Jetpack 3.4: Protect, Secure, and Simplify

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With Jetpack 3.4, we’ve added new security features to protect your Jetpack-connected WordPress sites from bot net attacks. We’ve also taken some first steps to create a simplified interface for how you interact with Jetpack.

Your WordPress, Secured.

Brute force attacks are a growing concern for many website administrators. By integrating features from the WordPress plugin BruteProtect, Jetpack’s brute force protection can help you take control of site security and protect your site from this common attack vector.


A Centralized Experience

Continuing Jetpack’s mission to bring feature parity between self-hosted WordPress sites and, you will soon be able to manage security features from either your site’s dashboard or a central interface on Locked out of your site from too many failed login attempts? You can whitelist your IP address in


Jump Start

With the click of a button, you can immediately boost performance, security, and engagement to jump start your site with a curated set of Jetpack modules.  This feature is tailored for those who are new to the plugin or new installation of Jetpack.


How to Update

Visit the Plugins page in your Dashboard and update Jetpack from there. Alternatively update all your sites in bulk from

How to Install

You can install Jetpack by visiting our install page or by searching for it in your Plugins page on your dashboard.


Please give us your feedback by leaving a comment and letting us know what you love or what you’d like to see in future updates. If you find any bugs or issues, please file a new issue on GitHub, create a new forum post, or simply contact our support team.

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Explore the benefits of Jetpack

Learn how Jetpack can help you protect, speed up, and grow your WordPress site. Get up to 50% off your first year.

Explore plans

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  1. ChristianGal (@RealCouponDiva) says:

    I have a question – I have two self-hosted blogs – I have the Wordfence plugin installed on BOTH blogs – do I have any reason to be concerned about the updated Jetpack plugin crossing with that, affecting the function of Wordfence – and of the blogs? Thanks!


  2. firebrandmedia says:

    If I am already using the Brute protect plugin is it safe top remove it now that jetpack has it integrated?


  3. Dave Mackey says:

    This is awesome! Keep up the great work! Question: If we have BruteProtect installed, has all functionality been duplicated and should we then remove BruteProtect or should we continue to run it alongside Jetpack? Thanks!


  4. jebswebs says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I just did the update and noticed that BruteProtect is deactivated, but still showing up in the list of plugins. Should we delete the BruteProtect plugin?


  5. Daniel Bishop says:

    Congrats on the BruteProtect integration!

    For those of us with pre-existing installs of BruteProtect, is there a ‘best way’ of upgrading to the new Jetpack?


  6. mirraselbd says:

    Top post widget does not work on Jetpack 3.4


  7. Tom Kolbe says:

    Top Posts widget does not work anymore after the jetpack update.Else there are no Top Posts or Top Search Terms anymore in the admin dashboard widget. I got two blogs updated, both show the same probs. Any advice, what I can do? Thanks in advance…


  8. Dan Knauss says:

    How many bad logins must occur before an IP is blocked, and how long will it be blocked?


  9. Kevin says:

    Where is the “Allow remote actions” setting? I’m not seeing it.


    • Stephen Quirk says:

      Hey! That setting was part of the 3.3 release and has since been retired. Once the Manage feature is activated it’s on.


  10. gardeningthoughts says:

    I like that the Brute Protect new functionality in JetPack is an additional login protection. Over the past week or so, someone broke into some of my sites and seemingly changed the wp-login and wp-admin code. So…I was seeing the “please prove you’re not a bot” equation but it has disappeared again. I am using both Firefox, Safari, and Chrome browsers on a Mac using OS X Yosemite and Firefox browser on a PC using Linux. Shouldn’t I be seeing the equation on the login screen? I’ve only seen the equation once this morning (both machines, all browsers) and it has now disappeared on login screens for my three affected sites. Already reinstalled current version of WordPress as well just in case. Thoughts?


    • Stephen Quirk says:

      You should not see the math captcha on a regular basis, that’s only there as a fallback if the normal tools are not functioning as they should. Hope this helps, please let us know if you have any additional questions by visiting


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