Jetpack 11.7

Jetpack 11.7: Additional Form block enhancements and more

With Jetpack 11.7, we’ve made further enhancements to the Form block, along with several other improvements and bug fixes for a better Jetpack experience.

Send your leads directly to Salesforce

If you’re a Salesforce user, you can now send form submissions directly to Salesforce by choosing the “Salesforce Lead” form in the variation picker.

Export your form responses to Googe Sheets

As well as enhancements to the Form block, there is now an option to export your form responses to Google Sheets.

To export your form responses to Google Sheets:

  • In WP-Admin, click on “Feedback”
  • On the Feedback page, you should see a single “Export” button. Click it to open the Export modal.
  • From the Export modal, choose “Export” under Google Sheets. (If you haven’t connected Google Sheets already, you will be prompted to do so)

Also included in this release

  • In the Subscription Block’s settings, you can now choose to include your social followers in the count toward your subscriber total.
  • This release also includes other minor bug fixes and improvements — check the changelog for more.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this release:

Adnan Haque, Adrian Moldovan, Artur Piszek, Biser Perchinkov, Bogdan Ungureanu, Brad Jorsch, Brandon Kraft, Chris Jean, Christian Gastrell, Corey McKrill, Damián Suárez, Dan Roundhill, Daniel Post, Dean Sas, Derek Smart, Douglas Henri, Dylan Munson, Eru Penkman, Gabriel Demichelis, Gergely Márk Juhász, Grant Kinney, Igor Zinovyev, Ivan Ottinger, James Kenneth Guidaven, Jason Moon, Jasper Kang, Jeremy Herve, John Webb, Karen Attfield, Kev, Konstantin Obenland, Kuba Birecki, Luiz Kowalski, Maciej Grabowski, Mat Clayton, Matt Wiebe, Miguel Xavier Penha Neto, Mikael Korpela, Nate Weller, Nauris Pūķis, Osk, Paul Bunkham, Peter Petrov, Renato Augusto Gama dos Santos, Robert Sreberski, Samiff, Sergey Mitroshin, Siobhan Bamber, Steve D, Tim Broddin, Vedanshu Jain, Yaroslav Kukharuk, bindlegirl, dkmyta, dlind1, jboland88, jcheringer, nunyvega, thingalon, valterlorran

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