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Engage your readers, keep in touch, and create a community around your site.

How can I create a connection with my readers?

Getting someone to visit your site is quite an achievement and its likely that if they’ve done so they’re interested in what you have to say (or sell).

Jetpack makes it easy to create a connection with your visitors that goes beyond that single visit, helping you maximize the potential of creating repeat visitors.

Subscriptions for instance allow people to read your content even if they don’t visit your site often. Jetpack comments also makes it easy for people to have their by using their existing Facebook, Twitter, Google, or WordPress.com accounts.
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What Jetpack discussion tools do for your community:

  • Allow people to comment using their existing social media accounts.
  • Easily create contact forms for people to safely get in touch with you.
  • Subscriptions allow people to instantly receive new content by email.
  • Advanced users can use Markdown in their comments.
  • Allow link notifications and notify other blogs you link to.
  • Automatically filter comments and submissions for spam.

Feature detail

Learn more about each of Jetpack’s discussion features:

  • Subscriptions Visitors who subscribe to your site, or to comments, will receive emails when you post new content.
  • Contact forms Easily create any number of contact forms without any coding. Submissions will be emailed to you directly.
  • Comments Simple and secure commenting for your posts and pages with spam-filtering.
  • Spam filtering We’ll make sure no questionable content or comments are published on your site.
  • Markdown This one is a bit geeky but if you’re like us you’ll love it. Or your readers will: easily style comments and include links without any HTML.

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Frequently Answered Questions

Answers to common questions we get asked. We’d be more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have!

Will the free services always be free?

Yes. All Jetpack services that are currently offered for free will always be offered for free.

Why should I choose Jetpack?

There are many plugins offering similar services and the choice is yours. Customers who love Jetpack tend to do so because they get everything they need in one bundle rather than multiple plugins and because Jetpack is brought to you by the people who manage and secure millions of WordPress sites on WordPress.com.

Satisfaction guarantee

If for any reason you’re not satisfied we will issue a full refund within thirty days. No questions asked.

Can I pay to get more followers?

No. We strongly believe that communities are best created when readers are genuinely engaged with great content, products, and services. Jetpack features are designed to help those people who already love your site to keep in touch with you.

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Whatever sort of site you’re running, Jetpack’s features are designed to keep your site secure, elevate your brand, and engage with more readers better.

Don’t have Jetpack?

If you don’t currently have Jetpack install it now so you can begin taking advantage of our features. Installation is easy and free — you don’t need a paid subscription.

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Undecided about paid plans?

Visit our plans page if you’re still undecided. (We’ve kept it simple: there are only three.) You are guaranteed a full refund within thirty days for whatever reason should you be dissatisfied.

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