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Jetpack AI Assistant makes creating forms a breeze.

Jetpack AI Assistant enhances the Forms Block with AI-powered features for effortless form creation:

  • Creating a registration form for a global event? Automatically populate a country dropdown list with the AI Assistant.
  • Need an RSVP form for your event site? Simply ask AI Assistant to prepare a form that includes options for meal preferences, attendance status, or plus-ones.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to use Jetpack Forms?

Jetpack Forms is activated by default, so it’s already fully functional. To get started, simply open the WordPress editor and search for the "Form" block in the block library. You can then add the form block and its corresponding child blocks, such as the text input field or multiple choice block, to your website. You can easily manage incoming form responses within the WP-Admin area.

How much does Jetpack Forms cost?

Jetpack Forms is currently free and comes by default with your Jetpack plugin.

Is Jetpack Forms GDPR compliant?

Jetpack and its parent company Automattic take data privacy and the GDPR very seriously. We respect the GDPR’s principles of minimizing the amount of data we collect, being transparent about what data we collect and how we use it, complying with EU law in regards to any data that is transferred to non-EU countries, and not keeping data longer than we need it for the purpose it was collected. You can read more about the data we collect, how data is used and shared, and how long data is retained in our Privacy Policy.

Is there a form responses limit?


What if I would need some help?

If you have more specific questions about Jetpack and Forms feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.