Jetpack 2.8: Introducing Markdown and Improving Monitor

We’re thrilled to announce that our latest update is out the door! Jetpack 2.8 includes improvements to Jetpack Monitor and also introduces a brand new Markdown module.

Jetpack Monitor Module Card

Improved Jetpack Monitor notifications

Multiple users can now receive Jetpack Monitor email notifications. As an admin user linked to, you can opt in to receive these notifications right from your dashboard. Just navigate to the Jetpack page, find the Monitor module card, and click on Configure. Then, check the “Receive Monitor Email Notifications” setting and save your changes. Now if your site ever goes down you will receive notifications to your linked account email!

Write more efficiently with Markdown

Since introducing Markdown on, we’ve had a lot of requests to bring it over to Jetpack. Well, queue the trumpets, start the drumroll, Markdown is here!

For those who don’t know, Markdown is a quick way to add formatted text without writing out any HTML. Markdown lets you compose links, lists, and other styles using regular characters and punctuation marks. If you want a quick, easy way to write and edit rich text without having to take your hands off the keyboard or learn a lot of complicated codes and shortcuts, then Markdown might be right for you. We do strongly suggest sticking with the “Text” tab in the Editor when using Markdown.

Here is an example of Markdown in the text editor:

Markdown in text editor

And here is that same Markdown converted to HTML in the Reddle theme:

Markdown converted to HTML in Reddle

Isn’t that pretty awesome? You can check out the announcement post over at for more information about Markdown and see our Markdown support page.

Publicize Support for Custom Post Types

For our developer friends out there, we’ve added Publicize support for custom post types, allowing you and your clients to automatically post new entries from any CPT to your social media networks. You’d need to make one small tweak in the code defining the CPT—just add 'publicize' to the CPT’s 'supports' array.

For example, to enable the title, editor, Publicize, and Jetpack’s new support for Markdown: 'supports' => array( 'title', 'editor', 'publicize', 'wpcom-markdown' ),

As always, if you notice any issues with this release, just give us a shout over at the forums or send us a message through our contact form. Thank you for flying with Jetpack!

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  1. Still waiting for Google +1 button to come back. I prefer it over the Google+ Share button. Also of course the related post feature that was added to recently. Thanks.

  2. Great job, can’t wait to use Markdown using Jetpack!

  3. I’ve really been waiting for this one, thank you so much! I’ve been using Markdown on Ghost, Tumblr & Editorially and it’s great to finally have it on the platform I spend the most time on! TY!

  4. Shemul49rmc says:

    Great job, i really like the Monitor notifications.

  5. This is great! But when are you guys going to add subscription management and lists?

  6. galeweithers says:

    Are any of these super amazing features available for blogs? I particularly wanted to see my 2013 stats but it appears they weren’t available for those of us with free blogs.

  7. blogan says:

    Does the Markdown functionality save as html with the markdown save in a custom field? In other words, if I write a post in Markdown, then disable Jetpack, how does the post display?

    • Ryan Cowles says:

      Good question! The HTML version of your post is stored in post_content and the Markdown version is stored in post_content_filtered. You can see how it’s stored here.

      Specifics aside, if you write a post with Markdown enabled and then disable the module (or Jetpack entirely) the post will still display properly. I hope this helps clear things up!

  8. alokyadav15 says:

    Please make markdown editor like GHOST have with real time preview and image and other uploads things

    thanks you

    – Alok

  9. revdocrandy says:


    I’ve been using the Markdown on Save Improved plugin. If I remove that plugin, will all of the posts I’ve written using that plugin continue to post correctly?

  10. Will Markdown be converted to HTML when I save the draft or update the post? Because I need to make sure even if I disable Markdown, I still have all my articles working fine.

    • Ryan Cowles says:

      I definitely understand your concern! You can take a look at this comment for more information on how Markdown is stored. tl;dr: If you disable the Markdown module or Jetpack entirely, the articles will still work correctly. I hope this helps!

  11. I’d like to be able to use the new Markdown feature, but given that it doesn’t use Google Pretify for code highlighting (most websites use it, like Stack Overflow for example), for the moment I will continue to use WP_Markdown in my own hosted WordPress blog… :\

  12. Phil Wolff says:

    Is Jetpack Markdown global for all users?
    Can it be turned on for editing just one post and not another?
    Will it work on posts published through the post-by-email Jetpack module?

    • Ryan Cowles says:

      Is Jetpack Markdown global for all users?

      Yes, it is. We initially considered making this a user setting, but having multiple authors with/without Markdown enabled on a single document would cause a bit of trouble. Therefore, we decided that it would be better off as a global setting.

      Can it be turned on for editing just one post and not another?

      Enabling Markdown happens on a per-site basis. So, similar to my answer above, it’s a global setting for all posts.

      Will it work on posts published through the post-by-email Jetpack module?

      At this time it will not. However, it is definitely something that we’re looking into. I’d recommend keeping your eye out for future updates!

  13. What happens to existing articles if I enable Markdown?
    Can I control per post to use Markdown or not?

    • Ryan Cowles says:

      What happens to existing articles if I enable Markdown?

      Existing posts will not be affected when you activate the module. When you edit existing posts, they are then converted through Markdown. But, since Markdown ignores existing HTML, 99% of the time it will make no difference.

      Can I control per post to use Markdown or not?

      Enabling Markdown is a per-site setting. So, it is either on for the whole site or not. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  14. billkenny says:

    Great Package. Very Useful Indeed.

  15. stephenalec says:

    Finally! Been waiting on the publicize for the CPT for the longest time!!!!!!!!

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