Introducing the all-new Jetpack Stats experience

Introducing the all-new Jetpack Stats!

Over the years, Jetpack Stats has empowered millions of people, providing invaluable insights into your sites and visitors, for free. We’re especially delighted that so many people reached out to share how it helped your business and made your lives easier. Your feedback and suggestions have played a crucial role in shaping Stats’ evolution into an essential tool for businesses everywhere.

Today, we are thrilled to announce an entirely new Jetpack Stats experience, designed to enhance your ability to analyze and optimize your site’s content with ease. Our team has been working tirelessly for the past few months, re-structuring the layout in a friendlier way, introducing new modules that expose crucial data points, and revamping the visual design of this powerful analytics tool.

A new Stats experience

One of the most significant changes we have made is to the way we structure the content on the page. Our goal was to make it easier for you to find the data you need quickly, without having to dig through a lot of pages or complex navigation patterns.

To achieve this, we reorganized Jetpack Stats in two different sections:

  • Traffic: contains your site’s more relevant and latest metrics, like traffic stats, most popular content, or where your visitors are located geographically. By navigating within the chart at the top, you can also focus on a specific period in time.
  • Insights: this page includes an overview of your WordPress site’s stats so that you can view and learn from long-term trends. This is where you’ll find stats and metrics previously available in the “Summary” pages of the old version.

We also redesigned the layout of Jetpack Stats to prioritize the most important metrics and group related data points together. Another key component of this strategy was to reduce clutter and make it easier to scan each module and understand their context.

Monitor trends & keep track of cumulative stats

7 Day Highlights & Year in Review

When viewing site stats, It’s easy to focus on the present and lose track of content performance over time. With the new Jetpack Stats, we’ve built 7 Day Highlights to help you compare visitor interaction on a week-to-week basis, along with Year in Review to display cumulative content stats for the year.

Jetpack Stats 7-day highlights and year in review

All-time highlights

Within the Insights tab, you’ll now find more cumulative site info, collected since Jetpack was installed. You’ve worked hard to build your site and should be proud. Here, you can utilize the most popular time and day cards to help determine when to post content. The latest and most popular post sections visually display the running metrics of your posts.

Jetpack Stats all-time highlights

Stats. Anytime. Any place.

Whether you’re in your site’s dashboard or managing multiple clients’ sites using you now have access to the new Jetpack Stats! Everything’s optimized for mobile phones, tablets, large desktops, and everything in between.

Having Jetpack Stats available across multiple platforms means that you can check on your latest posts’ data and traffic stats from where it’s most convenient for you. Anytime, anywhere, and on any device, empowering you to make informed decisions on the go.

Jetpack Stats across different devices and platforms

Modern interface

Finally, we have revamped the visual design of Jetpack Stats to make it more visually appealing and easier to read, giving our most trusted and beloved product a modern look and feel.  Overall, we believe that the changes we made to the visual aspects of Jetpack Stats will create a better user experience and help our users understand their website’s performance more effectively.

Jetpack Stats new interface visual upgrades

At Jetpack, our commitment to data privacy and transparency remains unwavering. With Jetpack Stats, we provide you with a powerful WordPress analytics tool that respects your visitors’ privacy, allowing you to gain valuable insights while maintaining GDPR compliance.

We believe that these changes will help you better understand how your website is performing, and make data-driven decisions to grow their business. We hope you enjoy the new Jetpack Stats and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Give it a try

We hope you enjoy the new Jetpack Stats as much as we liked building it. Check it out for free today in the Jetpack mobile app.

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