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This has been a pretty exciting year for Jetpack, with numerous updates like countries being added to stats, subscriptions, contact forms, Jetpack comments, Carousel, and there’s some even more exciting things in the pipeline.

But despite the incredible adoption of the plugin and positive feedback we’ve been getting, Jetpack only has 3 of 5 possible stars on the plugin directory. That brings me to two points:

First, if you are having any trouble with Jetpack please let us know on the support forums (it’s even better than comments here). As the plugin says in its sidebar, “57 of 58 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.”

Second, if you’re a user of Jetpack please consider rating it in the directory. You need a WordPress.org account to do so, but once you log in it’s as easy as clicking the stars in the sidebar. Our rating is bogged down by feedback from over a year ago, and more than 12 times the number that has ever rated Jetpack install it on a daily basis. Even a few folks will make a big difference — thank you!

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  1. abdl86 says:

    When will the countries be added to the stats?

  2. Tenaki says:

    Done mine guys, great plugin.

  3. Done. 5 stars. Thank you so much! Outstanding.

  4. Devin Reams says:

    I gave it 4 stars (potential room for improvement). I’m especially looking forward to updates to the plugin management; as the activate/deactivate is a bit fiddly.

    Even a few folks will make a big difference — thank you!

    What kind of difference are you looking for? It’s featured, second most downloaded, and in the top 60 “Top Rated” on WP.org. Is visibility lacking? 😉

  5. Hi Matt,

    I like Jetpack, but I didn’t use a lot of features because the features are very limited or they offer not so much options. The contact is very cool and easy to use…
    I will give a 5 star vote and hopefully I make your day 🙂

  6. Jetpack + Woodojo are the two most essential plugins for every site I make. I’ll rate it shortly, thanks

  7. Brad Dalton says:

    Awesome plugin

    Love the subscription, contact forms, Carousel and sharedaddy features.

    What i don’t like is the fact you are forced to connect it to a WordPress.com account to use it.

    Wouldn’t this also cause a potential problem if you’re using the shortlinks feature in Jetpack?

    In my opinion, this goes totally against the spirit of blogging and open source software.

    Software developed by volunteers and promoted by WordPress bloggers

    I emailed Matt about this and didn’t get a response

    Interested in what others have to say about this

    • Matt says:

      The vast majority of the value in Jetpack comes from the things that require a connection to WP.com to work, including wp.me shortlinks obviously. Other stuff like widgets are standalone, but also easily findable outside of Jetpack from other developers or from plugins we’ve released ourselves, so there’s nothing forcing you to use Jetpack if you don’t need stats, shortlinks, subscriptions, comments, Gravatars, spelling and grammar checking, Latex, or the other things that rely on the cloud.

      • Bachsau says:

        You don’t need a “cloud” (central service) for
        * Subscriptions (There’s mail();)
        * Stats (can be done localy)
        * Latex (if installed on the server)
        * Spell checking

      • Matt says:

        Sure you do, especially to do it well, to wit:

        Subscriptions: We are sending out over five million emails per day — try that on your regular host with mail() and they’ll shut you down in a heartbeat. We provide users an option to receive subscriptions to several blogs as part of daily or weekly digest, or read it on the WP.com web interface. Finally because we’re at scale we’re able to work on deliverability at a level that usually only paid services do. We’re a third-party so both users and other service providers trust us more.

        Stats: Doing stats locally either requires a database write for every page load, which is hugely inefficient and banned by most shared hosts, or processing log files at some interval, which is taxing on a shared server and difficult to configure and run especially across heterogenous environments. We can provide near-real-time constantly improving stats with zero load on your server, and because we do it for billions of pageviews (about 2B last week alone) we do it super-quickly without slowing down your visitors.

        Latex: Can be run locally, but again it require specific server configuration that is beyond the reach of most people and the configuration abilities on most shared hosts. In addition, there would be a huge load overhead to do it dynamically as we do, which allows for on-demand configuration of the color and size of the formulas in addition to processing the Latex itself.

        Spell checking: WordPress actually has built-in spell-checking, ours is just way better because above and beyond an aspell it can look at he context of words, style guides, and grammar checking. You can run the server yourself because we open sourced it, but the English language model requires several gigabytes of memory to run, which is why it’s not feasible to ask everyone to do that locally.

      • Takes time to develop the best quality and JetPack is in my top 7 of 20,000 plugins.

        Love WordPress

  8. just one word outstanding !!!

  9. Jetpack rocks. Almost 2 million downloads!

  10. Your Jetpack plugin is great.
    I genuinally like its features.However it would be better if we could intergrate our existing subscribers,as I have some 2.200 that Do not wish to be cut out of tghe loop,regards new posts and updates
    Also it would be better if we could customise the emails with logo and only show excerps rather than ful,l post.
    Readers will not visit the blogs as they will read in their RSS readers
    Gr ea work though!

    • Cannot do that Gregory. Jetpack formats your posts beautifully and will only better. Can’t ask for too much when its free.

      I would love to see an autoresponder in Jetpack

      P.S Would love to import my readers emails into Jetpack

  11. Bachsau says:

    Are you seriously asking why JetPack got only three stars? JetPacks adds features to wordpress while connecting it with wordpress.com, that should better be supported by wordpress.org without the need for a wordpress.com account. e.g. There’s no reason why abonements should be managed by wordpress.com, besides spying. Remove that connection, include all those features in core, and you’ll get your five stars!!!

    • Matt says:

      I don’t know what “abonements” are, but of the 14 features promoted in Jetpack right now, 10 of them rely on something intrinsic to WP.com (or in the case of Carousel, will be enhanced by soon), and 1 of them, Sharing, is done as a service (from AddThis, Sharethis) in the popular alternatives. The vast majority of the big features planned tie into WP.com and aren’t feasible as standalone code.

      You are correct that the contact form, shortcodes, and sidebar widgets don’t rely on anything in our cloud. (Though the contact form uses Akismet if it’s available.) We provide these to unify the experience people have on WP.com, and if any were wanted by the core team for inclusion we’d happily donate the code (not that they’d need to ask, it’s all GPL).

      Also as I noted in a previous comment, there are numerous standalone alternative plugins for those three things, so there’s nothing forcing you to use Jetpack if you don’t like the idea of having a free WordPress.com account.

      • Bachsau says:

        I don’t mind habing a wordpress.com account and also use gravatar and akismet. What makes me feel sad is I got the impression that every new festure is now being added to JetPack instead of wordpress.org.

      • Matt says:

        You can look at the plans for WordPress 3.5 and be confident that’s not the case. There are naturally things that are going to happen on the core side, like improvements to media uploading and post layout tools, and naturally things that will happen on the Jetpack side, like anything that integrates with a third-party commercial service or requires systems power beyond what’s available on shared hosts.

  12. Jorge Ledesma says:

    Well, I’m going to leave a very positive review because I think its the best plugin out there. As a previous wordpress.com user and now on a self-hosted .org I’m basically having all the benefits of wordpress.com. I love the stats, the comments, sharing, and the great contact form.

    Two things, I would love to see is the feature to like posts for Jetpack like wordpress.com and also to have Jetpack users to be able to be freshly as well.

    Kudos on the new gallery as well, with that update I deleted a plugin I was using. You guys are doing a great job.

    • Matt says:

      Thank you! That’s one of our goals — to have modern and well-integrated alternatives to the hodgepodge of often-incompatible solutions out there.

  13. Dave Mackey says:

    I’ve added my 5-star rating. =)

  14. I actually wondered about the 3-star rating for quite some time. Been using Jetpack in all my blogs and it’s wonderful. Will rate now. 🙂

  15. jamesb101 says:

    The reason you are getting 3’s instead of 5’s is because people with active blogs have trouble with the scope of the plugin….

    I have tried to use your plugin on my blog because it’s informative with its stats….
    But I had to stop…
    For some reason that way the plugin works is it has to continually go back and forth from my blog….
    That eats up cpu time which was causing my site to crash …
    My site was on steady crashing when I updated to jetpak
    I could NOT figure out what was going on until I disabled your plugin…
    My site is self hosted and runs with wordpress..
    It’s fine now…

    To tell ya the truth …
    I’m back with the wp stats plugin…
    And I get my stats….
    Contrary to the jetpak come on…
    I’m fine without it…..

    But not for blogs of a decent size…
    Too much cpu time refreshing doing….

    • Matt says:

      I haven’t heard any reports of that — have you debugged it with your host to see what’s causing the problem? The benefit of Jetpack is most of the “heavy” stuff it does is not on your server at all.

      • jamesb101 says:

        Matt ….

        Jetpak DID work the host’s server when I used it…..
        Causing my site steady crashes…..
        I keep the plugin in reserve, updated
        But quite frankly I don’t need any problems that crashes my site

      • Matt says:

        We definitely don’t want to crash your site either — if you can get us any further information about it we’d be happy to fix it. I haven’t heard any other reports like that.

      • jamesb101 says:

        if you give me a someplace to contact you sure…..

  16. Don Campbell says:

    Done – I rated it 5 stars. I really like how JetPack is evolving, and even though I don’t use all of the features, I use many of them. It’s great to have a “suite” of these capabilities from a trusted plugin source. Great work guys.

  17. Niki Vetten says:

    Jetpack is a much better solution than having to install lots of flaky plugins We had constant problems with Twitter before Jetpack and it’s in step with WordPress major releases, unlike many plugins.
    One thing I’d love to see in the stats is a differentiation between individual users and pages read – for that Google analytics is still the best solution but I use a combination of both when creating website reports for clients.
    I appreciate the way that paying close attention to Jetpack stats can quickly and easily give an exact idea of who’s reading what on the site and how they got there. One of my clients structures their campaigns based on feedback we’ve gotten from Jetpack stats and it’s really helped us to understand our audience and tailor our content.
    We wouldn’t see this if we just looked at Google analytics reports once a month/quarter and although GA can be configured to do that, Jetpack is just more convenient

  18. geghna says:

    This the one greatest plugin in WordPress I found among few…

  19. Manuel says:

    One thing with Jetpack that may trigger negative feedback: due to it’s modular nature, if I use Jetpack just for one feature (example: stats), I have to worry with any upgrade of Jetpack that it will auto-activate some new function that may conflict with other plugins on my blog. A recent example whas the Contact Form, that activated itself and broke the “Contact Form 7” plugin I was using…

    • Matt says:

      That’s a good point, though having a second step would be confusing for users who upgrade to get new stuff. (Like if you upgraded your phone and then had to go to settings to get all the new features you bought the phone for in the first place.) Our goal there is very much to make it the easiest and most hassle-free for the biggest number of people. The contact form conflict we did not anticipate, otherwise we would have absolutely made it off-by-default.

    • Brad Dalton says:

      There’s NO negatives. Its about putting all your cards on the table and speaking your mind. Its hosted by the best server network in the world for WordPress and i give a massive tick to the whole team that made this free plugin available for all to use.

      It really does keep on getting better and we all want more.

      I’ve written 8 individual posts on the different plugins within Jetpack.

      The only thing i don’t like is control. Nothing is really free.

      And Automattic closed my WordPress.com account, for what reason?

      I’ve written 600 posts in support of WordPress

    • Manuel.

      I gave up Gravity forms because the contact forms in Jetpack are awesome and will only get better.

      P.S Appreciate what Takay Ukister has worked so hard on for long. It’s a great plugin

  20. technonote says:

    Love Jetpack, or rather I should say love Comments forms, Carousel, WordPress.com Stats, Enhanced distribution, Sharing and Spelling & Grammar – Vaultpress and Subscriptions not so much.
    Vaultpress is Way too expensive, there are much cheaper options out there for doing this. Subscriptions should have options to work like the wordpress.com equivalent as implemented in” Follow Button for Jetpack” currently it takes up may too much space and look ugly out of the box. But still overall a great plugin and I was happy to give it 5 stars – it’s worth that just for the carousel, stats and the contact forms, keep up the good work guys

  21. ecabral says:

    “57 of 58 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.”

    Sadly, none of my threads have been resolved… 😦



    So, 2 stars will have to do for now…


  22. jamesb101 says:

    the plugin gets NO Star from me in its current form….
    I’m open for suggestions

  23. Ron Green says:

    I have found this product versatile, innovative and it works!

  24. Bojan Cincur says:

    Reblogged this on My view on e-World and commented:
    Please read Matt blog post about JetPack plugin and if you are using it please rate it!

  25. Brad Dalton says:

    Didn’t realize it at the time but you can also use some of the different modules in Jetpack as stand alone plugins like the Carousel, Contact forms and Sharedaddy without installing the whole plugin.

  26. Alan says:

    2 weeks ago I would have given you a definite 5 star rating. Unfortunately on upgrading to WP 3.4 last week emails of our posts are not being sent out by Jetpack. Given that we managed to get all 500 of our students to sign up for a summer blog to help them with their English, we now look like idiots as they are not receiving anything (they received them perfectly well before).
    I’ve sent a message to support and no reply

    • Tim Moore says:

      Hi Alan, I’m sorry to hear of your trouble. I did look up your message in support and it looks like everything is resolved. Please get in touch any time if there is anything we can do further.

  27. Joaquin g says:

    I simply love WordPress and Jetpack

  28. Jetpack is good, but needs some improvements. It would be great if stats had more configuration options such us excluding your own entries. Also some new services in sharing settings like pinterest. My favorite one is Jetpack comment system which is great but doesn’t work with Antispam Bee (if you could try to improve that), also logging in with social account could be a little bit better. I would love to see open ID next to fb, twitter and wordpress. I don’t know If you have some technical issues but at the moment social icons are invisible in comment form (on every website!).

    I hope my comment will help in further development,

  29. Hi,
    I have recently started using Jetpack and sadly would only rate it a 3star.
    I have not been able to get the sharing icons to work and so still use “Add to Any”
    Whilst I like the statistics coming up in the Dashboard the information is not live as the ourSTATS widget which also provides a bit more detail.
    I have been searching for a subscription form for email, and whilst Jetpack provides one the email sent is the entire post and therefore not encouraging people back to your site.

    Sorry don’t like to be negative yet you asked how to improve.

    When you iron out the issue I think it will be a really great plugin

    • Tim Moore says:

      Feedback is good 🙂 It is the only way we can make our product better for you and our other users.

      I’ve sent you a private email to see if we can work out some of the issues with Stats and Sharing. Please get in touch if you have any other feedback or questions.

  30. Cyndy Otty says:

    I’d be happy to rate the plugin, but you won’t want me to at the moment. Not until I see the strange double comment field issue resolved for screen readers. Currently, the comment field ranks right up there with a captcha for a visually impaired person at the moment; it’s a frustrating endeavor unless you’ve figured out the strange quirk.

  31. Roman says:

    I simply love WordPress and Jetpack, too. 😉

  32. stevesevilempire says:

    Simple to use and it makes blogging that little bit easier, really rate it highly!

  33. Techgirl says:

    I am quite satisfied to date with the jetpack. Is there a way to include an autoresponder,… Say a letter when one signs up for a sites blog, like a welcome letter?

Coming Soon to Jetpack

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