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How can I install Jetpack in my language?

You can use Jetpack in the language of your choice and suggest new translations using a community tool named GlotPress.

Once you have installed WordPress in your own language, Jetpack will automatically switch to your language if a translation file is available.

If you find untranslated strings, you can help by suggesting new translations here. All you need is a account to log in and start contributing!

GlotPress validators will have a look at your suggestions, and approve or change them if necessary. Once your translations have been approved, they will be shipped to everyone using WordPress in your language.

I found a missing translation, but I can’t find the string in GlotPress

Some Jetpack modules, like Comments, Subscriptions, or Likes, are hosted on Thus, you will have to look in the GlotPress project to find the strings to translate.

If you have more questions about Jetpack translations, do not hesitate to contact us!

Thanks a lot for helping us fly Jetpack around the world!

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