The 10 Best AI Writing Tools for Content Creation

When generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology was announced at the end of 2022, the world reacted with excitement, fear, concern, and many innovative ideas. While a lot of people have tinkered with this new technology, few have incorporated AI content writing tools into their daily work effectively and efficiently.

In many ways, the technology is still in its infancy. Those professionals who are using AI tools for content writing are often relying on them only as a starting point, refining the output to sound more human and ensuring that all facts are correctly portrayed. That said, AI writing tools can certainly reduce the time it takes to conduct initial research and create a first draft.

According to Forbes Advisor, 97 percent of business owners believe AI content writing tools will help their company, with one in three organizations planning to use such tools to create website content in the near future. 

Many new AI writing tools have emerged in the market in recent months, and this guide reviews some of the best ones, along with their features, pros and cons, ease of use, and pricing details. 

Essential features of AI content writing tools

AI writing tools for content creation are evolving at a rapid rate, so before you make a selection, take some time to consider the essential features you want. Here are a few things to look for:

  • A solid learning model. The best AI tools for content writing are trained on a specific set of data and language models. Be sure you select a tool that uses comprehensive training data to generate quality outputs.
  • Control over outputs. You’ll want to be able to specify the style, tone, voice, and language of the final output. For example, you may want to generate content with a very professional tone in English for one audience and deliver the same message in a casual style in Spanish.
  • Ease of access. To streamline your workflow, your AI content writing tool should ideally be integrated into the programs you’re already using. The last thing you want to do while you’re building a blog or website is to toggle between screens and applications, cutting and pasting AI-generated content.
  • A conversational interface. Be sure your AI content generation tool uses natural language processing so that your query stream becomes similar to a conversation with a colleague. This allows you to refine your prompts as the tool provides responses, helping you to get the best output for your needs.
  • Affordability. As this market develops, keep an eye out for pricing and feature changes. Most tools should be both powerful and affordable. 

Top AI tools for content writing

We’ve dug deep into the latest AI programs to find the best options for creators, entrepreneurs, content marketers, and anyone using WordPress to pursue their passion. Here are the top 10 AI writing tools for content creation on the market today:

Jetpack AI Assistant homepage

1. Jetpack AI Assistant

If you’re a WordPress user, Jetpack AI Assistant fits perfectly into your workflow. Embedded directly into the WordPress editor, the intuitive interface invites you to engage with AI as if you were chatting with a colleague. The Jetpack AI Assistant lets you generate diverse content on command, reducing the time and effort you spend on content creation.

Key features of AI Assistant:

  • Integrates seamlessly into the WordPress dashboard
  • Crafts high-quality, uniquely-tailored content
  • Creates text, lists, and tables
  • Adapts unique tone and brand voice
  • Integrates easily with other WordPress tools

Pros of AI Assistant:

  • The Jetpack AI Assistant is integrated directly into WordPress, which means you don’t have to disrupt your workflow to use this tool.
  • The tool responds to your prompts with professional, customized content.
  • It’s easy to change the feeling of your writing by asking Jetpack AI Assistant to rewrite content in a casual, professional, or academic tone.
  • It’s built and maintained by Automattic, the team behind, for seamless and complete integration.
  • The tool not only generates text but can pull information to help you easily build lists and tables. 

Cons of Jetpack AI Assistant:

  • While the AI writing tool offers excellent value and a 14-day money-back guarantee, the free plan is very limited and primarily acts as a test drive.
  • The Jetpack AI Assistant processes information based on only the context provided, so it may occasionally misinterpret requests.
  • If outdated training data is used, the tool may generate inaccurate responses.

Ease of use:

Since the Jetpack AI Assistant was built specifically to work with WordPress sites, it’s easy to use the tool while you’re writing or editing content. Simply create a prompt as needed, without needing to toggle back and forth between your site and outside tools. It’s best for anyone running a site on WordPress.


The Jetpack AI Assistant is available for $8.33 per month, billed annually, and offers a money-back guarantee. There’s a limited free plan that allows you to try the AI Assistant. 

Rytr homepage

2. Rytr

Built on OpenAI’s GPT-3 API, Rytr is an AI content creation tool that was created specifically for content writers, SEO specialists, and others responsible for generating text-based materials for their organizations and clients.

Key features of Rytr:

  • Built on an open-source platform
  • Offers multiple use cases as starting points
  • Creates unique, high-quality content
  • Allows storage of content in one location
  • Suggests optimal keywords for SEO

Pros of Rytr:

  • Rytr offers content-generation in more than 30 languages, can generate text using more than 20 different styles and tones, and has more than 40 use cases for a quick start.
  • The tool can run plagiarism checks while the user is generating text.
  • Rytr not only delivers AI-generated written content, but can also create images from prompts.
  • The premium subscription level allows users to create custom use cases for content generation.
  • Since it’s designed specifically for content writers, it offers unique features like building a writing portfolio page.

Cons of Rytr:

  • While Rytr works well for short-form content, it’s not as robust for longer-form pieces. It can generate outlines and ideas, but expanding on them usually results in repetitive, nonsensical content.
  • Although Rytr integrates with SERP tools for keyword optimization, this feature is weak compared with products that are geared specifically towards SEO.
  • The user interface is not as streamlined or intuitive as the best products on the market.

Ease of use:

Because Rytr offers dozens of pre-defined use cases, it can be very easy to work with for the most basic content-writing needs. It quickly and easily generates short-form content that can be expanded upon by writers to add a human element.


Rytr offers three pricing levels, which come with an increasing number of features: free, Saver at $9 per month, and Unlimited for $29 per month.

Jasper homepage

3. Jasper

Jasper is an AI content writing tool designed specifically for marketers who want to create content for a wide variety of channels, including blog posts, advertisements, social media, product descriptions, and more.

Key features of Jasper:

  • Generates both text and images
  • Integrates with Grammarly and Chrome
  • Provides a revision history feature
  • Allows sharing of documents with colleagues
  • Has a built-in plagiarism checker

Pros of Jasper:

  • Jasper has a unique option entitled “explain it to me like a fifth grader” that can help simplify complex content.
  • The tool not only delivers AI-generated text but can also build images from prompts.
  • Jasper does an excellent job of generating natural-sounding content.
  • This AI writing tool can help create additional ideas for marketing promotions.

Cons of Jasper:

  • Although Jasper does well when it’s asked to generate content on common topics, it may create incomplete, incorrect, or nonsensical content if the prompt is too niche.
  • While it can generate natural-sounding content, it has more difficulty creating a unique brand voice.
  • Like all AI content generation tools, Jasper can only generate output based on input and cannot reliably check facts.

Ease of use:

Jasper is easy to use, allowing businesses to mimic their own brand voice and style by training the tool on existing content, their own style guides, or other current marketing and product materials. It pulls from a cross-section of other AI tools, incorporates search results, and individual business information for a robust solution.


Jasper offers three pricing levels designed for the individual creator at $39 per month, the team at $99 per month, and the business, which requires a conversation and negotiation with the company. It does offer a free trial period.

Frase homepage

4. Frase

Frase is marketed as an all-in-one AI content generator and SEO tool for both content writers and marketers. It can support individuals from research through writing and into the SEO analytics stage of their workflows.

Key features of Frase:

  • Supports content generation at the research stage
  • Helps generate quality outlines and content briefs
  • Fleshes out longer-form content
  • Analyzes and optimizes for SEO

Pros of Frase:

  • Frase has a very intuitive user interface, making it easy to get started without training.
  • The tool examines the top-ranking Google search results and automatically generates content briefs for users.
  • Frase can break down a website, delivering analytics that pinpoint which pages are ranking best and which need improvement.
  • The organization releases updates nearly every day for continuous improvement.

Cons of Frase:

  • Frase is on the expensive side and offers no free trial or free version.
  • Since this tool really started in the SEO space, its AI writer is relatively new and requires a fair amount of improvement compared to others on the market.
  • The AI writing tool cannot be used on an ongoing, unlimited basis without purchasing the SEO component.

Ease of use:

While Frase has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, it was originally designed for SEO-focused tasks. The company has recently added an AI content generation component but is still working on improving the entire package to meet market needs.


Frase offers three pricing levels designed for the solo creator at $14.99 per month, the basic level at $49.99 per month, and the team level at $114.99 per month. It offers a five-day trial for $1.

Sudowrite homepage

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5. Sudowrite

Although Sudowrite seems to be targeted toward fiction authors looking for creativity, plot twists, and fresh ideas, what company couldn’t benefit from a little better storytelling? By taking advantage of the features of this AI content tool, writers and marketers may be able to create more engaging blog posts, web content, and social media updates.

Key features of Sudowrite:

  • Offers in-depth, creative descriptions based on a built-in thesaurus
  • Creates everything from initial outlines to long-form content
  • Delivers multiple options based on previously-set tone to help complete thoughts
  • Reads existing content and offers improvement ideas

Pros of Sudowrite:

  • Sudowrite can generate content in several languages.
  • The tool “learns” as it interacts with the user, generating better content as the conversation continues.
  • Sudowrite can incorporate the creative, descriptive style found in fiction to liven up business copy and content.
  • The AI content generator can also review existing content and make suggestions for improvement to make copy more engaging.

Cons of Sudowrite:

  • Since it’s designed for fiction authors and not specifically for business use, it’s not as familiar with formats such as blog posts, web content, and social media posts.
  • It has no plagiarism checker or any SEO capabilities that are more popular with business-focused tools.

Ease of use:

Sudowrite may be a great tool to help writers overcome writer’s block or generate creative, fresh ideas for boring corporate content. Its strength is in its creativity and storytelling ability; finding ways to use this to benefit the content writer or marketer may be a little challenging but worth the effort.


Sudowrite offers three pricing levels designed for the hobbyist or student at $10 per month, the professional at $25 per month, and the enterprise level at $100 per month. It also offers a free trial.

Growthbar homepage

6. GrowthBar

Those content writers looking for an affordable tool that can help write blog posts and optimize them for SEO may want to consider GrowthBar. It quickly scans Google results to generate briefs that provide all the information needed to create high-ranking blog posts, including keywords, optimal length, both internal and external link suggestions, and more.

Key features of GrowthBar:

  • Collaboration abilities so teams can work together to generate content
  • Builds complete blog posts quickly
  • Analyzes keyword options and delivers difficulty and revenue metrics
  • Creates content for a wide variety of channels

Pros of GrowthBar:

  • GrowthBar is an affordable way to quickly generate SEO briefs and outlines.
  • The tool provides everything needed for a basic SEO campaign.
  • It offers unlimited domain queries and keyword research.
  • GrowthBar has a Chrome extension that allows easy SEO data access anywhere, anytime.

Cons of GrowthBar:

  • The SEO features are basic and may not be sophisticated enough for some businesses.
  • Since GrowthBar’s strength is in generating briefs, actual AI-generated content must be closely fact checked.
  • Customer support information is difficult to access.
  • It can’t help identify or fix broken links.

Ease of use:

As long as individuals understand the basics of SEO, GrowthBar is a very intuitive and easy tool to use. Although SEO tools are not as robust as some, they are presented in a very easy-to-use and easy-to-access manner.


GrowthBar offers three pricing levels: standard at $29 per month, the pro at $79 per month, and the agency at $129 per month. It offers a free 14-day trial.

Closerccopy homepage

7. Closerscopy

If you’re looking for a tool that can work with a lot of languages, Closerscopy supports more than 100. In addition, this AI content creation tool has a proprietary AI model that’s trained on real-world examples. It’s designed to help generate content for a wide variety of channels, including blog posts, social media updates, advertisements, customer correspondence, and more.

Key features of Closerscopy:

  • Supports more than 100 different languages
  • Offers the ability to generate both freestyle and directed long-form content
  • Checks content for facts, emotions, and tone 
  • Downloads content in multiple formats

Pros of Closerscopy:

  • Closerscopy offers unlimited content generation.
  • It’s good at long-form material creation, which is also unlimited.
  • The tool offers strong social media post creation tools.
  • Not only does it support the most popular languages, but it also offers translation into more than 100 different languages.
  • It has more than 800 marketing frameworks and workflows.
  • Closerscopy provides quality SEO auditing capabilities.

Cons of Closerscopy:

  • Because it’s a more comprehensive tool, it’s harder to grasp, more complex, and somewhat slower than most AI tools.
  • Closerscopy does not offer the level of creativity, tones, and styles found in other tools.
  • Even with access to three AI platforms, the content quality is average.
  • The interface is difficult to use and still has glitches.

Ease of use:

Although Closerscopy’s interface is attractive to the eye, it’s more complex than other AI content generators and may be more difficult for a beginner to learn. A dashboard may help keep tasks organized for the user.


Although Closerscopy does not have a free version or trial, it does offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. Packages are the Power version at $49.99 per month, the Superpower at $79.99 per month, and the Superpower Squad at $99.99 per month. A 30 percent discount is offered if paid annually, and Closerscopy offers a lifetime package as well.

Writesonic homepage

8. Writesonic

Writesonic is a powerful tool that’s particularly good for ad copy and short-form social media blog posts, although it offers long-form, blogging, and other content-generating capabilities as well. Like all AI content generation tools, it’s trained on both rules and existing content, learning to “write” human-like content in a fraction of the time.

Key features of Writesonic:

  • Writes structured content with headlines and subheadlines
  • Paraphrases and rewrites content in seconds
  • Expands or summarizes content on demand
  • Creates SEO product descriptions

Pros of Writesonic:

  • Writesonic has a clear, easy-to-use interface for a fast start.
  • It offers more than 50 advanced writing tools.
  • The tool generates plagiarism-free, search-optimized, grammatically-correct content in seconds.
  • Writesonic has a free trial period.
  • It offers many content types.

Cons of Writesonic:

  • The content generated should be fact checked for accuracy and edited to ensure it meets the user’s intent.
  • The free trial only allows users to test a few features.
  • The ability to expand content to long-form articles has a maximum character limit.
  • The credit system used by Writesonic can be difficult if you require multiple versions of the same content.

Ease of use:

Writesonic has a straightforward interface that allows users to generate content quickly and easily.


Writesonic offers four levels of pricing and features: a free month-long trial, a business level at $12.67 per month per user, an unlimited level at $16 per month per user, and an enterprise package at a customized price starting at $1,000 per month.

Article Forge homepage

9. Article Forge

Based on advanced AI and deep learning models, Article Forge was designed to generate more accurate, factually correct, SEO long-form content quickly. Its easy-to-use interface strives to let writers and marketers get started quickly and efficiently.

Key features of Article Forge:

  • Generates long-form content of more than 1,500 words with minimal time and input
  • Uses research-augmented AI to assist with fact checking
  • It can be programmed to send new content to WordPress on a schedule
  • Adds images, videos, and custom links automatically

Pros of Article Forge:

  • Article Forge will automatically add images and videos to text content.
  • Users can determine how frequently they want new content added to a WordPress site, which can be created and scheduled automatically.
  • The tool allows both a free trial and an unlimited number of articles.

Cons of Article Forge:

  • Even though Article Forge uses research-augmented AI, final content should still be fact checked.
  • Generated content can vary in quality from strong to nonsensical, repetitive, and weak.
  • Sometimes, results are not related to the correct topic.
  • It’s not as good with shorter-form content, social media posts, ad copy, or other content generation.

Ease of use:

Article Forge is very easy to use and can spin long-form content in about one minute. It takes very little training to get started with this tool, and it has a simple interface.


Article Forge offers a free five-day trial. One user can pay $57 per month or save 51 percent by paying annually, dropping the price to $27 per month. Businesses need to contact the company for custom pricing depending on the number of users.

WriterZen homepage

10. Writer Zen

Using a data-based approach and offering its “keyword golden score” metric, Writer Zen focuses on generating AI content that improves ranking on key search engines. Unlike other AI content tools, Writer Zen balances factors such as keyword competition, ranking difficulty, cost per click, and estimated traffic when generating content.

Key features of Writer Zen:

  • Suggests keywords that have a high-traffic, low-competition ratio to improve results
  • Creates AI-generated briefs that are based on current top-ranking pages
  • Identifies keyword clusters through Google tools
  • Protects against plagiarism 

Pros of Writer Zen:

  • Writer Zen was designed first with SEO in mind, so its keyword optimization tools are superior to others.
  • It provides above-average content that is relatively free from grammatical errors and sounds more human than some other tools.
  • The company behind Writer Zen has provided quality support and documentation to help customers maximize their use of this tool.
  • It has collaborative features that allow teams to work effectively together.

Cons of Writer Zen:

  • The interface is a little confusing for new users, requiring some time to get up to speed.
  • With its emphasis on SEO, Writer Zen doesn’t offer an auditing feature to check existing web pages and suggest keyword improvements.
  • The plagiarism checker delivers only average results.

Ease of use:

The interface is not as clear-cut as some other AI-tools and may take some time to learn to use it effectively. It’s best for individuals seeking to improve SEO rankings of their content.


Writer Zen offers a free trial and four levels of features and pricing. The lite version for one user costs $19 per month, the plus version is for more dedicated solo users at $79 per month, the pro package is designed for small teams at $199 per month, and a scalable ultra package is $359 per month.

Strong Short-formStrong Long-formIntegrated with WordPressSEO FeaturesFree versionFree trialMoney-Back Guarantee
Jetpack AI AssistantYesYesYesNoNoYesYes
Article ForgeNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
Writer ZenNoNoNoYesNoYesNo

So, what is the best AI content writing tool?

The answer to that question really depends on your individual business’ priorities and current needs. For example, companies that have an in-house writing or marketing staff may be looking for a tool that can assist their team with only idea generation and research support, but a start-up with a skeleton crew may lean on its AI content writing tool to help build out full website content and create a plethora of marketing materials.

If you’re using WordPress to build or run your website, Jetpack AI Assistant is undeniably the clear choice, as it provides quality content, uses natural language processing, offers different styles and tones, and is completely integrated into the WordPress editor. 

In addition, Jetpack AI Assistant joins a host of other powerful features offered by the plugin, giving you the opportunity to boost your all-around marketing, security, and performance efforts with a single tool. 

Frequently asked questions about AI writing tools

Still have questions? Let’s take a look at some common ones.

What is an AI content writing tool, and how does it work?

AI content writing tools use language rules, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to generate content. By asking a question or typing a prompt, an individual can quickly generate text, tables, or lists on a vast number of subjects.

What makes a good AI content writing tool?

The most important factors in a quality AI content writing tool are the datasets and models it’s trained on. This is the information it uses to generate content, so the broader and more current this information, the better.

How much does a good AI writing tool typically cost? Are there any free options?

Many AI writing tools are available on the market today. Some are available for free, while others range in price depending on features and access. The top tool in our review, Jetpack AI Assistant, is a cost-effective solution, especially for WordPress users, and comes with a free version.

Can I use an AI writing tool directly in my WordPress editor?

Jetpack AI Assistant is the only AI writing tool that can be used directly in the WordPress editor, making it the most efficient option if you regularly create content directly in WordPress.

What are the main benefits of using AI content writing tools?

The main benefits of using AI content writing tools are greater efficiency, broader idea generation, and easier research. Because these tools are automated, they can generate content based on much more information than a human can process in the same amount of time.

Are there any limitations or drawbacks to using AI content writing tools?

Yes, AI content writing tools can only respond to human-created prompts, which may vary in specificity or contextual direction. In addition, outputs are only based on the inputs provided to the tool, which may leave gaps or even generate misinformation in the outputs themselves.

AI tools, because they can spin-up original outputs based on interpretations of the information they’ve digested, can experience hallucinations. This means that they quote factually inaccurate information in a very convincing way. It’s critical that humans fact check any articles created by AI.

Which industries or types of content are best suited for AI-powered writing?

If a great deal has already been written about a particular topic or industry, AI writing tools have more data to access and use to generate content. AI-powered tools would have more difficulty generating content about a brand new development, product, or idea.

Can AI writing tools proofread content?

AI writing tools can use spelling and grammar rules to proofread content. 

Can AI writing tools generate content in multiple languages?

Yes, some AI writing tools can generate content in different languages. It’s important to check and make sure the language you need is supported by the tool you select.

Can AI writing tools translate content from one language to another?

In some cases, AI writing tools can provide translation services. Be sure to explore the features of your chosen tool to see if they provide this capability.

How do AI writing tools handle tone, style, and brand voice?

Since AI tools can imitate existing content, they can “learn” common tones, styles, and voices. For example, if a user prompts an AI writing tool to generate content using a professional tone, it will use typical words, sentence structures, and phrases found in professional content in its output.

Can I use an AI writing tool directly in my WordPress editor?

Yes, Jetpack AI Assistant can be used directly in the WordPress editor, helping to streamline your workflow and improve efficiency.

How fast can I start using an AI writing tool? What does the learning curve look like?

Usually, most AI writing tools are easy to set up and learn to use. The most difficult part is to understand how to create the best prompts to generate the content you desire.

If you’re a WordPress user and interested in setting up Jetpack AI Assistant, it’s easy to do so from your WP Admin page. Simply go to Plugins → Add New and search for Jetpack. The latest version will be in the search results, and you can click Install Now next to the AI Assistant offering.

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