Jetpack Affiliate Program

Handbook for Approved Members

Congratulations on joining our affiliate program! We’re excited to work with you on helping promote Jetpack in a way that works for your site and your business.

This page provides resources and sample content to help you get started.

Product Overview

Jetpack Personal

Priced at $39 per year and provides automated backup, spam filtering, and priority support.

Ideal for personal blogs, brochure sites, consulting sites, and portfolio sites.

Jetpack Premium

Priced at $99 per year and also includes security scanning, ad program, re-publish, and unlimited video hosting, SEO tools, and Google Analytics

Ideal for small business sites, news sites, high-traffic sites, corporate blogs.

Jetpack Professional

Priced at $299 per year and also includes real-time backups, unlimited backup archive, and automated security fixes.

Ideal for ecommerce sites, retail sites, mission-critical sites, enterprise sites.

Further detail

Please read our brand guidelines for logo and color use.

See also the official pricing page and the detailed feature comparison.

Inspiration: Sample Ads

Below are some sample advertisements in standard layouts that you can use or be inspired by.

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Grab a ZIP file containing all the above images and email us for direct assistance.

Important Guidelines

  • Our affiliate program works like most similar programs — when you use a custom link to Jetpack on your site, you’ll earn a percentage of revenue from those who sign up for a paid service.
  • It is important that you read and comply with our terms of service. In particular please make sure to adhere to the items set out in paragraphs “6. Prohibited Content” and “7. Prohibited Activities”.
  • If in doubt about whether something is appropriate or allowed please email us and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Like any marketing effort, affiliate links and promotion also work best when they are not overused or abused.

Links: How to Get Them Right

We want to make sure that you are using correct links so that you are credited for sales. To get your personalized link follow these steps:

  1. Visit your campaign page.
  2. Select Jetpack from the dropdown.
  3. Copy the unique URL that is displayed.

Then verify that the referral link is working correctly:

  1. The URL should look like this:
    • Where 104 will be your unique affiliate ID.
  2. Paste this URL into your browser.
  3. You should be redirected to a URL like this:
    • Where 104 will be your unique affiliate ID.

Should you need any assistance please email us directly.

We will shortly be adding support for custom links and landing pages.