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Jetpack plan equivalency chart

On September 15, 2020, we announced a change to our product offerings. Prior to that, we had released single feature solutions for Backup, Scan, and Search.

The equivalency charts below indicate how the new options best align with the legacy Jetpack Personal, Premium, or Professional plan or our VaultPress-specific plans.

Bundle options

If you are interested in replacing your legacy plan with a bundle, this chart explains which bundles best match the features in the equivalent legacy plans. Some features are not included in the new bundles and will need to be purchased separately.

Legacy BundleNew Bundles
Jetpack PersonalVaultPress Backup + Akismet Anti-spam
Jetpack PremiumSecurity
Video hosting now requires the Complete bundle or the VideoPress product
Jetpack ProfessionalSecurity
Search requires the Complete bundle or the Search product

Single Feature Solutions

If you would like to replace certain features from your old plan, you can reference this chart to understand which features from your legacy plans are available as single feature products:

Legacy Jetpack PlanFeatureEquivalent Single Product
FreeAll free featuresFree (no change)
Jetpack PersonalBackup (30 day archive)VaultPress Backup
Anti-spamAkismet Anti-spam
Jetpack Premium*ScanScan
Video HostingVideoPress
Scheduled Posts and ResharingSocial (Basic plan)
Payment Buttons
Site Monetization (Ads, Payment blocks)
Google Analytics
SEO Tools
Jetpack Professional*Real-time Backups (1 year archive)VaultPress Backup with 1TB upgrade

* Include all of the features listed in the plans above, plus the additional listed features.

Legacy VaultPress plan options

Prior to the legacy Jetpack plans, we also had some VaultPress plans and bundles. Here is how those plan features convert to new equivalent single products. Note that we don’t have equivalent bundles for the legacy bundles:

Additional Legacy PlansFeatureEquivalent Single Product
VaultPress LiteBackup (30 day archive)VaultPress Backup
VaultPress BasicReal-time Backups (1 year archive)VaultPress Backup with 1TB upgrade
VaultPress Lite + SecurityBackup (30 day archive)VaultPress Backup
VaultPress PremiumReal-time Backups (1 year archive)VaultPress Backup with 1TB upgrade
VaultPress Lite + Akismet Business Backup BundleAnti-spamAkismet Anti-spam
Backup (30 day archive)VaultPress Backup
VaultPress + Akismet Business Security BundleAnti-spamAkismet Anti-spam
Real-time Backups (1 year archive)VaultPress Backup with 1TB upgrade

Legacy Akismet plan options

In terms of Akismet plans, our legacy Akismet custom plans are now the equivalent of the Akismet Enterprise Plus plan. You can find more on the current Akismet plans here.

For more information on our current plans, please visit the pricing page here. We’re also happy to answer any questions! Let us know how we can help.

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