Jetpack Protect

Stay one step ahead of security threats

Automated malware and security scanning for your WordPress installation, plugins, and themes.

Jetpack Protect scans for more than 43,618 vulnerabilities associated with WordPress Core, Themes, and Plugins.

Simple, yet powerful

Set it and forget it. You can track your automated scan results and recommended fixes through your easy-to-read Protect dashboard.

Focus on running your business while we protect your site

Protect your site with daily automated scans with our vulnerability database that includes more than 43,618 vulnerabilities associated with WordPress core, themes, and plugins. Our vulnerability catalog is continuously updated by a dedicated team of WordPress security experts and researchers.

Enterprise-strength WordPress protection

Take advantage of the same vulnerability database used by some of the largest companies in the world. Millions of security scans are run through our database every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need WordPress security and malware scan?

A hacked WordPress site can cause severe damage to your business revenue and reputation.

How does Jetpack Protect help your WordPress Site security?

Protect is a free WordPress security and malware scanner plugin that scans your site and lets you know possible malware and security threats on your installed plugins, themes, and core files.

Does this plugin require the Jetpack plugin to work?

Jetpack Protect does not require the Jetpack plugin to run and secure your site.

How will I know if Jetpack Protect has found WordPress security vulnerabilities and malware?

You can visit the Jetpack Protect dashboard in your WordPress admin panel to see the security threats and malware found by the integrated malware scanner.

What do I do if Jetpack Protect finds a security threat?

When the malware scanner finds a security threat, you can view the recommended actions on the Jetpack Protect dashboard to secure your sites.

Stay one step ahead of security threats

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