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Milestone Widget

Jetpack’s Milestone Widget provides a simple way to create a countdown to or from a given date.

Adding the Milestone Widget

  1. To use this widget, you’ll first need to activate the Extra Sidebar Widgets feature.
  2. Navigate to Appearance → Customize → Widgets and search for Milestone (Jetpack), then click it to add the Milestone widget to any widget area.
  3. When you add the widget, you will find customization options for the display of the widget:
  • Title (optional): This text appears above the widget.
  • Description (optional): This text appears at the top of the widget.
  • Date: Select the date you are counting to/from.
  • Time (optional): Enter the time on the date you are counting down to.
  • Time unit: Select if you want the widget to count automatically, year, month, day, or hour units.
  • Milestone count: Select “Until your milestone” if you want the widget to count down to a specific date/time. Select “Since your milestone” if you want the widget to count from a specific date/time.
  • Milestone Reached Message (optional): This text appears instead of a counter after reaching the milestone.

Customizing the Appearance

You can use the following HTML tags to format text in the widget settings text fields:

  • <a>
  • <em>
  • <strong>

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