The 8 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins (2023 Review)

In the world of online marketing, social media has become a staple. You can use it to grow your audience, expand brand awareness, and drive traffic to your site. Still, integrating social media with your website can be challenging.

This is why you should consider using a WordPress social media plugin. These tools can help you streamline your posting schedule and seamlessly share content across multiple channels. Installing one of these plugins on your website can save you a lot of time and energy. 

In this post, we’ll start by discussing the important features and functionalities to look for in a social media tool. Then we’ll provide you with a list of eight of the best WordPress social media plugins, detailing their main features, ease of use, and pricing. 

What to look for in a WordPress social media plugin

There are many social media plugins available. To make your choice easier, it helps to know what essential features and functionalities will fit your needs. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The right plugin will depend on the type of business and website you have, your budget, and the specific features you’re looking for. It also depends on which social media platforms you want to focus on, since some plugins are designed for specific networks. 

A good social media plugin should:

  • Connect to all of the social media accounts you own
  • Automate crucial tasks, like posting to your accounts
  • Not overload or slow your site down
  • Regularly update and include support
  • Be easy to use based on your level of experience
  • Work seamlessly with the rest of your site

You’ll also want to consider the price of each plugin. If you’re looking for a simple, straightforward solution, you can probably find a suitable free option. Still, there are plenty of premium plugins that come packed with helpful features. 

You should spend some time learning about the most popular options available and comparing their features and functionality. 

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The eight best social media plugins for WordPress sites

Now that we understand more about the important factors to consider, it’s time to further explore some of the top social media plugins. Here are eight of the best tools to consider using on your WordPress site. 

1. Jetpack

Jetpack homepage with text about safer, faster, and more traffic

If you’re looking for the best all-around social media plugin, you can’t go wrong with Jetpack. Powered by Automattic, it has more than five million active installations. It includes a sharing module that can display social share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, and more. 

This robust tool can help you tackle a wide array of social media sharing tasks. From customizing the appearance of your follow buttons to tracking your analytics, Jetpack delivers a complete solution for seamlessly integrating your WordPress website with social media networks. 

Main features

Jetpack includes social media automation to promote, schedule, and publicize your content. The automatic publishing tool enables you to:

  • Connect multiple accounts
  • Schedule social media posts for the future
  • Track and view your share history
  • Reshare existing, evergreen content

It also boasts social sharing and likes features to:

  • Add sharing buttons
  • Display a “Like” button on posts
  • Show official sharing buttons or use icons with text
  • Add social network icons to your sidebar
  • Edit the display of buttons or create custom ones

Furthermore, Jetpack includes social media feed blocks. The plugin comes with multiple blocks, including one for Instagram, that you can use to embed and display your social feeds on your website. It integrates easily with WordPress and should feel familiar if you already work with the Block Editor. 

Ease of use

Jetpack is incredibly beginner-friendly and user-friendly. Simply install and activate the plugin and connect it to your WordPress account.

setting up Jetpack sharing tools

While there are multiple plugin customization options, they don’t feel overwhelming. The settings are clearly laid out and easy to understand. 


Jetpack is a freemium plugin. There is a free version available. To make the most of its features, consider upgrading to a paid plan, which starts at $4.92 per month.

2. Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts homepage with a blue background

Revive Old Posts is a freemium plugin powered by Revive.Social that can help you bring attention and traffic to your past blog posts. It can automate the process of scheduling and sharing your posts directly from your WordPress dashboard. 

With this plugin, you can generate hashtags based on the category or tags of your content. Then, you can re-share your posts on social media to help keep them alive and reach new audiences. 

Main features

If you run a content-heavy website and frequently share your blog posts, Revive Old Posts comes with various helpful features. These includes settings for:

  • Sharing posts, pages, and custom post types
  • Shortening URLs
  • Tracking the popularity and clicks of shared posts
  • Integrating with major social media networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more
  • Setting an automatic sharing schedule for old posts
  • Deciding how many hours to place between posts
  • Automatically sharing posts to social media after publishing them
  • Excluding specific posts from social media feeds

You can also pair Revive Old Posts with Revive.Social’s other plugin, Revive Network. The latter tool can share RSS feed items to your social media accounts. 

Ease of use

Revive Old Posts is relatively straightforward to use. Once installed and activated, just follow a quick two-step setup process. 

After you authorize the plugin, you can customize the settings to decide which accounts you’ll share to.

configuring social media accounts with Revive.Social

During this step, you can also configure the post format and create your custom schedule. If you need guidance, you can click on the Start Here button to launch the setup wizard. 


Revive Old Post is a freemium plugin. There is a free version available, as well as premium options that start at $75 per year for one website. Paid plans include one year of support and updates. 

3. Social Warfare

Social Warfare plugin homepage

Another popular and highly recommended social media plugin is Social Warfare. This tool can control how other people share your content on social media. The social sharing plugin is feature-rich and highly customizable, making it easy to create social sharing buttons for your WordPress website.

Main features

As mentioned, Social Warfare is a feature-rich tool. It can:

  • Add custom titles, images, and descriptions to posts
  • Track your social share analytics with Google Analytics
  • Display your most popular posts via a widget
  • Recover share counts after switching permalinks
  • Create in-post tweetable quotes
  • Upload Pinterest-specific images and descriptions
  • Automatically add UTM tracking to each shared link

Social Warfare is just one of three Warfare Plugins. You can also integrate it with the developer’s other tools, like Social Warfare – AffiliateWP

Ease of use

Social Warfare is intuitive and easy to use. Once installed and activated on your site, you can begin working with it immediately.

setting up Social Warfare plugin

There’s no complicated configuration or setup required. From the plugin dashboard, you can connect your social media accounts, style the buttons, and more.


Social Warfare is another freemium social media plugin. The free version supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Mix. A license for Social Warfare Pro starts at $29 for one website and offers support for other platforms, like Reddit, and email. 

4. Smash Balloon

SmashBallon homepage design

If you’re looking for a high-quality social media plugin, Smash Balloon is worth checking out. Unlike most of the tools on this list, it isn’t just one plugin. Instead, it’s a combination of several powerful tools that can connect your website with each social media platform. 

Main features

With Smash Balloon, you can:

  • Combine social feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Link Instagram photos and stories to your WordPress site
  • Display Twitter cards and tweets
  • Add your Facebook posts, photos, videos, and other content
  • Create YouTube feeds of videos
  • Add an unlimited number of feeds
  • Customize your feed designs

Smash Balloon could be an excellent choice if you want to focus on specific social platforms. You can select the plugins that center on the networks you want to dedicate the most time to. 

Ease of use

Smash Balloon is made up of a variety of individual plugins. Therefore, installing and configuring each tool can take a little bit of time. It’s not an all-in-one solution like you get with some of the other social media plugins on this list.

That being said, the tools are relatively easy to use and understand. If you need assistance, Smash Balloon offers plenty of support documents and demos that can make navigating and customizing the plugin(s) easier. 


Smash Balloon has a couple of free plugin options, including Social Photo Feeds. You can purchase the individual feed tools based on the social media networks you want to use on your website. 

For example, plans for the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin start at $49 per year. If you want to use the All-Access Bundle with licenses for all of the plugins, you can purchase the package for $299. 

5. Better Click to Tweet

Better Click to Tweet plugin showing Tweets in content

Better Click to Tweet could be a good option if your website often uses Twitter. It’s more niche and specific than some of the other choices on this list. Still, it makes it easy for you to create engaging quotes from your website content that visitors can share as tweets. 

Main features

Better Click to Tweet is pretty self-explanatory. Some of its features include:

  • A click-to-tweet tool that you can use throughout posts and pages
  • Adjustable callback URL options
  • Custom CSS styling options
  • A link shortener
  • A simple shortcode 

This standalone plugin is also fully compatible with both the WordPress Block Editor and the Classic Editor. 

Ease of use

When it comes to usability, Better Click to Tweet is incredibly simple. After you install and activate the plugin on your website, you can follow the setup wizard guide.

Click to Tweet getting started wizard and video

Enter your Twitter handle and the tool will automatically connect your account to your WordPress website. When you want to insert a click-to-tweet in your content, you can use a simple shortcode snippet.


Better Click to Tweet is available as both a free and paid tool. The free plugin offers the basic functionality for inserting click-to-tweets in your pages and posts. You can also purchase UTM add-ons that offer more styling options. Licenses start at $29.99 for one website.

6. AddToAny Share Buttons

icons representing social share buttons

AddToAny Share Buttons is another social media plugin worth considering if you’re looking for a no-hassle, free solution. This social integration tool supports over 100 social networking and bookmarking sites that can help you drive traffic to your site. 

You can create and customize social share buttons to add across your website. So, AddtoAny Share Buttons can make it easier for people to share your posts and pages on their accounts. 

Main features

AddToAny Share Buttons is a simple plugin that lets you easily add social share buttons. Its features include:

  • Support for over 100 social media networks
  • Floating and standard social sharing buttons
  • A universal sharing menu
  • Global social sharing buttons
  • Analytics integration

This plugin can also add follow links to your site. These URLs can help you increase your follower count and grow your audience on social media channels. 

Ease of use

AddToAny Share Buttons offers a quick and easy way of embedding social buttons on your website. While the plugin isn’t nearly as feature-rich or sophisticated as other tools, that simplicity may be exactly what you’re looking for. The plugin lets you leverage universal social sharing on your site using a straightforward solution. 


The AddToAny Share Buttons plugin is completely free to install and use. 

7. Monarch

Monarch social media plugin homepage

Elegant Themes is a popular page builder tool that can help you design aesthetically pleasing pages for your website. It also offers a social media plugin called Monarch that includes support for over 35 social sharing networks. You can use this tool to add and arrange as many channels as you wish and place social sharing buttons across your site. 

Main features

Monarch is a sophisticated tool that you can use for a variety of situations. Some of its key features include:

  • Support for over 35 social media platforms
  • Image sharing options for media files on social networks
  • Sharing button customization options
  • Customizations for displaying share counts
  • Multiple options for button placement, including sidebars, footers, pop-ups, embedded elements, and more
  • Six automatic pop-up and fly-in triggers

Ease of use

Monarch is a user-friendly social media sharing solution that is easy to navigate, particularly for Elegant Themes members. The plugin features a clean, modern interface that includes a custom dashboard.

You can set up and manage your Monarch settings all in one place using the custom panel. Here, you can create and design your buttons, configure your display settings, and view your analytics data. 


You can use Monarch as part of an Elegant Themes membership subscription. Plans start at $89 per year. With your membership, you also get access to Divi, the theme and page builder plugin.

8. WordPress to Buffer

logo for the WordPress to Buffer plugin

WordPress to Buffer is another niche social media plugin. It can be an excellent tool if you’re already using the popular Buffer social media management software

The plugin helps you stay informed and updated about your Buffer account and scheduled posts. You can use the tool to automatically post your WordPress content to your Buffer queue. You can also utilize WordPress to Buffer to send scheduled content to your social media accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Main features

WordPress to Buffer is a handy tool for Buffer users. Some of its essential features include:

  • Automatic posting to popular social media networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Auto-post content features for WordPress pages and posts
  • Automatic sharing of scheduled publications
  • Dynamic tags that can sync your post title, content, and more for personalized status updates
  • Social media account suspension prevention

WordPress to Buffer can also handle your scheduling. For instance, you can use Buffer’s default schedule or create your own social media automation schedule based on the times when your audience is most likely to see and engage with your content. 

Ease of use

If you’re already familiar with Buffer and WordPress, using the WordPress to Buffer plugin likely won’t present you with many challenges. Once you install and activate the tool on your website, you don’t have to deal with any app IDs, authorization tokens, or complicated configuration processes.

You can instantly connect your social media accounts in just a few clicks via Buffer. Then you can define which profiles you want the plugin to use, add a status message, and create your social media schedule. 


WordPress to Buffer is a freemium tool. There is a free plugin available. If you want to access the tool’s complete set of capabilities and features, you can purchase a WordPress to Buffer Pro plan, starting at $39 per year. The paid version includes support for Instagram and Pinterest, has more scheduling options, and lets you schedule posts in bulk.

WordPress social media plugin FAQs

At this point, you hopefully have a better idea of which social media plugins might be the right fit for your needs. Still, you might have some concerns about utilizing the tools on your website. Below are some frequently asked questions about using social media plugins. 

Should you automatically post content to social media?

Many plugins can schedule your posts to automatically share on social media. But you might be wondering whether this is a good idea.

In a nutshell, it simply depends. Automatically posting content to social media can make your job easier. It can save you time because you won’t need to manually copy and paste the content to your social media accounts. This setup can be particularly helpful if you plan to share your posts on multiple platforms. 

Automating your social media content can also prevent you from forgetting to share posts yourself. Instead, you can schedule the plugin to post at the time when most of your users are active on social media, then forget about it.

Still, you’ll want to make sure that you check in on your social media posts. That way, you can interact with your readers via the comments section and keep them engaged. 

How many social media accounts should I focus on?

There is no single answer for how many social media accounts a business owner should have. Still, consider focusing on quality over quantity. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin. 

A better, more sustainable approach is to determine which platforms your target audience uses the most and dedicate your focus and energy on those networks. This method can ensure that you’re making the most out of your social media initiatives. It can also make sure you’re spending your energy on the platforms that are most likely to generate positive results. 

As a general rule of thumb, consider starting with two social media accounts that are suitable for both your content and audience. 

For instance, if you produce a lot of video content, you’ll likely want to start with YouTube and Instagram. On the other hand, if your posts are focused on creating and engaging in conversations, you might begin working with Twitter.

Can social media feeds on my website help me grow my audience?

Many social media plugins can embed your social media feeds on your website. Doing this can help you grow your audience because it allows your visitors to preview some of the content on your social channels. This setup can increase your follower counts on those networks and, in turn, boost your engagement and conversion rates. 

Adding social media feeds to your website can also keep visitors on your site for longer. It can even provide social proof, which can enhance customer trust. 

Using social media feeds on your website can also make it easier to share interesting and meaningful content with your audience outside of your site. In turn, this can lead to more traffic and brand awareness.

Where should I add social media share buttons to my site?

To increase engagement across your social media networks, it’s a smart idea to add social media share buttons on your website. They help visitors easily find and follow your accounts and share your content on their profiles.

It’s essential to place the buttons strategically to increase the chances of visitors using them. Some popular places you could add them include your sidebar, your header, and at the bottom of your posts. 

These places are accessible but not overly intrusive. You don’t have to just pick one location, either. You could incorporate your sharing buttons in multiple areas across your site. 

For instance, adding them below your content can help drive conversions. This is because the button placement can increase the likelihood of users sharing your content once they reach the end of the post.

So what’s the best social media plugin for WordPress?

Overall, you should consider using Jetpack, thanks to its powerful all-around features and usability. But there are some exceptions. 

For example, if you’re already utilizing Buffer to manage your social media accounts, you might opt for WordPress to Buffer. Similarly, you could use Better Click to Tweet if you want to post snippets to Twitter, and Smash Balloon’s YouTube plugin if your preferred content format is video. 

Ultimately, the best plugin is going to depend on your specific needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. But, in most cases, Jetpack is the ideal choice because of its ease of use, reliability, and abundance of features.

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