Want to contribute to Jetpack? Here’s how!

What? Me? Contribute to Jetpack?

That’s right. While we’re hard at work bringing you more Jetpack features, we need your help! What can you do? Why, thank you for asking!

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced developer, there are lots of ways to pitch in. Take a look at these outstanding issues to get an idea for the types of things we need help with.

Do you want to see the Sharedaddy sharing buttons on Carousel? Maybe you use LinkedIn and you’d like to use Publicize with your LinkedIn company pages, or you are using a lot of custom CSS on your site and you’d like to see support for -webkit-mask-image added. You can help make it happen!

But I’m new to code!

Not feeling like you have the chops to fix these issues? No problem — you can still help out by joining our beta tester team, a group of super-smarties who get access to the latest versions of Jetpack for bug-finding and UI testing. If you’re interested in being part of the group, let us know.

Okay, I’m ready to help!

We’ve put together some information to get you started on our contributors page. Hopefully, this helps demystify the process. Here’s the plan:

  1. Head over here and install the latest stable version of Jetpack on a test site.
  2. Start poking around in the code. Pick it apart, dig in, check it out. You can find tips on what to look for in our new guide to contributing.
  3. Enable some modules, try customizing them, and see what happens — did everything go smoothly? Did you run up against a bug or two? Let us know!
  4. Create a bug report for any snafus you find, so the Jetpack team can take a look and get to fixing. You can check out these tips on great bug reports.
  5. Put your coding chops to work, and write and submit patches.

Now go install Jetpack on your test site and get started!

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  1. mt_Suzette says:

    Definitely down to contribute to Je.tPack, I have always been a huge fan!


  2. Karen, Major jetpack errors with the latest version installed. Here are the last several lines from the apache error log:

    [edited to remove error logs]


  3. To be honest, I think you guys get a much greater response if you switched to Github and work with issues and pull requests. Just ask anyone who has switched recently.


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