Jetpack 12.2 – AI Assistant at your fingertips

We’re thrilled to announce some major enhancements and exciting new features that will revolutionize the way you work and interact with your audience. Jetpack is here to supercharge your online presence, boost your productivity, and help you reach new heights of success. Let’s dive right into the change log and explore what’s in store for you!

New AI Assistant Block: Unleash the Power of AI Directly from Your Editor!

Imagine having an intelligent assistant right at your fingertips, ready to assist you in creating captivating content. Well, now you can! Introducing the AI Assistant block, a groundbreaking addition to Jetpack. With this powerful feature, you can harness the extraordinary capabilities of artificial intelligence directly from your editor. Whether you need help with writing, research, or generating creative ideas, the AI Assistant is here to make your life easier and your content even better. Say hello to your new writing companion!

Monetize Your Content with Donations, Paid Content, and Payment Buttons!

We believe that your valuable content deserves recognition and rewards. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Donations, Paid Content, and Payment Buttons blocks are now available to all. Monetizing your passion has never been easier. Whether you’re accepting donations, selling exclusive content, or offering products or services, Jetpack provides you with the tools you need to effortlessly integrate these features into your website. Please note that a commission is charged (depending on your plan). Start earning what you deserve today!

Social Sharing Made Effortless: Mastodon Integration

It’s time to take your social media game to the next level! We’ve made it even easier for you to connect with your audience by automatically sharing your new posts to Mastodon. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly expand your reach and engage with your followers across multiple platforms. Share your latest articles, updates, and insights with the world without any hassle. Get ready to make a lasting impression on your audience!


We’ve carried out numerous updates on different features. Including being able to see your site’s speed performance score from your Jetpack dashboard.

Boost performance scores displayed in your dashboard.
Speed scores in dash

Enhancements also include renaming the “Premium Content” block to “Paid Content” block, improving spam filtering on Contact Forms, and a visual refresh to the Modules list to make it easier to turn on or off any modules you’d like.

Visual refresh of modules to find what you need easier.
Modules refresh

We’ve added lots of new features to Newsletters including enabling on self-hosted environments, adding misconfiguration warning functionality, and much more.

Improved Compatibility

We’re committed to keeping Jetpack compatible with other services and plugins. This includes allowing disabling Jetpack’s Image CDN in requests made for the ActivityPub plugin, avoiding errors when using non-official plugins alongside Jetpack, and enhancing PHP 8 compatibility.

Bug Fixes

Your feedback has been invaluable in helping us identify and address various bugs. We’ve fixed a race condition bug in the Plugin update endpoint, fixed styling for the Stats banner in the At-a-Glance feature, ensured the correct file path for all images in the “My Plan” screen, among many other fixes.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this release:

Adnan Haque, André Kallehauge, arthur791004, Brad Jorsch, Brandon Kraft, Brent Nef, Candy Tsai, Carlos Garcia, Caroline Moore, Chris Jean, Christian Gastrell, Clemen, Damián Suárez, Daniel Post, dkmyta, Donncha Ó Caoimh, Douglas Henri, Dusty Reagan, Dylan Munson, Foteini Giannaropoulou, Francesco Bigiarini, Gergely Márk Juhász, Glen Davies, gogdzl, Grant Kinney, Ian Ramos, James Kenneth Guidaven, Jason Johnston, Jasper Kang, jcheringer, Jeremy Felt, Jeremy Herve, Jeremy Yip, Karen Attfield, Kev, Kevin L, Konstantin Obenland, Kosta, Kuba Birecki, Luiz Kowalski, Manzoor Wani, Marcelo Vega, Mark Biek, Matt Wiebe, Miguel Lezama, Miguel Torres, Mikael Korpela, Mike Stott, MILLER/F, Nate Weller, Nauris Pūķis, nelsonec87, Nino Mihovilic, nunyvega, Osk, ouikhuan, Panos Kountanis, Paul Bunkham, Paulo Marcos Trentin, Peter Petrov, Rafael Agostini, Renato Augusto Gama dos Santos, Robert Sreberski, Romario Raffington, Rustam Shaikh, Samiff, Sergey Mitroshin, Sérgio Gomes, Siddarthan Sarumathi Pandian, Siobhan Bamber, tbradsha, thingalon, Tim Broddin, villanovachile, Wojtek Naruniec

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