Secure Authentication

Sign in to WordPress sites quickly and securely, and add optional two-factor authentication.

How can I make sure my login details are not compromised?

Whether your site is a one-person show or you have dozens of contributors, you’ll want to make sure that logins to your site are safe and that passwords are not easily guessed.

Secure Authentication safeguards your WordPress site from:

  • Users, authors, and contributors using weak passwords.
  • Accidental sharing of user account credentials.
  • Malicious disclosure or leaks of admin passwords.

Choosing strong passwords is a basic prerequisite for any site, and Jetpack helps you take additional staps to prevent abuse and accidents.

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Feature Detail

  • Use the same login credentials you use for
  • Compatible with your existing sign-in systems.
  • Bypass or disable the default WordPress login form.
  • Choose to make two-step (or two-factor) authentication a requirement.

Jetpack’s suite of security services for WordPress sites include brute force protection, uptime monitoring, data backups, security scanning, and more.

Frequently Answered Questions

Answers to common questions we get asked. We’d be more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have!

How much does secure authentication cost?

Secure authentication is provided for free to all WordPress sites running Jetpack.

How do I turn it on?

Simply install Jetpack and enable it with one click from your Jetpack dashboard. For advanced settings and troubleshooting read our detailed support document.

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Whatever sort of site you’re running, Jetpack’s features are designed to keep your site secure, build your brand, and better engage with more readers.

Don’t have Jetpack?

If you don’t currently have Jetpack, install it now so you can begin taking advantage of our features. Installation is easy and free — you don’t need a paid subscription.

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Undecided about paid plans?

Visit our plans page if you’re still undecided. (We’ve kept it simple: there are only three.) You are guaranteed a full refund within thirty days for whatever reason should you be dissatisfied.

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