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Blog Stats Widget

The Blog Stats Widget displays the total number of views to your blog (not including your own views).

It’s a nice way of showing off how popular your blog is.

Here’s an example what it looks like when it’s activated on a blog sidebar:

blog stats showing 7620 hits

You can add this widget to your site by going to Appearance → Customize → Widgets


Why isn’t my Blog Stats Widget updating?

The lack of updates to the Blog Stats Widget may be related to an expired transient on your site not being deleted as it should be. Try installing the following plugin:

Transients Manager
(Please note, this is a third-party plugin. Since we are not the developers/owners, we are unable to troubleshoot it nor are we responsible for updating it).

Once installed, search for any transient that starts with jetpack_restapi_stats_cache_ followed by a random string of characters. After locating it, please delete it and re-check your Top Post Widget.

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