscriptions to your site.

  87. Tsahi Levent-Levi says:


    Is there a way to allow users to subscribe to a specific author of my blog only?

  88. unpapelito says:

    How I can add the plugin e-mail subscriptions manually in php code in my sidebar?

  89. M Buhler says:

    How do I get the subscription widget to appear on a subpage and not the main page? Want it to appear on the blog itself.

    • Tim Moore says:

      That would depend on your theme and how it registers sidebars. You’d need a theme that had a sidebar for the main page and one for sub pages.

  90. vividvilla says:

    Is there any way to customize the Look of Email Subscription we have for Feedburner,Aweber and Mailchimp.It will be useful to blend the subscription form design with the blog design.

  91. Is there a way to edit the message subscribers receive along with the “Confirm” button?

  92. Is it possible to put the email subscribe widget inside a post? I.e. within the text?

    Thank you!

    • Tim Moore says:

      Right now, there is no built-in method to do this with Jetpack. We’ve had this request come through before and we are looking at options for this. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  93. davidyeske says:

    is there a way to put a link in my email footer that would allow individuals to subscribe to our posts?

  94. astrogremlin says:

    I kind of resent WordPress creating a pathway for my readers that doesn’t include me. I would like to interact with them. I have other means for them to subscribe.

  95. justanotherpoet says:

    The public has spoken Jetpack: we love you but would love you even more if you made some changes. Customization is key!

  96. How do I stop jetpack sending updates of the same post?

  97. ecabraleva says:


    How do I localize the subscription emails that a reader gets after checking the follow blog/comments check boxes? The text is not in the PO file! I’ve rescanned it already. The Comments email reads:


    You recently followed one of my posts. This means you will receive an email when new comments are posted.

    To activate, click confirm below. If you believe this is an error, ignore this message and we’ll never bother you again.

    Blog Name:
    Blog URL:

    Confirm Follow

    If you want to see all of the blogs you follow on the web in one easy place, sign up for a account.

    I’m running the latest version of Jetpack.


  98. ecabral says:

    How on earth do you localize the subscription emails that a reader gets after checking the follow blog/comments check boxes?

    The text is not in the PO file! I’ve rescanned it already. The Comments email reads:

    You recently followed one of my posts. This means you will receive an email when new comments are posted.
    To activate, click confirm below. If you believe this is an error, ignore this message and we\’ll never bother you again.
    Blog Name:
Blog URL:
    Confirm Follow
    If you want to see all of the blogs you follow on the web in one easy place, sign up for a account.

    I’m running the latest version of Jetpack.


  99. Mara says:

    Along with quite a few of the others using Jetpack, I would really like my subscribers to only see a portion of my posts in their email, and have to click through to my site to view the entire post. When I started using Jetpack, my daily hits lowered from over 500 a day to under 200, which I suspect is because most people can now see the entire post in their email and don’t have to click to my site to read it. As I have sponsors, it’s important to me that people click to my actual site to expose my sponsors to traffic.
    Are there any plans to add a feature like this to Jetpack?

    • Tim Moore says:

      Hi Mara, we are working on some updates to only send excerpts by email. I don’t have an ETA on the release yet, though. Thanks for the feedback!

      • Chris Battle says:

        Thanks for the update, Tim. I posted on this same matter a couple of months ago. I was really surprised to find that Jetpack sends my entire posts, thereby reducing traffic to my site and my ability to gauge readership. Sounds like you guys are working on an update to correct this problem. Please let me (us) know when you may have an ETA, as it would greatly improve the product.

  100. Aaron O. says:

    I am just testing the Jetpack subscription feature on a blog I will be launching soon. I’ve found that the new post email contains all my post shortcodes and such. Is there a way to have it strip out any shortcodes or force it to use the excerpt text instead of the full post? I am using a professionally-designed template that has various custom shortcodes, so I’d rather not have the email notifications cluttered with all the shortcodes.

    • Tim Moore says:

      We are aware of this issue and are investigating solutions. Sorry for the inconvenience; we’ll let you know as soon as we have an update!

Coming Soon to Jetpack

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