Jetpack 4.9: New Widgets and Many Small Improvements

Following last month’s big redesign, we focused this next release on a few new widgets and several performance improvements and bug fixes.

New Widgets

This release makes three new widgets available for use on your site:

  • EU Cookie Law Banner widget: allows you to display the standard confirmation required by EU law that gives site visitors the ability to accept site cookies.
  • Flickr widget: allows you to show a stream of images from a Flickr account.
  • Internet Defense League widget: allows you to add a widget for visitors to show their support for the Internet Defense League.

These widgets have been available to site users for a while. Their inclusion in Jetpack further improves compatibility between the two platforms, particularly for users choosing to switch from one to the other.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Included in this release are a number of small fixes and changes to improve compatibility and robustness, including:

  • Removing unused code and increasing our unit tests and overall code coverage.
  • Plugin updates now trigger the in-built WordPress maintenance mode for additional security.
  • Brute force protection doesn’t conflict with other plugins using the login form and better supports IPv6 addresses.
  • The Contact Form doesn’t auto-activate if Ninja Forms is already activated.
  • Fixed a problem where some Tiled Gallery images were appearing distorted when using Photon.
  • Better MultiSite support for Stats and displaying full list of sites.

Full Changelog and Thanks

As always, the changelog provides the full list of updates and changes in this release. We value—and respond to—your feedback so please get in touch or leave us a comment on this post with any questions or suggestions.

Install Jetpack on your site or upgrade your current version today and let us know what you think.

Thank you to the contributors to this release: Andrew Duthie, Brandon Kraft, Daryl L. L. Houston, Derek Smart, Elio Rivero, Enej Bajgoric, Eric Binnion, Filipe Varela, George Stephanis, Ian Dunn, Igor Zinovyev, Jacopo Tomasone, Jeremy Herve, Jonathan Sadowski, Joseph Scott, Kerry Liu, Lance Willett, Marko Andrijasevic, Martin Remy, Michael Turk, Miguel Lezama, Payton Swick, Rob Landers, Rocco Tripaldi, Sam Hotchkiss, Stephen Edgar*, Thomas Guillot, Xiao Yu, Yoav Farhi.

* Special kudos to these Jetpack users who helped us find and squash these bugs!

Pro Tip: Personal plan customers benefit from priority support and faster assistance.

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