Introducing Jetpack Newsletter: Your Ultimate Growth Engine

Despite all of the technological advances over the years, the newsletter is still one of the most powerful ways to reach your audience. You may not know this, but Jetpack already gives you the power to send your posts as an email. We’ve helped creators reach millions of their fans over the years. Now we’re taking it one step further with Jetpack Newsletter, enabling you to grow and better engage with your fans.

Write once, reach all

The magic of Jetpack Newsletter lies in its ability to let you ‘write once and reach all.’ No need to juggle rewriting for different platforms. Publish your blog, and voilà – your content is instantly converted into a newsletter. The content delivery is immediate, landing straight in your subscribers’ inboxes and the WordPress Reader.

Attract and grow your subscribers

Jetpack Newsletter integrates effortlessly within your WordPress website. You can insert our super-simple signup form at any point on your site using the subscribe block. You’ll love watching your subscriber list grow from our intuitive stats dashboard.

Unleash Your Content to Millions

WordPress Reader – Your content can appear here.

As your newsletter shoots into the WordPress Reader, your content opens up to a world teeming with millions of potential subscribers. Jetpack Newsletter presents you with a golden opportunity to significantly expand your reach and make your brand stand out.

Your Content, Their Way 

We value choice and know your subscribers do too. With Jetpack Newsletter, they have the power to personalize their email settings. They can opt for immediate updates, or choose daily or weekly round-ups for a less cluttered inbox. Your content delivered their way – a surefire strategy for an enhanced reading experience.

Easy Subscriber Import and Free Access

Whether you’re starting from scratch or switching from another email list, Jetpack Newsletter has got you covered. The importing of your subscribers into our system is as easy as pie. Import using CSV or one by one.

Create an Exclusive Club for Premium Content

Subscribe form for paywall content

But that’s not all! You can also set up paid subscriptions with Jetpack Newsletter, which allows you to offer something extra to your loyal followers. This feature gives you the chance to cultivate a community of eager readers and add an exciting new dimension to your blog.

Jetpack Newsletter

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Mike Stott

Mike is a Product Manager at Automattic. He is co-founder of Jetpack CRM (previously Zero BS CRM) which was acquired by Automattic in 2019. Mike has helped sites grow their subscribers and make money since he started with WordPress in 2010.

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