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Regardless of the type of site you’re running, making sure that it loads quickly and feels fast should be among of your primary goals.

A fast site means a better visitor experience. Shorter load times can lead to lower bounce rates, happier readers, more page views, a healthier Time on Page, and — if you’re running a store — improved sales.

Because Google uses site speed in its ranking algorithm, it also has a direct influence on your SEO. Fast load times can result in higher rankings and ultimately lead to increased organic traffic.

Jetpack’s new site accelerator can improve your site speed and help you take control of your SEO. This new feature, similar to our Image CDN, allows you to host static site assets — such as JavaScript files and CSS stylesheets — on Jetpack’s servers and serve them from our own Content Delivery Network (CDN). This means less stress on your servers and an improved browsing experience for your visitors.

Currently, only files included in WordPress core and the Jetpack plugin can be served by our CDN.

Ready to take your new site accelerator for a spin?

Go to Jetpack Settings Writing in the dashboard of your WordPress site and toggle the Enable site accelerator option found in the Performance & speed section. No additional configuration or set up is necessary.

We’d love to hear from you

Enable the new site accelerator for your sites and let us know if you have any feedback — we’d love to hear it! Please leave a comment below or open an issue in our GitHub repository.

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  1. Girolamo Aloe says:

    The service is useful. But the real problem is that what is stored in it, cannot be updated. You need to request a purge all the times. This makes things very complicated.

    Liked by 3 people

    • kenny says:

      Thanks for this comment. I had a problem previously with Jetpack and images. When I took off jetpack cdn , the images kept not showing up on site. The system was obviously trying to get the images from there. I can imagine that this could cause problems if you are also using another cdn. I will be wary before activating this, many thanks


  2. Arafat says:

    I like Jetpack for the amazing features it offers. Just a query about the new (static) CDN feature. If the static files (CSS, JS etc.) are served from your server instead of a site’s origin server, will it have any negative impact on Google AdSense ad codes? Thanks.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Adam says:

      Our CDN only works for static files in WP core, Jetpack, and WooCommerce (at least for right now), so it should not affect AdSense code in any way.



  3. xeeshantech says:

    I am using JetPack from last 2 to 3 years on my website. But now I am not able to use the Jetpack plugin. When I activate the plugin, I see a 503 service error.

    I have tried deactivating the plugin and then activating it again, I have tried by deleting the existing installation of the plugin and then installing it again. I have tried by disabling all the plugins and only activated the JetPack plugin. I also have tried by changing the existing theme and used Twenty Twelve theme.

    But every time, whenever I activate the JetPack I see 503 service error.

    I have tried contacting my hosting provider which is A2Hosting, they guided me to do the same steps which I have mentioned above, but no luck.

    Kindly help me what should I do. I sent an email as well to JetPack support team from the support page but got no reply.

    My website is

    Kindly guide me what can I do… Moreover, I have also checked the SSL certificate as described on this page: and the test was clear with ‘A’ rating without any errors.


    • Adam says:

      I sent an email as well to JetPack support team from the support page but got no reply.

      I found your email in our support system. We did reply to you on November 5th. Did you not get that response? Try searching your email for the phrase “The first thing to try”. You might also look to see if our message wound up in your spam folder or something by mistake.

      Once you find it, please reply to us there. We can’t really provide effective support in the comments on this blog.



      • xeeshantech says:

        Thank you, Adam, for your response. Yes, I’ve checked the email again, and I found the response in the SPAM folder.
        I have replied there.
        Hope I will get some solution.



  4. Bhatim says:

    I always use free cdn to cache static content. But I disabled the Lazy loading option. There is no much difference noticed or speed improvement in it. This option speed up page loading time.

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  5. Digital Marketing says:

    I have been using jetpack for 2 months now, the features in it are really cool. It has helped my SEO to boost. Auditing website has become easy due to it’s updated features. It will get more better if plugins worked more relevantly.


  6. csburdick says:

    Is there any benefit to using this over your own CDN (even a free one like Cloudflare)?

    What about if you minify/combine?

    Thank you


    • Adam says:

      The benefit of our site accelerator is that it’s very easy to use. It can be enabled with just a single click, as shown in the post above.

      Other CDN’s, e.g. CloudFlare, might offer more in-depth options for those who need them, but what we’re aiming for here is the greatest gains at the lowest “cost” (to ease-of-use).

      As for minifying JavaScript, I don’t believe our site accelerator does that. But my experience has been minifying doesn’t really get you much of a speed increase anyway when compared to the basics like caching, using a CDN, etc.


      Liked by 1 person

  7. charliedoggett says:

    I followed your instructions: “Go to Jetpack → Settings → Writing in the dashboard of your WordPress site and toggle the Enable site accelerator option found in the Performance & speed section. No additional configuration or set up is necessary.” THERE IS NO “ENABLE SITE ACCELERATOR” OPTION TO TOGGLE.


    • Adam says:

      Hi there!

      Hmm, if I had to guess, it sounds like you might be on an older version of Jetpack that doesn’t yet have the site accelerator in it. It’s hard to troubleshoot this sort of thing in the comments though, so can you please reach out to our support folks here?

      We can help get things sorted out. Thanks! 🙂


  8. GravelNut says:

    How would using this new service on top of Cloudflare affect performance? In other words are the two compatible to be in use simultaneously?


    • Adam says:

      CloudFlare and Jetpack are perfectly compatible, but if you are already using CloudFlare’s CDN for images and static files, and you’re confident you’ve configured it correctly for your use case, Jetpack’s site accelerator won’t do anything CloudFlare isn’t already doing.


  9. Mad Tomatoes says:

    Is this compatible with other caching plugins? If so, wouldn’t it overlap in caching?


    • Adam says:

      Jetpack’s site accelerator is not the same thing as a caching plugin like WP Super Cache, WP Rocket, etc.

      Using our site accelerator means that we host your images and static files from our servers, alleviating the load on your server and providing faster image loading for your readers.

      Caching (in simple terms) is when a plugin stores content from your site in such a way as to make retrieving it later (for future site visitors) much faster.


  10. adnan says:

    Hi there. Thanks. Do you have any cdn pop in istanbul?

    And currently there is no dynamic management of our content at your cdn servers. So when it is uploaded there, it stays there indefinitely. Those have some GDPR consequences. Do you plan to offer dynamic for our content to easily mansgement (allowing deleting would be good start)


    • Adam says:

      Do you have any cdn pop in istanbul?

      Unfortunately I’m not allowed to disclose the exact location of all of our datacenters, but our network is worldwide.

      Do you plan to offer dynamic for our content to easily management (allowing deleting would be good start)

      This has been extensively discussed here:

      As for our plans to allow that, I’m not aware of any right now, but it may be something we decide to implement in the future.



  11. kotujoki says:

    This service is good but I am still confused to put the right html code, which I will add to my site … that is on the dashboard, settings … can it be done …?


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