Automattic Acquires BruteProtect

I’m excited to announce that Automattic has acquired BruteProtect, a plugin and service that protects your sites from malicious logins, saves server resources so your site runs faster, and keeps all your sites on the latest and greatest versions of WordPress core, plugins, and themes.

The plugin and service are currently available, but over the coming months we’re going to build their functionality into Jetpack and retire BruteProtect as a standalone thing.

BruteProtect also has a premium service that starts at $5 a month per site — effective immediately, that will be free for every BruteProtect user and Jetpack-enabled site. If you’re already a BruteProtect subscriber we’ll be in touch soon to send you a surprise thank you for your early support. You can download and get started with Jetpack here.

The BruteProtect team is based in Bath, Maine and they’re long-time contributors to the WordPress community. We’re excited to see them join forces with the Jetpack team and up the level of security, protection, and peace of mind we’ll be able to bring to the millions of sites already using Jetpack.

Though Automattic is known for its consumer-facing services like and Jetpack, the infrastructure behind them is the bottom part of the iceberg. Taking services to web-scale is another one of Automattic’s specialties, whether it’s the 8 billion Gravatars we serve every day, the Simperium sync service, or the countless spam that Akismet has blocked (and time it has saved).

This is internet plumbing: when it works it’s completely invisible, and we love that. We’re now pushing 450 terabytes of data a day from 9 datacenters around the globe.

Welcome, BruteProtect! You can read more about the acquisition from Sam on their blog.

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In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.

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  1. showfom says:



  2. Danny Brown (@DannyBrown) says:

    And if I don’t want to use JetPack, now I’m screwed for Brute Protect? Awesome…


  3. Claudiu C. says:

    Wow, 450 Terrabytes/day. That’s really impressive. I really hope you keep up the good work that allows us all to benefit from it.


  4. Gary A. Bacon says:



  5. Lernit Tutoring Services says:

    Good news but how do we access and activate?


  6. douglaskarr says:

    As users, we appreciate the ongoing commitment to security.


  7. ruchiriya14r says:

    wow really good news


  8. Jim Spencer says:

    I am impressed with the short time it took from inception to get acquired. That says a lot.


  9. Nigel Blackwell says:

    As someone who has struggled with some of the various security plugins, having one integrated and supported by the WP team is great news.



  10. aceclue says:

    Good news, this added feature of jetpack makes the service unavoidable to. all WordPress users.


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