Benefits of Jetpack Manage

Whether you’re a developer managing multiples client sites or you only post to a personal blog, Jetpack Manage unlocks a ton of awesome features to help you stay on top of your site. These are just a few of my favorite parts of Jetpack Manage — tools that are valuable no matter how many sites you have:

Before reading on, set up Jetpack Manage to get the most out of these tips!

Manage all your sites from one place

The power of Jetpack Manage comes from how it centralizes and simplifies accessing your site: you can log into any of your sites, whether on or self-hosted, from wherever you are. Review each of them at a glance, in a single dashboard, and do something more fun with all the time you save logging in and out of multiple sites.

Improve security with better plugin management

mysites_editAs WordPress Security Czar, Nikolay Bachiyski, explains keeping plugins up-to-date is a big part of maintaining the security of your self-hosted site. Enabling auto-updates for your plugins is a great way to stay on top of site security. Manage lets you update plugins individually, set plugins to automatically update, and activate or deactivate plugins on a per-site basis and in bulk. Log in to one dashboard, and see where updates are needed across all your sites — look for the yellow update icon to see where updates are available at a glance.   To learn more about configuring auto-updates, read our support documentation.

Post to any site from anywhere

Inspiration can strike anywhere at any time and now, thanks to Jetpack Manage, you can run with inspiration whenever it strikes. Jetpack Manage lets you use WordPress mobile apps when you’re on the go, and the desktop app for offline writing on your computer. If you run multiple sites, you can pick and choose which site to publish to; if you have a single site connected, hop right on the app and get writing.

The goal of Jetpack Manage is to save you time and stress. Spend more time creating, and less time administering! Happy Managing 🙂

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