Jetpack 7.2

The more you can tailor your website for your visitors, the more likely you are to engage them. Jetpack 7.2 adds two new options for customizing your content.

Repeat Visitor Block

Want to roll out the red carpet for a new visitor to welcome them to your site or introduce them to your best-selling product? Want to offer something special to the faithful reader who stops by every day? There’s a block for that!

This is a live example of a Repeat Visitor block that will only appear the first time you visit

A great way to inspire frequent visitors to take action.

New in the WordPress block editor is Jetpack’s Repeat Visitor block. Use it to display specific content only to visitors who have never visited the page before or only a few times, or only display a targeted message to folks who have already visited a page a set number of times.

Suggest that someone read your most popular story on their first stop to the page. Nudge the person who has been eyeing your job listing page to send in an application. The Repeat Visitor block has you covered.

A Better Ads Experience on Mobile

Ad blocks now offer the ability to hide on mobile devices.

Our WordAds program maximized your site’s revenue by allowing us to find your ad partners that pay the best rates. The Ads block, introduced last month, lets you place advertisements in the exact spot that works with your content.

With Jetpack 7.2, you can tailor ads even further by  disabling blocks on a per-block basis on mobile devices. Running an  ad for desktop visitors that doesn’t feel right on mobile? Not a problem

And There’s More!

Jetpack 7.2 includes security fixes in the Slideshow block and our Likes feature. We strongly suggest all sites upgrade. Thank you to Yonatan Offek for responsibly reporting these issues to us.

Our full changelog includes more detail on the additions, updates, and fixes in Jetpack 7.2. We’ve also been making changes under the hood — give them a try by updating or installing Jetpack on your site today

A big thank you to all of our contributors:

Adam Heckler, Alda Vigdis Skarphedinsdottir, AnnaMag, Artur Piszek, Beau Lebens, Brandon Kraft, Derek Smart, Derek Springer, Elio Rivero, Enej Bajgoric, Eric Binnion, Filipe Varela, Igor Zinovyev, Jack, Jarda Snajdr, Jennifer M. Dodd, Jeremy Herve, John, Jon Surrell, Kat Hagan, Marin Atanasov, Michael D Adams, Michael Turk, Mikael Korpela, Mikey Arce, Osk, Rocco Tripaldi, Torres, Weston Ruter, Yaroslav Kukharuk, Yonatan Offek.

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Texan by birth. Engineering Group Lead at Automattic working on Jetpack.

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  1. Andrew says:

    The returning visitor block looks cool! Will it work with caching plugins, or proxies that cache HTML (like the Sucuri Cloudproxy Firewall?)


    • Adam says:

      That’s a good question! I think it would depend on how “aggressive” your caching is. The best way to find out is probably just to test it and see what happens.

      Sorry I don’t have a more detailed answer here!


  2. Cemal Ekin says:

    “Repeat Visitor Block” what an unfortunate name for this feature! I thought it was a security related one to block some repeat visitors. Have you considered something like “Repeat VIsitor Greeting Section”?

    My two cents worth!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kraft says:

      Thanks for the feedback! You make a very good point. The different sections of content with the WordPress editor now are “blocks” so I definitely thought of it in that context!


      • Cemal Ekin says:

        I think simply adding the word “Greeting” may make a big difference, “Repeat Visitor Greeting Block” would be much better.


  3. Jyoti Raghuvanshi says:

    The Repeat Visitor Block is really cool and I hope it doesn’t have any effect on website speed.


    • Adam says:


      I don’t think adding this block will have any significant effect on site speed. 🙂 It’s fairly basic.


  4. Dave Z says:

    Is the Greeting feature available at a global level, vs post/page?
    What’s going on behind the scenes, is this a cookie or does it require logon?



    • Adam says:


      Is the Greeting feature available at a global level, vs post/page?

      I assume you mean the Repeat Visitor block here? If so, it’s just a regular block in the new WP block editor, so anywhere you can use the editor, you can use our Repeat Visitor block.

      What’s going on behind the scenes, is this a cookie or does it require logon?

      It uses a simple cookie, so no login for is required.

      Liked by 1 person

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