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Over the last decade, video has become an integral part of successful business strategy. It’s no longer enough to have video on your site to stand out; it’s essential to have it woven throughout the customer experience to drive traffic, generate leads, boost engagement, and increase sales.

Despite the ubiquity of video, the available solutions for WordPress are often lackluster. Ads can ruin the moment, presenting irrelevant content and increasing site abandonment. On top of that, there are challenges with integrating technology and self-hosting video.

That’s why we’re excited to present Jetpack VideoPress.

Stunning-quality video made for WordPress

“We built Jetpack VideoPress to have all of the power and beauty of other modern players with none of the hassle. It’s fully integrated with the WordPress editor, so you can drag and drop videos directly into WordPress and manage videos in the media library”, says Dan Roundhill, VideoPress Lead for Automattic.

The video player simply showcases what matters most: your video content. Powerful yet unobtrusive, it stays out of the way and adapts to your site’s style with a clean and lightweight interface. 

Red Line by Chester Films, hosted by VideoPress

Another perk of being built into WordPress is that you can effortlessly use Gutenberg’s broad customization options, as well as Video and Story blocks for easy page and post building. And there’s no limit to the number of logins, which is important if you have multiple people contributing on your site.

Stay in control of your audience

Other video platforms insist on sending your customers to their app to view videos. Or can show inappropriate ads to your site visitors. Jetpack VideoPress shows zero ads and keeps people on your site, so the spotlight is all yours.

“Enjoying high quality video content without obstructions can be rather difficult on the web. VideoPress aims to make it easy so you can focus on creating engaging and beautiful content on your own site”, says Matías Ventura, Lead Architect at Automattic.

The player is brandable and has customizable colors to fit your brand and site. You can also click the Picture-in-Picture button to bring the video out on its own for easier viewing.

Screenshot of the WordPress editor with a video block included on the page. The video preview is of a space helmet on a different planet.
Adding videos to posts and pages is as easy as drag and drop.

High-quality, lightning-fast video hosting

Take the complexity out of self-hosting videos. Jetpack VideoPress offers fully-hosted videos and a global CDN to provide instant video speed for your audience, no matter where they live. It uses Automattic’s proven infrastructure, which stores copies of your video on multiple servers around the world. In addition, VideoPress provides:

  • Full HD: Show off your beautiful videos in 1080p, with 1440p and 4K coming in the near future.
  • Quality selector: Instead of just toggling between standard and HD formats, you can now select the video format that you’d like to watch (480p, 1080p, etc.). Your selection is saved so that the next video you view will load the format you previously selected.
  • Playback speed: Increase or decrease the playback speed of the video for those that like to learn faster or take their time following instructions.
  • Fast-motion video: We’ve added support for up to 60 frames per second (FPS) to make even your rapid-motion videos high quality and super smooth.
  • Optimized for mobile: Switch between mobile and desktop without missing a beat.
  • Picture-in-picture: Pop out the video from the web browser for easier viewing.

The price is right

We’re really proud of Jetpack VideoPress, and we’d love for you to try it out. Each Jetpack account can host one video, up to one GB, for free. Just install the Jetpack plugin and enable VideoPress. Then simply drag and drop a video into the editor or add one to the media library to get started.

For those ready to buy, Jetpack VideoPress is available through the Jetpack plugin. It can be purchased separately and includes 1 TB of storage with no limit to the number of videos or bandwidth. We are planning to make additional storage available for purchase in the future.

We’re currently running a 50% off sale, so you can get the first year for less than $5 per month.

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Explore the benefits of Jetpack

Learn how Jetpack can help you protect, speed up, and grow your WordPress site. Get up to 70% off your first year.

Explore plans

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