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How much does the quality of your site’s content matter? As it turns out, it matters quite a lot.

You might be surprised to learn that quality content can impact your search engine rankings. The truth is that as Google’s algorithm becomes more sophisticated, content matters even more than it used to. The sites recommended by Google aren’t stuffed with keywords and links, but feature quality, relevant articles.

High quality content can also contribute to audience growth. It encourages people to stay on your site longer to browse different posts. It might even increase the likelihood that readers interact with your site, share your content to their social media platforms, and come back for repeat visits in the future.

Quality content is certainly important… but it isn’t always easy to create. If you aren’t a professional writer or lack the budget to hire one, you should consider using tools designed for improving the quality of your writing.

Let’s cover four of these tools in more detail, and how they can improve the quality of your site’s content.

Check your grammar as you write

Grammarly scans for grammar and spelling errors while you write. If you hover over a highlighted word, it gives you alternative options to use.

If you make a typo, Grammarly will point it out for you in red.

Grammarly also gives you access to a dictionary and thesaurus so you can find the perfect words to use.

If you’re using a proper noun or technical term that Grammarly doesn’t recognize, you can add it to your own personal dictionary. This allows you to keep using the tool long-term without always having your product names or other important phrases always flagged as a typo!

Make sure your content is easy to understand

The purpose of your website content is to communicate something, not necessarily to impress people. Unless you’re publishing medical journals, it’s unlikely you’ll be communicating to an audience of scholars, or needing to use long, complicated phrases!

With this in mind, you should make sure that your text is understandable and easy to read. Paste your text into the Hemingway App and you can do just that.

The Hemingway App will determine what level of education an average person would need to understand it. You can estimate your target audience’s reading level if you understand their demographics. If you’re targeting college students, they likely read at a higher-level. This means that you can use more advanced terminology than if you were targeting high school or middle school students.

Make your writing easier to understand for the audience you want to reach.

Hemingway App notes sentences that you could make clearer with color-coded highlighting, and lets you fix them on the spot. It also calls out uses of passive voice or adverbs, which you may want to avoid in certain contexts.

Add graphs, diagrams, or infographics with Piktochart

Sometimes written content can only go so far when it comes to explaining a difficult concept or situation. That’s why it’s helpful to find a tool that will help you create graphics, whether they’re simple and short or long and beautiful.

The Piktochart tool lets you create infographics that can bring your content to life with vivid imagery. You don’t need design experience to use it — you can use the tool’s own designs to accomplish your goals in just a few minutes.

Create quick and easy graphics for any page on your site.

Piktochart offers a range of icons, images, and layouts that you can use to create graphics or infographics. Place these images alongside your content to draw attention with imagery, and be sure to share them on social media in order to reach larger audiences.

As a bonus, sharing the graphics you create might generate more clickthroughs to your site, while boosting the number of people sharing your posts. This means more traffic for you!

Proofread your posts with Jetpack

Taking the time to proofread content before hitting “Publish” is essential. Eliminating any grammatical, spelling, or factual errors makes you appear knowledgeable and credible. If the quality of your content is low, then people will be less likely to trust the information you’re providing.

The Proofreading tool in Jetpack can help with this. Activate it in Jetpack’s settings, then choose what you want it to check for. There’s a range of options that includes not only spelling and grammar, but also several stylistic elements like clichés, redundancy, and passive voice.

Jetpack’s Proofreading tool can check for a wide variety of issues, from simple typos to redundancy.

Once you enable Proofreading, it will check your posts and pages before you publish them (or after you click the “ABC” button in the editor). It will identify anything that you could improve, and you can choose whether to amend or rewrite content after potential issues are flagged.

Use these tools to create professional content your readers will love

High quality content can make your website more successful. It improves your search engine ranking, encourages people to engage with your site, increases social sharing, and ensures that people keep coming back for more.

If you try the tools mentioned above, let us know how they helped you create or improve the content on your site! We’d love to hear your feedback.

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I'm a WordPress developer and writer from Birmingham, UK. I've had four WordPress books published and also write dystopian thrillers. When I'm not writing I'm doing geeky things with my kids, riding my bike or watching Doctor Who.

Explore the benefits of Jetpack

Learn how Jetpack can help you protect, speed up, and grow your WordPress site. Get up to 50% off your first year.

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