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Jetpack for developers

If you’re a developer, Jetpack includes tools to extend and customize Jetpack to fit your needs.

Jetpack for developers

Working with Jetpack in your local environment

When working on a theme or a plugin in your local environment, you can enable Jetpack’s Development mode to use features that do not require a connection to servers. To use Jetpack in Development mode, you can add define( 'JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG', true ); to your wp-config.php. You can learn more about Jetpack Development mode here.

Jetpack and your themes

When developing a new theme, you can include several features that come bundled with Jetpack:

You can also use this dependency script to inform your users that their theme relies on certain Jetpack features, and help them install or activate them as needed.

Jetpack and your plugins

If you’re working on a WordPress plugin, you can check our tips and tricks to interact with the Jetpack plugin: Tips, tricks, and code snippets when working with Jetpack.

Integrate WordPress into your applications

The JSON API module allows you to build a link between WordPress and your applications.

Klout and StackEdit are both examples of apps that can interact with your Jetpack site through the JSON API module.

Or contribute!

If you want to contribute to Jetpack and help us build and improve the plugin, follow our contributor guide.

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